The Deal (part 20)


Part 1 here

“Hello Caz,” Imogen had said, sounding as if she wished she was anywhere but standing in the corner with her bottom on show.

“Oh I…” Carolynn spluttered.

“Sorry about this,” Luke said, he looked uncomfortable. “Just a bit of spontaneous discipline… and we just got carried away. But I rather gather that you know all about that.”

Carolynn blushed to her ears and fluttered like a caged bird.

“I mean I gather Imogen has told you all about this thing we do?” Luke said a little too quickly.

“Oh… oh yes,” Carolynn recovered herself, “Although I suspect there has been a little too much information sharing both ways.”

Luke coughed and looked away. “My feeling exactly, someone has a big mouth.”

Carolynn made a face and blushed again. Guilty, she agreed silently, not altogether thinking about her sister.

“Well I’m not sorry,” Imogen said indolently without turning around.

“Yeah,” Luke sighed, “Well I’m working on that.”

Carolynn stifled a laugh and she and her sister’s boyfriend exchanged a conspiratorial look.

“Well don’t let me stop you,” she said in a giggle, “It seems to be open season on the Blake’s women’s bottoms around here.”

Luke offered an uncomfortable smile and looked away.

“I guess you heard about that,” Carolynn said trying to sound reassuring. “I mean you do know about John Dacia and me; that is what this is all about?”

“Like I said, Imogen has a big mouth,” Luke said with a sigh and rolled his eyes at the ceiling.

“Well I’m still not sorry,” the 23-year-old lawyer said cattily. “I think it is good that we share an outlook in life, it makes us closer. It makes it seem like the whole world is…”

“Imogen,” Luke said sharply, “Shut up.”

From the posture of Imogen’s head from behind Carolynn knew that she had paused opened-mouth at the command and then sullenly clamped it shut in that defiant way of hers. She had been hell as a teen.

“I find this all a little embarrassing but that is partly the point. But maybe Imogen is right; I mean there is something to be said for us being open about it all. I think that is what John is used to anyway,” Carolynn said thoughtfully.

“See, that’s what I mean,” Imogen said in a childishly tone.

“Imogen, I said shut up, the grown-ups are talking,” Luke scolded her.

Imogen turned her head and poked out her tongue.

Carolynn gaped at this and folded her arms, partly to as if to say ‘I wash my hands of this,’ but mainly as a defence against the fact that she was rapidly getting out of her depth.

“Would you excuse me for a minute?” Luke said as he turned away and marched over to Imogen.

“N-n-nooo okay, I didn’t mean it…” Imogen whined.

But too late, for Luke hauled her away from the wall and half dragged her back to the sofa where he sat to pull Imogen down across his lap.

“I think there was a hairbrush somewhere over by the armchair,” Luke said casually.

“L-Luke, no, not here, not in front of Caz…” Imogen pleaded.

Carolynn felt an odd detachment as she found the brush and carefully handed it to the man.

“Not the brush, not the brush,” Imogen continued.

She squealed melodramatically at the first impact.

Carolynn couldn’t help a smirking gasp and clapped her hand to her mouth as Imogen got the spanking of her life. In a minute flat her bottom pinkened and then turned a healthy red as the young lawyer kicked and yelped under the weight of Luke’s smacking wood.

“Ow you, oh aah,” the girl growled.

“I think you know you had this coming and I think you wanted it,” Luke snarled.

“I didn’t,” Imogen wailed.

Carolynn tried to supress her laughter but short bursts of hissing escaped through her fingers. So that is what a spanking looks like, she thought.

“I don’t know why it always comes to this but you might as well learn this now and your sister might as well see,” Luke told his girl.

“Caz, ooh, make him stop,” Imogen sniffed.

Luke was pretty good at spanking, Carolynn decided and without taking her eyes from the action she sidled into the armchair facing the sofa with a grin.

“No I don’t think so,” Carolynn giggled, the glee leaking from her teeth-tickled lips.

No one heard the door or the startled gasp from the lounge doorway.

“Oh my God,” Lucy squealed. “This is so cool.”

Carolynn half turned in consternation now completely embarrassed for her middle sister.

“Stop,” Imogen shrieked.

“Nnnno, I think you included Lucy in your little broadcasts didn’t you,” Luke drawled not missing a spank.

“She just butted in,” Imogen wailed.

Luke ignored her and spanked her again.

“She’s really getting a spanking,” Lucy screamed in glee, “This is too much.”

The younger woman doubled up in stitches of laughter, her eyes shining with joy and some previously unwoken passion.

“Ooooooh,” Imogen wailed, real tears now leaking at her eyes and she was absolutely mortified.

“I think maybe you are cooked,” Luke chuckled as he let Imogen slip from his lap. “Time to go back to the corner,” he told her.

“Luke,” Imogen gasped, “Please.”

“Are you refusing?” Luke asked in a warning tone.

Imogen looked horrified; her gaze swinging from her man to her baby sister and wished she could be anywhere else. “No,” she whispered, now staring at the floor.

“Just a minute,” Carolynn said.

She too was looking amused, but her attention was entirely on Lucy now.

