Cornertime Capers


ct1234 ctpic16 11wrvspanking-blog-2ct6aaAlways on the lookout for cornetime related reports I chanced across a couple of odd little snippets. Apparently in a poll 86% of women think cornertime is more arduous than a spanking.

I love these polls, no context, no idea who they asked or how many and yet someone will publish them. In a related, but possibly different poll published on a Voy forum, 73% of couples in spanking relationships use cornertime; 63% use objects in addition to the hand for spanking, 23% use a cane or similar and 54% of couples who use implements don’t buy them but improvise with household objects.

This wasn’t a Voy Poll per se, but a claim made in a comment to a forum on BDSM. One wonders who gets asked and how they know they are being told the truth. I can’t see a pollster outside a High Street Tesco’s asking shoppers these questions.

Again I love all of this stuff, but always remember that 76% of statistics are made up.

5 Responses to “Cornertime Capers”

  1. 1 happyfreeconfusedlonelyatthesametime

    Nice pictures!

  2. 2 Svetlana

    Apparently 86 % of men don’t spank their women hard enough. 😉

    • 3 DJ

      Or even 99% 😉 But it depends who you are asking and how – the sub-conscious may give different answers to the pollters.

  3. 4 richard

    If i tried to put my bride of thirty years in a corner that would be my chances for survival maybe less Punishment is not why i spank her it is forplay before the main event and during coitus to stimulate a favorable responce to maintain erection or stall or elisit her ultimate release if only i could control ever spank hard enough at just the right moment that would be fantastic but im only human and isnt that the whole point of the act

    • 5 DJ

      Complicated world and everyone’s take is different. 🙂

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