Season of the Pledge


sorority 03sorority 01sorority 02Benson sorority2Benson sorority1Certain times of year come with certain traditions, like Easter and the Slavic tradition of spanking single girls. In some parts of Western Europe they spank girls in honour of Beltane, that May Day fertility rite; albeit these days in a subdued playful way, if at all. I have a picture somewhere of a girl bending to be bashed on the bottom with a balloon by a Morris Dancer.

Going forward from autumn is the beginning of the pledging season for American sorority girls. Whilst officially this no longer happens, unofficially many young women, sorority girls past and present, have commented here that it very much still goes on.

I am not quite sure when the first pledges are inducted and the hazing begins. That first thwack of maple on bottom is rather like the first cuckoo or woodpecker that is reported on the letters page of the Times (a quaint tradition of one national UK newspaper). A Voice in the Corner is standing by if anyone wants to report the first incidents.

Just before our sabbatical our friend Tony and his friend, a genuine sorority girl, were pleased to supply details of her sorority’s very real hazing practices. Yes bare bottoms did turn red. Since then I may have picked up an anecdote or two. Like the story of Ellen, a 54-year-old former sorority girl writing on the subject on FemFirst. She was so nervous about the prospect of being paddled on Hell Night that her Big Sis put “me across her knee and spanked my bottom a pretty decent cherry red, with a face to match of course.” The only spanking she ever got as it turned out. Her sorority just traded on the myth and didn’t actually paddle.

Until this season develops here are some old sorority pictures and a couple by the artist Benson.

21 Responses to “Season of the Pledge”

  1. 1 Tony

    Courtney is married and has a 2 year old daughter. Maybe in 16 more years her daughter will be coming home and saying Mom my ass is blistered. Knowing Courtney she will say great honey now your not just my daughter, your a sorority sister. Of course I doubt I will ever hear about it if I’m still alive. Welcome back to the internet

  2. 3 Bobbi J

    I pledged back in the 1990s – the top two pictures could easily have been me.

    Funnily enough I also freaked about hell night and my biggie’s reaction was much the same. She got a paddle and said she would give me 10 swats and promised that was the worse I was likely to get.

    I had to bend over for swats on my pants but I couldn’t stay down. So she says if I jumped up one more time I would get the 10 over again and this time on my bare butt.

    At 6 I jumped up again so yes I got the 10 bare.

    I could feel it for days. Only thing was big sis kind of lied – I got much worse and some on the bare. But the practice session helped.

    Later when my little first pledged I told her from day one I would paddle her. She was kind of cute about it and just said ok.

    I paddling her bare butt just about every week after that. We stayed great friends and we are still in touch. Personally I think the paddle builds character and friendships.

    Bobbi J x

    • 4 DJ

      Hi Bobbi,
      so sorry – I completely missed this contribution.

      Good to hear these little insights into this world. What comes around goes around I suppose.

      Thank you and do call again.


  3. 5 Tony

    Where I live in North Carolina we just went through a horrible experience of hurricane Florence. Our local college ECU that’s East Carolina University was shut down due to the storm. Students were evacuated due to flooding. Some fraternities and a sorority did volunteer work handing out bottled water and meals at the evacuation shelters. They interviewed a couple of sorority pledges on TV and asked about the fact that they were missing so many classes. One girl said her house was shut down one day before HELL WEEK. There was no mention of paddling or anything but it’s still called HELL WEEK and my SpankO mind wants to think that pledges still get paddled. I wish I could give more details of what HELL WEEK is today but the interview ended.

  4. 7 Lurker Lilly

    I joined a sorority back in 2004, at my mom’s sugetsion as a matter of fact. My mother and aunt had both enjoyed their time back in the early 1980s and 1970s respectifully.

    They both warned me that I would probably get paddled a lot. My aunt even said I should expect not to be able to sit down for my first semester.

    Being niave I didn’t think it was that big a deal. Also I thought that even if they weren’t exaggerating – they probably still didn’t do that.

    Boy was I wrong. I was told from the get go that our sorority paddled and paddled hard. I was also told not to talk about it as the auntorities and I quote ‘were kind of antsy about it.’

    Early on three of us were supposed to be learning the sorority rules and we had been given an afternoon to do it. We got kind of distracted and were hanging in one of the girl’s rooms smoking and drinking coffee – generally just gooffing off.