The younger woman was still laughing and pointing in that way only a little sister can when she is teasing.

“I think Lucy is curious about all of this, too curious maybe,” Carolynn said, “Luke, I wonder if you could do me a favour?”


Lucy suddenly stopped laughing and was looking around the room for an ally, any ally. Instead she saw three curious faces staring at her.

Imogen still sat on the floor and despite rubbing a very red bare bottom, she was openly grinning. Carolynn was not far off the same expression, although so far she had held it back to a smirk. Only Luke was frowning as if weighing something up.

“Oh come on now, you wouldn’t,” Lucy gaped, but her heart was racing and even if it didn’t show, she felt like melting butter in a pan.

The cause of her consternation was Carolynn’s suggestion that Luke spank her just as he had Imogen. A request that at first Luke had rejected, but spirited urging by Imogen had made him at least consider it.

“I’m serious,” Carolynn said, “Kill or cure I say, she was been on the edge of this all along and if it wasn’t for her none of us would be here now.”

“That’s right,” Imogen agreed.

“Guys, guys, come on,” Lucy wailed and took a step backwards. It was lost on no one that she was unconsciously guarding her bottom with both hands.

“A nice long spanking and… hmmm, shall we say 40 minutes standing in the corner?” Carolynn mused.

“Luke, Luke, don’t listen to her…” Lucy protested, “I get it, keep my nose out, check.” She made an earnest tick motion with her hand in the air.

“If this is going to happen then I’ll do it my way,” Luke said firmly, but ‘if’ was accompanied by getting to his feet.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Lucy blurted, but she didn’t sound at all sure.

“The lady doth protest too much,” Imogen said with some relish.

“I asked John to do it, but he said he would enjoy it far too much,” Carolynn confided.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wouldn’t enjoy it,” Luke grinned.

Lucy startled to a crouch and looked around as if she might flee. But instead of running she impotently tried to fend off the approaching man with gestures. It was enough to seal her fate and Luke grabbed her easily and half led and half carried her back to the sofa.

“Guys, Caz, you can’t,” she wailed.

“Oh I think he can,” Carolynn said with glee and after handing Luke the hairbrush she stooped to lift the hem of Lucy skirt. “A thong,” she exclaimed, “You naughty girl.”

“Not too hard,” Lucy groaned.

“I think I’ll stick to my hand for this first time,” Luke chuckled.

“Okay, but in that case, I am definitely taking her knickers down,” Carolynn giggled.

“N-no-no-no,” Lucy protested and tried to clamp her thighs.

“Lucy,” Carolynn said sternly, “You really have this coming and if you don’t cooperate I will take you to see John and you’ll get to feel the cane.”

Lucy looked around in horror and whether in distraction or surrender she relaxed enough so that her scanty underwear slid away to fully expose her neat round bottom.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Lucy muttered, but she was dizzy with it and not a little damp. Several dark nights had seen her imagine this moment.

“I’ll offer you a deal,” Carolynn said, “If you can tell me now, hand on heart that you haven’t been thinking about this, then we will let you go. If not, you are so getting to get a spanking and then we will start a whole new disciplinary regime around here.”

“Ooh, this is so unfair,” Lucy pouted. Then she squealed as the first spank landed with a crack; the first of many.

“Imogen,” Luke said sharply as he saw his girlfriend’s unbridled grin, “Time to go back to the corner.”

Imogen gaped in horror.

“Let her watch and then they can both go to the corner,” Carolynn put in.

“Won’t that be cute,” Luke agreed.

“Ow, it hurts,” Lucy yelped. “And that…”

“Oh I know,” Carolynn smiled, “I really do know.”

The end for now.

14 Responses to “The Deal (part 20)”

  1. 1 MrJ

    For now, that is. I sense it. 😉

  2. 2 Ripley

    Good series. I liked it, even though I had to close my eyes for the scary parts (which is hard to do when you’re reading). And I knew you’d get all the ladies spanked in the end (hee hee).

  3. 3 Mick

    Thanks – that was fun (for me, the reader.. not the recipients!).

  4. 4 deltawood

    Have enjoyed this series, sad for it to end but the ‘for now’ caveat leaves me waiting and watching for more.

  5. 5 Rikki

    Good series, but “Lucy” became “Ruth” for a couple of paragraphs in this episode.

  6. 7 Jane

    The End? Say it ain’t so! I enjoyed getting to know these girls very much. Thank you.

  7. 8 DJ

    Thanks everyone – most people have liked this it seems but not everyone.

    • 9 deltawood

      You can please some of the people some of the time but you can NOT please all the time.

  8. 10 richard

    It would have been a shame if lucy had not been spanked after wanting to share in the spankings of her older siblings and by an older man at that a father figure I enjoyed every part of this deal hoping for more to come if posable

  9. 11 Svetlana

    Lucy’s perspective added a lot to this story. I just loved it when she said “what you do is way cooler” (than 50 shades stuff).

  10. 13 Rafa

    Hi DJ i am very glad you are back and i was wondering if you were planning to continue this saga?

    • 14 DJ

      Maybe – but you know this story is now finished for now? I am glad you liked it. 🙂

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