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More Art


“Eyes right,” the Senior Wren all but screamed, “And stand straight woman.” Catherine came to attention more or less correctly, this time remembering where to place her thumbs. “You are not in Tonbridge bloody Wells now,” the Senior Wren continued to berate her, “This is the Royal Navy,” she continued. Catherine Havers felt every nerve […]

I should have added this yesterday but I missed it. Indigo drew my attention to it at 6.45 this morning. But it looks like Pandora is back in business and her persecutors are out of it, having been suspended according to one report this morning. The press release on Pandora’s site reads: Pandora Blake, award-winning […]

Weekly Round-Up


The world still turns and summer is well and truly here. It seems everyone has something new for me to do. Speaking of new, Kia of Acknowledging Imperfection has a new book out, her first. I haven’t read it yet, but knowing Kia and having glanced at the blurb I rather suspect that this semi-autobiographical. […]

Vintage Sunday


“They didn’t have the cane when you were at school?” Erin asked the young woman pleasantly. “Well duh?” Karen Mayfield replied indolently, she was actually chewing gum. It was anybody’s guess what her natural hair colour was, at the moment it was a scraped back chemical red with white bleached streaks. Most of Erin’s participants […]