Weekly Round-Up


1wr _mo8rhryVys1suzvb1o1_500-437x640 1wr _o6spcuW3Sc1r3bw1bo1_1280 1wr 442 1wr amelia_sunbathing064-630x350 1wr Dj1sgrz4qo1_1280 1wr kyokos-predicament-spanking-art 1wr PUNISHED-BRATS-SPANKING 1wr sunbathing1 1wr well-spanked-over-kneeAnother week another round-up. Only this week we seem to have hit summer early in England, Indigo even got sunburned. Less than a month ago we had snow.

LSF have published volume two of Strictly Women, now available for your reading pleasure. There are several more books coming up, thank you to everyone who is buying them.

I noticed that Ronnie at Heart and Soul has published a list of new blogs, so many others are joining the game.

The pictures this week are from: AAA, Able, the Spanking blog, Spanking blogg, Devlin, CutiePie, Cherry Red and Acknowledging Imperfection.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Becky

    After my use of foul language last week my spanking has been followed by time in school uniform like the offenders in the first picture. In my case this has meant school knickers, blue gingham dress and matching grey wool school cardigan with blue trim plus ankle socks when not at work. It is very demeaning.

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