The Deal (part 19)


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The duvet was comfortably warm, but not as comfortable as the hard man she snuggled up to. It had been years since Carolynn had anything like this in her life, not since… not since ever she realised with a sigh.

Her previous sexual encounters had been grubby one-nighters or the fumbled culmination of weeks of holding hands in the park. Had she ever really been in love before, she wondered?

John made a gruff sound in his throat and shifted his weight as he turned the page of the book he was reading.

“Is this our life now? I can’t believe it,” she sighs dreamily. “It is the best deal I ever made.”

John laughs and half turns his head with a grin. “It is me who can’t believe it, you’re the one who is going to wake up with an old git in the morning. I’ve got a beautiful young brunette in my bed.”

Carolynn smiles back and gently punches him on the arm.

“So it’s a fight you’re after,” John growls in a very bad mock southern Irish accent.

“Not yet,” Carolynn says enigmatically and crinkles up her nose as she smiles up at him.

“So how is that menagerie of sisters coming along?” John chuckles.

“Getting spanked mostly,” she replies pertly with a smug grin. She knows she has his interest.

John puts the book face down onto the duvet covering his legs and peers at her over his reading glasses.

“Are you taking a leaf out of my book and introducing some discipline into that household of yours?” John laughs.

“Not exactly, not at all in fact. But it seems… well you already know about Imogen and now Lucy is becoming obsessed with our lifestyles.” Carolynn made it sound like a problem.

If Lucy had been over 21 and out of her hair it wouldn’t matter. But she wasn’t quite 20 and still dependent. Carolynn felt duty bound somehow to take a serious grown-up conservative line. The trouble was, did that mean that she should get Lucy spanked in the spirit of cure or kill, or should she… should she what?

“Maybe what she needs is some fatherly advice and a firm hand to let her know what she could get herself into,” she said tentatively.

“Don’t look at me,” John said wearily as he made a warding gesture with his hand.

“Why not?” Carolynn hadn’t been seriously considering the suggestion and it had just been an idle comment, but she was surprised at John’s open resistance.

“Well for one thing I am old enough…”

“…to be her father?” Carolynn giggled.

John frowned and gave her a warning look. “I am old enough to know that I would enjoy it far too much and you shouldn’t be offering up vulnerable young women to my evil clutches.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you had evil clutches,” Carolynn giggled again. “What colour are they or are we talking about your wretched car again?”

John regarded her with narrowed eyes as he peered imperiously at her over is specs.

“Do you want a spanking?” he said now putting his book and his glasses onto the bedside table.

Carolynn’s mouth hung open and despite sudden butterflies in her tummy she blushed.

John made a lunge but Carolynn was too quick and in moment they were up dancing around the bed. But short of fleeing to the bathroom she had nowhere to go and in a moment he had seized her arm and had easily tumbled her across his lap as he sat back down.

“No, come on, please,” a nervously gasping Carolynn complained as she felt firm hands tugging at her pyjama bottoms. “Don’t you dare,” she added in a squeal.

Her smooth round curves were vulnerable under his hand and she squirmed.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked with a hint of movie menace.

“I didn’t say that,” Carolynn countered.

The slap was sharp and sudden and she squeaked.

“I see this is going to get done,” he sighed with feigned reluctance.

He spanked her again and she kicked her legs. But this time she clamped her jaw defiantly and stared down at the carpet.

“It is your bottom, you own it,” she said sourly, “That was our deal, you have at it, I don’t care.”

He frowned and stared down at her head. Then she half turned and caught his eye and gave him a small cheeky smile.

“I do don’t I?” he said with an evil grin. This time he spanked her hard adding, “Where did I put that hairbrush?”

“Jeez,” she gasped, adding in a wail, “Okay, okay, okay,” as she rubbed impotently at her reddening bare bottom with just the thumbs of her shielding hands.

He pinned her left arm into the small of her back, securing her right one under it. “You little brat,” he chuckled as he spanked her thrice more as she squirmed and squealed.


The hairbrush blasted down to deliver a respectable spanking. What had started out as horseplay and been spun up into an exercise in putting your woman in her place. In truth, Carolynn hated those meek play offerings and wasn’t altogether put out, or hadn’t been until the burn had got to her and tears had started pricking at her eyes.

