In the Service of the Wolf: Part XIII


wolf13Part I here

Adam sank back against the door and took in the sight of the humbled woman facing the corner. Her pants and panties bound her at the ankles and it had been a while since he had seen such a well-spanked bottom.  Alice’s exposed bare behind gloried in a heavy sheen of raw red and it was suddenly hard to breathe; he felt like a teenager with his first girl.

Alice hadn’t dared move since he had put her there and her breathing was fast and primal. Moments before she had asked him to stay and now she was mortified. The man had just spanked her. What has she become?

“You are not wrong, I am a bastard, and I play rough. Only listen woman, I am not playing,” he told her. “There is more here than you can guess and it can’t end well for you.” The beast surged within him and his penis felt like a crowbar bursting in his pants.

Alice was panting like a she-wolf on heat. “I know,” she said breathlessly, “I mean I think I know, but I don’t care. Not tonight, not here and now. Tomorrow can go…” Fuck itself, completed in her head, she groaned, “…hang.”

“Oh let the gods help me,” he croaked, “For your sake I should go.”

“Go then,” she said miserably. Don’t go, she pleaded silently, but she would have begged aloud if she had thought it would have worked.

Still facing the wall she couldn’t see him, but she heard him grasp the door handle.

“Bastard,” she spat and then cringed in apprehension.

“Seriously?” he said aghast. He sounded confident again.

“Look I just meant…” Alice babbled, her defiance deserting her.

Adam crossed the room and hauled her away from the corner, but instead of flipping her back across his knee their eyes met and somehow they were kissing.

By the time the reach the bed Alice had kicked free of her denims and panties and he had stripped her down to just her bra. Adam too had lost his shirt and she was busy fumbling for his zipper to get his pants down.

“I am so going to spank you for that crack,” he growled, but his eyes promised something else.

“Later,” she gasped, scarcely able to breath.

Adam pushed her back onto the bed and she winced as her bottom chaffed against the coverlet. “You are as good as your word,” she said ruefully, “I don’t think I will sit down for a week.”

Then she saw his eyes and shuddered. They were still human, but something lurked deep behind them.

Adam didn’t wait. Flipping her over onto her front he then pulled her hips towards him. She was as wet as hell.

Alice pushed her bottom back at him and looking over her shoulder dared him with her eyes. Only her eyes were captured by something else and she gaped. She had never seen a man so big.

He entered her firmly, but with enough residual humanity to be careful. Not that Alice cared. She matched him beast for beast.

“Jesus, oh Christ,” Alice groaned, she was beyond caring that her hot sore bottom now slapped the heat of his firm lower belly.

Now deep inside her, Adam was soothed some and hauled back the beast as he enjoyed the tight sensation of her body.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Alice begged.

He grinned wolfishly and took her firmly by the hips. He eyed the hot red curves of her bottom, easing back a little to study it like something to be devoured.

“God, oh God,” Alice wailed.

“Shush,” he soothed, “Slowly does it,” and then he pulled her tightly to him again.

Alice bit down on the pillow and wondered if she were in heaven or hell, but real thought was quickly unravelling in her mind as they folded into one another.

The gods alone knew how long he kept her on the edge of the abyss, for an abyss it was. She was filled so thoroughly from behind, but she felt the empty void ahead of her waiting to swallow her whole. Only she could fill it as only he could fill her. Sex had never been like this.

The he exploded, taking her with him.

She screamed out in exultation to the many-named-god her mother had prayed to; and she used every God-damned one of those names as she came.

“Oh Jesus, oh Christ, oh God…” she groaned as she came down.

Unlike most men he held her fast, gently stroking her hair as he did so.

“I warned you about swearing,” he said, not remembering if he had or not and not really caring.

“Can’t I have a free pass under the circumstances you funny old-fashioned man?” Alice purred. Her hair was in comely array across her face and she was dopey-eyed and smiling.

“I suppose,” he sighed blissfully and half rolled over.

She reached for him and he enfolded her in a cuddle. That’s new, he thought, but strangely he was contented.

For a long time they lay quietly together contemplating the other, only the sound of light breathing peppering the room. But after a time Alice became aware of her sore bottom again and the fact that she was slightly sore somewhere else.

“Are all the men in your family as big as you?” she asked casually.

“Why are you going to try them all?” he asked in amusement.

“I might,” she giggled.

Adam frowned and remembered John. What was he going to tell him? The he remembered something else.

“Oh shit, are you…? I mean, I forgot about the… I didn’t even bring any because…” he sat up in a panic. “I never meant this to happen so I didn’t come prepared.”

Alice laughed and rolled over on to her tummy. “Men,” she teased, “You are all the same, don’t pretend you care.”

