And We Are Back…


Nude on a platformThank you for all the requests and inquiries about our absence. Every day for the last two years we have had dozens of people requesting access to A Voice in the Corner: even today. That’s thousands of you! I wasn’t that surprised in the first few weeks, but your requests kept on coming and that has played a big part in encouraging me to start again. I am sorry that I could not meet your needs, nor was I able to reply to you in person, but I assure you there has been no exclusive party going on without you. The whole project just stopped and went into aspic.

In the past our unique visitors got as high 16,000 in one day and when we closed the average was around 10,000 in a 24 hour period. I don’t expect to return to that level any time soon, if ever, after all, the world has moved on, but when I was dusting off the dashboard (the tech bit behind the scenes) I was shocked that in its time A Voice has had over 16 million visitors. I never stopped to consider just how staggering that was, not to say terrifying.

That sabbatical was rather longer than we intended and a lot has changed at Castle Black. Merging two households into our London home has been a challenge. Also we have both had to focus on the business of earning money.

I am not going to say too much now about our absence and the reasons for it; and many details will never be discussed here. But at some point I will explain some of it. Meanwhile Mrs Black is working on a blogging project of her own, hence her current absence here; more on that later.

It has been nine years to the day since I launched this blog, and with a post nearly every day, there are well over two million words here; more than half being my fiction. I don’t think I will be publishing here quite as often as I used to, but stories left hanging will eventually find their way to these pages, starting with the continuation of In the Service of the Wolf.

Some features will return, but some fiction strands will be continued exclusively via LSF Publishing.

On that note I want to thank all those who continued to buy my stories. There is some exclusive material, such as The Exit Bureau, which is not available anywhere else, and now sits alongside other material such as The Russell Corner and Magic, which are only available for purchase.

However, most of my material is still here and once again available and will be added to in the months that follow.

It is great to be back, please bear with me while I get my head around the new features of the CMS and remind myself how the old features work.

36 Responses to “And We Are Back…”

  1. Great to see you back and judging by the numbers you quote it will be a much missed and welcome return

  2. 4 Ray Johannsen

    So glad to read of your return!

  3. 5 Lucy Lockett

    Good to know you’re back. We’ve missed you.

  4. 6 spankynyc


  5. 7 meganmichaels

    I’m so glad you’re back, we missed you ❤

  6. 8 Laura M Burhans

    I was so excited to read this email. You have made my day, no you have made my week, no my month…you have made my year. Thank you so much. I have missed you so much Sir!! XOXOXO

  7. 9 Kia

    Welcome back! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. Really looking forward to hearing from yourself and Mrs. Black on a regular basis again!

  8. 10 Margret Laurence

    Great to see you back! Marg

  9. 11 Steve Richardson

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed.

    I don’t think I thought to offer this before, but I have a pay story site up, Should you think anything there meets your interest, let me know and I will set it up so you have a password which will allow you to download anything you wish for free.


    • 12 DJ

      HI Steve,

      Sorry to hear that – but bar three or four short stories, all copy appears here first and not all goes to the Library anyway – so this is the bigger resource. However, there are few stories that are only available if you buy them on Amazon or LSF Publishing – notably those mentioned.

      Thanks for your kind offer – I would be interested yes, contact me and I will see what I can do about PDFs for any stray material you may have missed.

      all the best DJ

  10. 13 Dave

    Missed you guys, glad you’re back

  11. Welcome back you have been sorely missed.

  12. 15 Svetlana

    I’m so happy you’re back. I missed this place.

  13. 19 DJ

    Hi Everyone,

    it is nice to have so many comments so soon – visits are already up in the hundreds and there were over a thousand page views yesterday!

    How does word get around so quickly.

    Thank you everyone for all the support 🙂


  14. 20 jill

    I am so excited that you are back!…I am looking forward to being able to reread some of my favourite stories and for any new ones that you write. I am hopeful that Angela’s story will continue especially!

  15. 21 Ripley

    I’m very happy you are back! I’ve been looking forward it. Hope all is well with you and Indigo.

  16. 22 François LARTEAU

    Bonjour Monsieur BLACK,
    Je suis enchanté de vous savoir de retour.Je vais pouvoir accéder à toutes les passionnantes histoires que j’avais enregistrées, sans la possibilité de les lire pendent votre absence.
    Pour répondre à votre question dans le courrier n° 18 (comment le mot circule-t-il si vite ?) , je l’ai été, par votre courriel du jeudi 9 août 2018 parce que nous sommes abonnés à votre blogue.
    Je vous souhaite un très bon succès dans vos écrits, toujours pleins d’imagination.
    À bientôt.

    Hello Mr. BLACK,
    I’m delighted to hear you back.I will be able to access all the exciting stories I recorded, without the ability to read them during your absence.
    To answer your question in the mail n ° 18 (how does the word circulate so quickly?), I was, by your email of Thursday, August 9, 2018 because we subscribed to your blog.
    I wish you a very good success in your writings, always full of imagination.
    See you soon.

  17. 23 Brian

    Will be nice to read your blog. At the moment I am enjoying reading Magic

  18. 24 Lily

    What a delightful surprise! Welcome back – I have missed you and Mrs. Black.

  19. 25 MrJ

    Teally happy to see you back!

  20. 26 Michael Cane

    Lovely to see you back again. Thankyou!

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  21. 27 Alex

    Great to have your back. You were a weekly treat for me during some especially dfficult post-2008 times. Nothing like a little tasty decadence to soothe the doldrums.

  22. Welcome back for sure glad to see all is good. You were well missed indeed lol I know if I was checking constantly to see if you had returned than many many others were too.

  23. 29 Leslie Fernandes

    Welcome back

  24. thank you for all you do. Looking forward to reading your old stuff and your new stuff. We missed you.

  25. 33 Lez

    My favourite blog; glad to see its back!

  26. 35 Michael Bricknell

    Well.. It’s taken me until November to spot that you’ve returned!.. but it’s great news. Welcome back.

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