Now I Remember


! summer fun! spanksgiving 6! spanksgiving 5!1angela4The day after I launch my PC goes down and I am not sure it is working properly yet. That binned my Monday post.

Yes I remember these problems now, if it is not the CMS interface it is the sever, if it is not that it is access to a computer.

The new challenge (well for me here) is that we are about to go away on leave. That means light post and scheduled materials. I have another Steampunk story coming up next week (if the scheduler will work) and whatever I can queue up: In the Service of the Wolf is already pending.

Another problem is I cannot answer my email so easily. I was mid conversation with people in the run up to the relaunch

Anyway, my post will have to be re-edited but meanwhile here are some pictures.

In future I will try and be more systematic about sources. But other than the obvious two above, the woman in the yellow dress is from an art movie called Spankgiving.

2 Responses to “Now I Remember”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Have a great leave, Mr and Mrs Black!

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