Vintage Sunday


7 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. Good to see that Vintage Sunday has made a welcome return, I may have to relinquish the mantel but then, there can never be too many vintage cards

  2. 2 Richard Xander

    Enjoy reading.

  3. 3 DJ

    that was supposed to go up tomorrow

    oh well – teething 🙂

    more next week

  4. 4 N. A. O.

    Welcome back & whatever you had to do while you were gone I hope & trust all went well. I have been merging 2 households this year running an office & I fully understand . So onward – I look forward to anything you do – a class act. Personally I love your F/f work – arguably the best I have read. Your creation of Mrs MARIN & Dr. Warner is a master stroke do to speak .

    Thank you for all of your efforts – I will keep reading & buying stories – all the best for 2018 & beyond.

  5. 6 susie james

    For some reason picture number 4 always reminds me of my aunt spanking me.

  6. 7 Raymond Farr.

    “I told you what would happen I you came in late again”.

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