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The May Day Bank Holiday has necessitated that we do the round-up on a Tuesday this week. Actually I planned to do it yesterday, but catching up with the blog I realised that I had accidentally scheduled Vintage Sunday to go up on the 20th May instead of the second, so I ran that yesterday, a day late.

People have been asking about Indigo. That is very kind and no one is more disappointed than me that she hasn’t written here for a while. But some nights she doesn’t get back from the City until late and by then she had braved an army of West End shoppers and commuters. That leaves just about enough energy to vegetate in front of the TV.

Speaking of TV. Recently Indigo and I watched The Secrets of the Sex Party, or some such title. There was rather a lot of emphasis on spanking, including some of the most graphic scenes with very red comely bottoms I have seen on mainstream television. Usually TV is rather coy about such things or thinks it only safe to report on male submissives.

This week the images above include a rather severe comic strip found on Able‘s blog. But I thought it worth an outting on account of the tender denouement.

Other images are from: Dallas, AAA, Real Spanking, Cutiepie, FHS, Stan, Devlin, Spanking Blog , Spanking blogg, and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 deltawood

    I appreciate the update on Indigo. Here is hoping her work schedule soon is less demanding.

  2. Yes. I’ve been missing Indigo very much too. But I can just imagine the exhaustion after a day fighting through the City – never her favourite place!

    • 4 DJ

      WE are on top of it – maybe a new post soon. 🙂

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