Weekly Round-Up


wr1 _mkpznbnKvQ1qj441jo1_500 wr1 9-630x350 wr1 454 wr1 as17 wr1 dresden-caned-01 wr1 IMG_1286 wr1 joker-spanks-batwoman wr1 OTK-Spanking-for-Julian-Wells wr1 uncontrollable_brats_156-630x350wr1 anton002wr1 spanked-party-girlAnother week in Spankville and all is (fairly) well. The second volume of Strictly Women continues to sell reasonably well and as you may have noticed the 20 parter The Deal was completed last week.

The mainstream and the commercial spanking world have collided. Bun Beating Fun have featured a mainstream actress (albeit using the alternative name Julian Wells) in one of their movies (picture above taken from Spanking Starlets). Apparently the actress has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including a major role in the Sopranos.

While we are on the subject of past productions, Dallas has also unearthed some old material and republished it.

I noticed that Chross hasn’t posted this month yet. He rarely publishes more than twice a week anyway so I hope all is well.

The other pictures this week are from: Able, Spanking Blog, Spanking Blogg, Devlin O’Neil, Chery Red, Stan, Acknowledging Imperfection and About Spanking.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Becky

    I sometimes have to put my hair in bunches or pigtails when confined to school uniform like the young lady in the first photo. It is so humiliating and makes you feel like the child you are dressed as and have behaved like

    • 2 DJ

      There are a variety of techniques – whatever works 🙂

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