“You don’t understand. This could be serious.” he said urgently.

“It always is… for the woman,” she said and rolled her eyes, “That’s why I take precautions of my own. What am I, 16?”

He was visibly relieved and lay back down as he pulled her to him. “Should have thought about it though,” he conceded.

She nuzzled his chest affectionately and he lightly fingered the curves of her bottom.

“I should go,” he said, but reluctance dripped from his voice.

She guessed he was right and kissed him on the shoulder. God she liked shoulders on men, she liked his. “And I thought you were going to spank me again,” she quipped.

Adam frowned. “Oh yes, I forgot about that, I suppose we had better get to it.”

Alice’s eyes widened. “I was kidding,” she wailed.

He grinned. “I wasn’t, never do.”

“Come on now,” Alice protested as she backed away to the edge of the bed. “I am so sore and it aches like… you have no idea.”

“Oh I have a pretty good idea and strictly speaking you have two more spankings coming,” he smiled evilly at her.

“Two?” she exclaimed.

“One because I promised and one for calling me a bastard again,” he shrugged.

Alice’s mouth formed words of protest but she couldn’t say them. Instead her left hand went to her bottom and she made a placating gesture with her right.

“I suppose I can make that one and go easy on you if go across my knee like a good girl,” he chuckled.

Alice couldn’t decide if he were serious and chewed her lower lip. For some reason she was becoming aroused again.

“Although, I suppose I should go,” he said looking at the clock. It was well past midnight. He sounded like he meant it.

He was sitting up in bed now and began looking around as if for his clothes.

Alice licked her lips nervously and got onto all fours. Then without a word she crawled across to him and over his lap. Bastard, she thought, but the vulnerability of her bottom to him thrilled her somehow and even if he spanked her and left, she would take it for one more minute with him.

Adam hugged her to him and felt his own arousal. He had to adjust himself as his not so little friend got bigger. His fingers found the curves of bottom and he grinned.

Alice for her part raised her hips. Her eyes darted in her head as if trying to see back through her head at the impending action. Her bottom itched in expectation and she had butterflies, especially when she felt his cock prodding into her. She felt less perverted knowing he was enjoying this too. Only I am not going to like this, she thought ruefully, not exactly.

His landed with an eye-popping impact and Alice gasped.

Somehow she thought that another spanking wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe the sex would cushion her from its true effects. In about a minute flat she learned the truth. A spanking from Adam hurt, a spanking from Adam would always hurt. No point to it otherwise, she supposed.

“I do hope you are learning who is boss around now,” he chuckled, his spanking hand not missing a beat.

“Yes Sir,” she replied, her voice drenched in tears that now rolled down her face. Somehow it was liberating not to pretend to be too proud to surrender.

“’Yes Sir,’ I like that,” he grinned as he spanked her somewhat harder.

Alice yelled and squirmed, wishing he would stop and needed him not to as she tumbled into some kind of crazy.

“Please, please, ahhh, I’ll do anything,” she babbled.

“I can see that,” he rasped as his spanking hand momentarily found her sex and how incredibly wet she was. Then he bent down and murmured something in her ear.

Alice nodded vigorously and he allowed her to slip from his lap and onto her knees.

God he is magnificent, she thought as she gaped at his manhood. Its head was like a plum and she eyed it greedily before kissing it.

Adam groaned and leaned back.

Enjoying the effect she had she stooped to gently lick his heavy balls and then ran her tongue up his root to the engorged head.

Again he groaned and this time closed his eyes with a gentle hiss of his breath.

Alice had occasional blessed a man this way; it wasn’t usually to her taste. She smirked at the unintended pun. She remembered a drunken evening in the bar when she and her friends discussed their oral sex habits. One of them had laughed and called her a spitter.

This thought and others tumbled through her mind as she considered both devouring him and the biting tang in her bottom that had driven her to her knees in the first place. Then she decided and after another slow lick or two upwards, she let the plum slip into her mouth.

Adam sighed as the member filled her and she wanted it all.

Her technique was clumsy at first and she feared a little scrape of teeth would hurt him, or worse, provoke him to give her another spanking. Then as if born to the task she alternately drew and released the hard flesh into her mouth.

“Oh the gods,” he snarled and every muscle in his body strained.

The explosion was fierce and for once she wanted it all and swallowed down what he offered like a delicacy.


