Going Forward


forwardThanks for all your support since the relaunch. There have been one or two teething problems and going away little more than a week after launching was not the best timing.

I continue to be surprised at the numbers of daily visitors after so long a break and the trend is still upwards, thanks again to your support.

I was hoping to pretty much start where I left off, but as I mentioned before, the world has moved on. For one thing, I had hoped to start weekly round-up on Mondays and in time, in some form, I will. But I notice that several of the regular blogs and sites have closed or not been updated. Also it is getting ever more sensitive when republishing some material.

It seems to me that given the incredible situation that is unfolding in both the UK and the US that the wider alternative community is either under attack or liable to be soon enough. Recently in the UK Pandora and her site, Dreams of Spanking, came under a lot of pressure from the authorities and she was subjected to some ridiculous and unfair censorship.

Luckily I am not running a professional project here, not that I wouldn’t mind if this was my day job. My modest sales from books barely meet the annual hosting, domain, bandwidth and software costs. Even my publishers are not a major profit outlet. Most of their sales income goes to maintaining the free LSF resources library.

I know at least one spanking author who has moved genres because she was trying to make a living and spanking doesn’t always sell.

So think of those outfits who are trying to carve out a living in an increasingly competitive world. Even if you don’t pay for spanking sites, no doubt you view or download images from them on Tumblr and others. If you appreciate their work, consider joining one or two of them. Or at least click on one of the links below to see what they are about.

I will return to this subject when I have finished reorganising the back room and re-forging some of those links. Meanwhile, enjoy.

One Response to “Going Forward”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Well – the pleasure is entirely mine. 😉
    Thank you for keeping up the great work. It is important for the community to have some work with real quality.

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