    Next thing the pledge mistress and another senior made a surpise visit carrying paddles.

    We had drop our sweats and panties bend over and I got 10 swats hard on the bare bottom. I was close to crying. One girl, Julie decided to give them attitude and got 10 extra no argument. She was bawling like a little kid by the time they were done with her.

    I couldn’t sit down too well for the rest of that day (boy did I learn the rules). I have no idea how Julie coped.

    Bare bottom paddlings were a big part of college life as a pledge and even later. I gave as good as I got though.

    My mom and aunt thought it was hilarious. For me it was a love hate thing, but I guess if I am honest it turned me into a bit a spanko.

    Great blog, good to see you back

    Lilly xx

    • 8 Tony

      Thanks for your post. I love reading sorority spanking stories. You can call it my HOT BUTTON. If you don’t mind did you attend college in the south? I ask because I know for a fact that at many of the sorority chapters at southern universities they still paddle.

    • 9 DJ

      Thank you Lily and welcome. Feel free to give us more details.

      I wonder how your experience differed from your aunts.

  5. 10 Catherine W

    You have to wonder where the spanking meme comes from. I used to be a normal healthy girl who, had I know about such stuff, would have thought spanking for grown-ups was either cruel or perverted.

    I was paddled twice in senior high and I hated it. Painful and embarassing yuk!

    Then at college I chanced upon a girl being hazed by her sorority. She was down the side of the dorm building bending over for three seniors and getting seriously paddled over ski-pants. She was crying too.

    Instead of sympathy I thought it would be fun to join and paddle someone else for a change.

    Of course I hadn’t reckoned on being the one getting paddled. In my first few weeks as a pledge I was paddled four times, three of those times on the bare and every one of those spankings was longer and harder than the three swats I got in high school.

    I still had marks on my butt from the previous paddling when they spanked me the second and third times and after i argued I oculdn’t sit down for about three days.

    So I come out the other side and then I meet this guy who is a total sexist prick. On our thrid date he spanks me for being later on the grounds that I can take it as I am used to it. 😦

    What do I do? I date the guy for the rest of my college career getting spanked silly two or three times a week – I mean hot red bottom, bawling my eyes out and sent to the corner spankings.

    Here is the kicker – 27 years later I am still married to the guy and still getting spanked and I wouldn’t have it any other way I guess.

    I still hate getting spanked and twice in our marrige we ended them. I actually missed them. I read spanking stuff online all the time – so where does that leave me?

    I am really not complaining – I am in a consensual relationship – I am just confused sometimes. I really love this blog btw – great to see it back.

    Catherine E W (Texas)

    • 11 DJ

      Thanks Catherine and what an interesting story.

      DJ 🙂

    • 12 Tony

      Wow, your comment is very different from my belief that in the sub conscious people in a concentual spanking marriage enjoy getting spanked. I understand that the sorority thing got you started but to continue through dating and then so many years of marriage with something that you don’t enjoy blows my mind. Would you please tell me what year you were in the sorority? Once you were pinned did you get a little sister assigned to you? Obviously I have a sorority spanking story fetish. Thank you, Tony

      • 13 Catherine W

        Hi Tony,

        not going to get real specific here – I am talking late 80s into the 1990s

        I did get a little sis – and yes I spanked her, just twice I think, not on the bare. It turned out that I was not so good at dishing it out – too much empathy.

        Sororities are about a lot more than spanking and I got a lot out of mine.

        The thing is I think I projected my needs on to others out of cowardice. Maybe I need it, but it doesn’t mean I am not scared about getting it or particularly want it at the time. If I am not spanked I get snippy and obsess over spanking porn like you wouldn’t believe.

        I suppose I am bi-curious, but I am mainly hetro-sub, if that helps. I really don’t like admitting that too much.

        I hope that answers you question.

        • 14 DJ

          Thank you again for this insight.

          I think the internal dialogue of a submissive is complex and special.

          Thanks 🙂

        • 15 Tony

          Thank you for your straight forward answer to my questions. I’m sure our kink has a different perspective for each individual. I appreciate your reply.


  6. 16 Jo

    I just stumbled across this and thought I would comment.