It wasn’t missed by John that Adam did not get home until dawn and his stomach twisted into a knot. For the longest minute he considered confronting his brother and the beast surged within him. It galled him even more that had their positions been reversed Adam would not have held back. But as his father always said, that was John’s strength. Tomorrow would be soon enough, or rather, later that day. John frowned. Anyway, maybe he shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

John watched as Adam acknowledged the gate guard and strolled purposefully across the compound. The night was dark, the waning moon having long since set and grey clouds raced across the sky to obscure the stars; except here and there where the Big Dipper slipped in and out of view. The constellation’s true name was the Great Bear, although John saw no resemblance, but just then he fixed his gaze on it to steady his mind.

Looking back at his brother he chewed down a sour taste and consoled himself that he had never really had stood a chance with Alice anyway. Then as he watched he saw that Adam didn’t go straightaways to his room. Instead he went right up to the big house. Only Garrick would see him at this hour and John’s stomach churned again. Something was amiss.

For a moment he almost wished that Adam had merely been with Alice; whatever had delayed his brother looked bad. But deep inside his heart danced and he was relieved. If there was any way he could hope that nothing had happened between his brother and Alice Eden, then he would seize it with both hands.

John watched as Garrick came to the door and laid a firm affectionate hand on his second son’s shoulder. Then the body language confirmed that John’s guess was right. Something was wrong.

“May the gods protect us,” John whispered and as soon as his brother had gone inside he headed to bed. He had a feeling he was going to need the sleep.


John awoke to find his brother standing at the end of his bed.

“I came to return your clothes,” Adam said once the younger brother was alert. He indicated a freshly laundered pile sitting on the chair.

John shrugged. “Thanks.” There was more.

“I…” Adam began.

John knew what he was about to be told, he always did when Adam was doing the telling. It was a twin thing he guessed. But right then he didn’t want to hear it; he needed to hang on to the small hope.

“I saw you went to see Garrick this morning,” he said bluntly. The confession was an admission that he had stayed up waiting for Adam to return and that he cared what went on between him and Alice.

“Yeah, about that… Garrick wants to see us in 20 minutes,” Adam said without conviction. It wasn’t what he had come to say.

“You learn something from Alice?” John asked. That was a safe enough question.

Adam nodded. “It seems that one way or another Stacy Dane is connected to the hunters. She knows something she shouldn’t.”

“What about Alice?” John said almost too quickly.

“You were right, she didn’t know a thing that Stacy hadn’t clued her in on,” Adam told him, but he shifted uneasily and wouldn’t meet John’s eyes.

“How did your date go?” John was tenterhooks now and his stomach churned.

Adam swallowed. “Pretty well, I fooled her completely, for a while anyway.”

John pursed his lips and said, “For a while?”

Adam fixed a firm gaze on his brother and then he said, “For a while. Then I spanked her.”

John snorted. “That figures; how did she take that?”

“She asked me to stay,” Adam said simply.

“And…?” John took a deep breath.

“I spanked her again.” Adam shrugged, “After…”

John might have sobbed, but the very proximity of that fact shocked him. Never had he reacted like this about a woman.

Adam felt sick. He hadn’t known, not really. Now he saw his brother’s ashen features he felt… what? He would do it again in a heartbeat; he would probably fight his brother for the privilege too. Was that so surprising? They were twins after all. Why not love the same woman? “Look… nothing I can say… but she is an outsider. It is not as if…” he said.

“I know,” John sighed. It could never be for either of them.

Neither spoke for a long moment.

“I need to get dressed,” John said at last, “For Dad’s meet.”

Adam nodded once and backed away.


The meeting had been a short one. Garrick had done most of the talking and only Augusta had made any objection to his orders.

“You want to lock down the compound immediately? What about supplies?” she had snapped. “What if…?”

“I can gather up two or three and go into town,” Sundance had put in quickly.

Jared shifted his regard from Sundance to his father. He was at his most taciturn now; there were hunters and he had put on his war face.

“No,” Garrick said and rubbed at his chin. “I need you to hold things down here and we may need everyone we have.”

“But the supplies…” Augusta snarled.

“John can go, but only if absolutely necessary,” Garrick countered.

“And what will you be doing?” Sundance asked.

John, who like Adam had not spoken, looked up. “A job for Adam surely?” he said. He didn’t want to go to town, not right now. He might never go to town again.

“Adam and Jared are coming with me,” Garrick grinned.

Sundance frowned. Jared looked eager.

“What’s the plan Dad?” Adam asked.

“It is time we took Stacy Dane off our streets,” Garrick growled. “She is to be our guest.”

“But she might be innocent,” John protested.

Adam’s news had been pretty damning about the woman, but according what he had been told by Alice, Stacy had appeared to be a reluctant cohort with this Coleridge.

“If she is, then she can consider it protective custody,” Garrick shrugged, “Any more comments?” His heavy set frame stiffened up and he squared up to the room.

No one answered. Garrick had spoken.

To be continued

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