Art for art’s sake…


color133color138color145color163color175color182color184colorred156color183The images above are by Belgium artist, Jean Phillipe Cars, better known just as JPC. sadly the artist’s website appears to have disappeared. Most of the work dates from around the millennium and this is just a selection of at least 200 illustrations by him.

Most of JPCs work is themed around spanking, embarrassment and generally taking baby sitters, teachers and other authority figures down a peg or three. There are even a few strip cartoons with story layouts.

4 Responses to “Art for art’s sake…”

  1. 1 Tony

    I noticed that he doesn’t have the copyright © symbol on his work. I wonder why.

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Tony, it isn’t necessary to use a Copyright symbol – copyright must be actively surrendered and the absence of a symbol is not a green light to disregard copyright.

  2. 3 Vlad

    JPC has his art back online at
    And also has photo caption blog at
    I am glad to see you are back to blogging I missed your regular installments.

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