“Pax, surrender… monkey’s uncle… yeow…” she blurted in quick succession.

“Are you calling me a monkey?” John said sharply as he upped the spank rate.

“Noooo, ouch, I’m sorry… a rest, please a rest…” she wailed.

“A rest?” he chuckled, but he had stopped.

“Just a little one,” she squeaked, “I know you’re not done spanking me.”

He laughed. “You would look so cute standing in the corner.”

Carolynn pouted, not sure if that was an improvement, but another spank made her take the deal.


“Can I come out of the corner yet?” Carolynn asked ruefully as she risked a sneaky glance of her shoulder to pout.

The corner was beginning to get cold, and although her exposed bottom was bucking this trend it wasn’t quite up to John Dacia’s usual soul searing throb-burning standards to entirely counter the experience.

“Are you ready for the rest of your spanking?” John asked with a smirk.

Carolynn sighed and with a bite of her lip she whispered, “I guess so.”

The second spanking was sharper and she was soon gasping for air, but this time the burn of his hand had a sensuous quality and her man kept the onslaught to just this side of bearable. All the same the weight of his hand made her feel mastered in an orgy of lip biting and ankle crossing. In minutes flat she had melted to a puddle.

“You are not supposed to be enjoying this,” John intoned as his fingers brushed her sex.

“Ooh, n-nyah-no,” she gasped, now sent wild by his intimacy, especially when a stray finger dusted her anus.

The pressure of his thumb at that point was accompanied by firm pressure around her clitoris and she moaned. She wanted to protest, but then his hand was removed and she got another spank.

“Bastard,” she hissed.

The brisk spanking volley made her yelp until she was ready to accept is questing hand again.

“You’re still a bastard,” she groaned.

“Need me to get that hairbrush?” he rasped.

“No Sir,” she replied breathily and gritted her teeth for another onslaught of spanking. It came with a will and she had to shout as she rode out the renewed burn.

After a minute or two of this was about ready to beg when he stopped and gave her a new reason for special pleading.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she yelled as his hand returned to its dual attack.

The alternation between spanking and caressing went on for some time. Eventually she didn’t know whether she wanted mercy or to beg to be allowed to come. In the end she opted for both.

Choosing his moment, John tipped her face down onto the bed and entered firmly. The mantra to God immediately returned and she began to groan.

Taking his time John pressed on her slowly, pausing frequently just before either reached their crisis until Carolynn thought she would go insane. Then she did and he along with her.

“Oh Jesus,” she exploded.

He came less vocally.


The day had been hectic and after the previous night Carolynn was tempted to go straight round to John’s. But a shower and a change of underwear beckoned her at the very least.

She noticed the car that almost blocked the drive and frowned. She wasn’t expecting callers and she was sure both her sisters would be out. It must be a neighbour, she decided.

An unexpected key in lock is a nerve jangling sound, but today Carolynn barely noticed it as she strode into her house and as a double check yelled, “I’m home.”

Sometimes Lucy would thunder down the stairs with a request for money or to go out somewhere, or Imogen would yell an offer of tea from the kitchen. But today the lack of answer did not surprise her. So she dropped her bag in the hall and made to enter the lounge.

The sight of male jean-clad legs extending from the easy chair startled her. The lurch in heart was dominated by the hope that John was going to surprise her, but she held back on the assumption for a second.

The man in the chair was around her own age with short dark blond curls. Not the feminine kind, but the grizzled look that evoked a lion. She had seen him before but it was a second before she remembered his name.

“Luke?” she said in a puzzled voice as he rose to greet her. “Imogen is…” Then she stopped mid-sentence.

Imogen was naked below the waist and standing to face the corner with her hands on her head.

“Hello Caz,” she said in faraway wooden voice.

To be concluded

2 Responses to “The Deal (part 19)”

  1. 1 Chris

    Really great story! 🙂
    Fantastic development between John and Carolynn… And lovely to see Imogen finally in that position.
    I’m just wondering how long it takes Carolynn to take her little sister over her knee. It’s long overdue.
    Thanks for the great series 🙂

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