New Beginnings 


1wr s-l1600aThanks to everyone for the fantastic comments. I want to stress that Indigo and I are very touched by your support, but apart from the obvious, there is no cause for concern. Both our lives have changed radically in the last year and we are both going through a period of positive but nonetheless far-reaching professional and personal upheaval. Among other things we are embarking on a small ‘domestic project’ of our own.

For complicated reasons the blog must come down for now and will go private sometime on Friday.

My work will continue to be available at the Library of Spanking Fiction with as yet unpublished work at LSF. Bookmark those and you will be able to read most of my back uncatalogued and any new stuff in future.

It is my earnest hope and intention that A Voice in the Corner will return at some point in the not so dim and distant future, but I cannot yet say when.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported this project over the last six years. In that time there have been almost two million words of fiction, approaching 2,000 posts, 17 million visits and countless snippets, pictures and anecdotes. I have met some real friends, and the number of negative issues that have arisen I can literally (an over used word) count on my fingers.

I know there are several stories unresolved. For that I am sorry, but most if not all will be completed at some point. These and many more are pending at LSF  and the Library (where the archive is free and for a very modest membership fee this not-for-profit resource gives you all kinds of extras).

So for now, so long and thanks for lending me your eyes.

13 Responses to “New Beginnings ”

  1. Small domestic project? Might a baby be on the way? Best to you both and looking forward to seeing you again.

    • 2 magdelena

      A similar thought occurred to me and I hope it is so. Regardless of the reason I have relished the words penned by you both for many years and I thank you for them. Take the best of care of yourselves and each other. I’ll keep a bookmark here as an act of faith.

  2. 3 Lucy

    You will be missed! Good luck.till we meet again.

  3. I am saddened to read of your departure,,,,,,,thank you so much for your enjoyable website.

  4. I am very sad to see the end, albiet temporary (hopefully) of this blog. I think your writing was outstanding and your thoughts on the scene interesting. I fully realize the amount of work which goes into it, and I have long marveled at your ability to maintain the both the volume and quality of your work.

    Steve Richardson, CF Publications

  5. 6 MrJ

    Whatever that little domestic project is± thoroughly enjoy it1

  6. 7 Lily

    Farewell, and I mean that literally.

  7. 8 Mike

    Friday, huh? If I started saving now I wouldn’t have enough time to capture everything I’ve enjoyed on this site, so I’ll just have to look forward to your return. If you do come back I hope you also restore the comments. There’s some quality material there. More importantly, l’m glad to learn you and Indigo are both doing well.

  8. 9 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Blessings on your “small domestic project”, Damien. I guess from one point of view, the blog has served its purpose as an elaborate mating display; it was successful in that it attracted Indigo to become Mrs. Black. I’ve made a point of copying all of Indigo’s posts for later study. Please do consider assembling a book of the best of your real-life anecdotes. With fictional stories, I could never escape the feeling that my predilections were being pandered to. But real life seems more credible. Of course these RL tales are selected from everything else that ever happened, but they do address the question of how spanking practices have grown out of and been embedded in the wider culture. And to my mind that’s a compelling question. Best wishes to you both in all your future endeavors! Hoping to keep in touch with you both via email.

  9. 10 Errinn

    DJ and Indigo, best wishes for this new journey in your lives.

    I’ve had information for old posts sitting on my computer that I hesitated submitting. I also thought I would be able to go back and read some of the missed stories. This should teach me not to put things off to another day. Being a procrastinator, I doubt I will heed that message. At least I managed to add a ‘so long for now’ message.

    I’m guessing that putting the blog on ‘private’ means everything will be there when you open it again.

    DJ, your blog was the first I read that was more than just stories. I found other blogs because you mentioned them. Thank you for all the years you have spent entertaining us and for the time Indigo had to voice her thoughts.

    You will both be missed.

    • 11 DJ

      Thank you – sorry I missed this – forgot that closed didn’t stop WP comments 🙂

      Yep – still an archive – one day I will be back.

  10. 12 DJ

    Okay… my last words… 😐

    This is not goodbye and nothing is going to be destroyed. We will return. It has been quite a journey so far – and the next dozen or more months will one day be seen as that time when A Voice was down for some mysterious reason.

    I am sorry that I have left so much hanging. The plan was to announce a more leisured closure on Monday and post until the end of June. Then close it on the anniversary in August. But actually this is less painful and unfortunately necessary.

    I am still gobsmacked by the amount of support (A Voice has effectively become a daily spanking magazine reaching at least 50,000 people a week) I never envisaged such a success at the start.

    Remember – almost all the stories are available at the Spanking Library and new material will be occasionally also available at LSF and Amazon.

    So for now… 😦

    All the Best

    DJ Black and Indigo 😉

  11. 13 Constantine

    Also remember everyone that keeps copies of websites including this one to browse at your leisure.

    Thank you DJ and Indigo for the years of good entertainment. See you soon!

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