    I am not sure what all the fuss is about with spanking and sororities. It happens and IMHO sometimes it makes your average BDSM club look tame. I mean consent can be borderline. But at the last word it is a girl’s choice.

    I joined my sorority back in the noughties and didn’t really know what I was getting into. First pledging out we were rousted into the gym shower block and stripped naked – hosed down cold – and then bent over to be warmed up with paddles. There were a lot of tears and a lot of very red bottoms. Believe me I would not have joined had I known – but I am very glad I did. That is the point – my sisters took me out of my comfort zone and even though I went through the mill it was the first real adventure of my life.

    It was sadistic at times (I will admit that as an enthusiastic spanker when my time came) it was sexual (I don’t believe the denials I read about) it was character building and above it was fun (mainly).

    We had a lot of pointless rules where it was impossible not to get some pretty heavy hazing – i had a great big sis but she totally took advantage of my attempts to duck out of housekeeping and standards. She paddle my bare butt red raw with bruises and blisters. I begged and cried for real for real – wowie – but I never hated or resented her. It wasn’t all brutal (hardly ever in fact) but the psychological turmoil made me stronger and ultimate more sexually aware. That is not to say that I had some pretty sore bottom at times – I once stood at the back of the lecture hall after a spanking because I could actually sit down.

    I could say more – you never feel as close to someone when you are bent over getting your butt beat along side her. Or over the knee of a big or with a little over yours.

    I know this sounds kind of contradictory but mostly it was played for laughs with everyone playing their part. Some where more into it than others, so my experience might have been harsher than some others, mainly because I could take it and the last word was I wanted it.

    I hope I haven’t said anything out of turn.

    Jo xx

    • 17 DJ

      Hi Jo,

      very interesting many thanks for that insight.

      I bet you have a lot more stories to tell 🙂

    • 18 Svetlana

      Hey, Jo, I’ve never been in a real sorority, but often wondered what it’s like. Two of your comments resonate strongly:

      1) sadistic / sexual / character building / fun … I’ve never been able to fit my discipline experiences in just one box either 🙂

      2) “you never feel as close to someone when you are bent over getting your butt beat along side her” … I’ve had that feeling occasionally outside a sorority setting and cherished it immensely.

      Thank you for sharing your memories of an experience that lots of us find tantalizingly mysterious.

  7. 19 Tony

    Jo, thanks for your comment. My name is Tony and the sorority paddling is my favorite subject. If you read all the post you will see that many of them are from me. I have been fortunate to have some first hand accounts of initiation and hazing paddling. I was wondering if padding was included in your initiation or just in your hazing. Did you have a Hell Night?

    Thank you

  8. 21 Jo

    Thank you Tony and Svetlana.

    I suppose I could say a lot more – even my comment here has reminded me of incidents and things I had almost forgotten.

    I once stuffed my laundry into my wardrobe so it looked as if I had cleaned up. My Big had me bare butt and bending over the bed with the door open while she paddled me in front of two other sisters. i had to ask real nice for her close the door and agree that if she did the spanking would begin over.

    After that I had to my laundry and hers dressed in just a shirt that barely covered my red butt. Needless to say I waited until midnight before I did the washing.

    Another time my big and I called on another big/little to find little over big’s lap really getting a bare bottom spanking like an errant teen. She really took her time too.

    Tony – we had a Hell Week by name – although that turned out to be more tradition than actual. There was a striptease on first Sunday night and then we were ‘judged’ for our figures and marked out of 10. It was humiliating and designed to put us on edge for what turned out to be an otherwise standard week. The real hazing came the following Friday of Hell week (so that was Hell Night, but we didn’t know) lots of paddle, lots of stuff… I guess I shouldn’t go into details. On Saturday we thought we had to do a stage act for the sisters – singing or stand up – but it was just a joke and the whole thing turned into a party. Some paddling over clothes and a line up of outgoing pledges for one last token hazing – an anticlimax really.

    But our sorority paddled and not just pledges – all kinds of stunts wound up with some paddle fun even after pledging. I was spanked twice by my big for goofing off even after being pinned and there was a lot of private stuff, if you know what I mean. I don’t think our sorority was typical – but nor was it unique. The whole thing is just more underground than in the past.

    Jo x

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