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It looks like spring has sprung and quite a few people have been getting in touch. Indigo and I have been watching the Vikings, which you may remember I reported on last season when the show featured a warlord Count who had a consensual BDSM relationship with his mistress. That story line has continued, although the most graphic scene descended into some brutal back-whipping. However, there was one scene of the mistress being more lightly whipped on the bare bottom while still dressed (seen from the front).

The unusual thing about this sub-plot is the fact that it has been shown as a consensual relationship, albeit a somewhat unenthusiastic one, which is original for an early medieval setting. But then these are Parisians.

Vanilla Spanking has a great series of photos based upon the idea of girls getting ready for their spanking. This focuses on old movies and stage plays.

Ronnie Soul has a round-up of interesting blogs.

Also Spank Oz is back and a requested link has been added on the right.

The pictures this week have been taken from: Real Spanking, Yeowch, Dallas, Able, Chicago Spanking Review, Richard Windsor, Cutiepie, Chross, Scarlet’s Real Magic and About Spanking.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 cindyrichards1991

    Thank you for the pictures, DJ. I’m particularly fond of the first drawing with the three women, nude, hands secured to a beam above their head, as they are being regarded by another woman, in an outfit quite interesting in its own right, with a single-tail whip who has apparently already thrashed them and is contemplating the next step.

    • 2 DJ

      Yes it is quite retro and has 1970s feel (the underwear of the woman with the whip suggests this

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