Strictly Women (Volume two)


otk 2womenstrictly-2_200LSF have published another collection of my work. This collection of domestic F/F femdom tales featuring strict women who spank other women, contains the following stories:

Jane and Her Awakenings with Aunt Alice: When 19-year-old Janice goes to stay with her aunt in London, she gets her first disciplinary spanking after she lies about having a job with a local newspaper. Although it hurts terribly, she finds other, deeper, lingering feelings too. Eventually, her aunt spanks her for their mutual enjoyment as well as for genuine punishment.

Random Tales of Tails: Eighteen-year-old Rachel’s mum was only 14 when she had her, and it is her grandmother, Mary, who deals with discipline in the family. Rachel looks back on the numerous times she was spanked or switched by her before being made to stand outside, bare bottomed, where anyone could see her. Nor was her mother immune to this treatment either.

Memoirs of a Lady’s Companion: Wanting to see the world, 24-year-old Amy becomes a lady’s companion to Eugenia De Verne, a woman with a penchant for punishing and humiliating other women. Eugenia tells of her time at the Caulfield Academy for Young Ladies, a finishing school where she was subject to regular thrashings. Amy and other women are regularly disciplined by her and made to suffer painful chastisements with cane, hairbrush and birch, not to mention the occasional figging or enema.

Remembrance: In 1916, Virginia recalls how, having lost her brother and fiancé during World War 1, she joined Chartley, a retreat for distressed gentlewomen. Here she found a motley community of young women overseen by the dominant Miranda, who willingly submit to being spanked and caned for minor infractions. Eventually, Virginia finds a partner of her own with whom she can indulge her own dominant desires.

Return to Grampus Bay: Having dropped a box of figurines at the Cornish ceramics shop and tea room where she works, Josie is now suffering the consequences: a painful spanking from the shop owner, Lillian. When her friend, Sandy, tries to help spare her further embarrassment and lies to Lillian about it, she finds her own bare bottom on the receiving end of a heavy nylon spatula.

If you are interested you can buy it here.

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