That Outlander Scene


outlander debb5aadoutlander 000aoutlander c29240633f8174b5dedc outlander 00000Outlander__Caitriona_BalfeIndigo and I have been watching series 2 of Outlander. I have to say story-wise this is a woman who is a serial troublemaker and indulges her self-righteous imposition of 20th century values to any situation heedless of the consequences to anyone, especially her husband and family. From a spanking point of view a continued exploration a clash of cultures in light of this theme would have been interesting and valid even from a vanilla point of view. Otherwise what we have is the assumption of cultural superiority of the present over the past.

In case you missed it, after getting a very well-handled spanking (see above) the characters agreed that it would never happen again. So don’t watch this excellent series for spanking scenes. This is a shame as a feminist analysts would have been better served by confronting the reality rather than the credibility stretching newfound liberalism of an 18th century Scottish laird. Otherwise this has been well positioned with regard to the history and has avoided the traps and cliches normally ascribed to ‘Romantic Scotland’ and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Briefly the Jacobite rebellions were about the Divine Right of the Stuart dynasty and the ‘True Faith’ versus the new style constitutional monarchy and the ascendancy of Parliament.

Interestingly the debate around this among women fans is polarised. Some lament either the lost escapism of a rollicking good spanking tale and largely agree with my analysis above or they see the spanking scene as an aberration in an otherwise female character-led story.

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  1. 1 ohiotailblazer

    Thanks for these excellent screen captures. The scene is so dark and fast moving it was hard to get the details. In my opinion this lady should have gotten spanking in every episode.

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