The Deal (part 15)


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Part 1 here

The atmosphere in John Dacia’s office wasn’t as awkward as he would have expected. True Carolynn was looking at him like a love struck school girl, but for once he was happy to share the morning with a woman from the night before.

Nevertheless he was determined to focus on the business for once, he was already far too distracted by this girl.

“I can’t say that I like the way you went about it, but I must admit this is a good deal,” John said with a considered nod. “Why don’t you sit down and we will discuss it.”

“If you don’t mind I would rather stand up,” Carolynn said ruefully, “You gave me quite a workout last night.”

He looked at her without lifting his head and snorted.

“Really, I thought you would be cross because I went behind your back again,” she continued, seeing that he wasn’t going to rise to that particular bait.

“Oh I am,” he said sharply, “But you knew that already didn’t you, that’s why you did it. You want me to punish you.”

She frowned and began to protest.

“I have been around the block with newbies a few times, you all start off reluctant or so you pretend and then you get slaphappy and overindulge. Always the lady protests too much but that leaves me to sort out the balance so as not to have you topping from the bottom.” He watched her process the remark and saw her sag. “I did warn you that you were one of many and not my first.”

“I know that but…” she sighed and he thought she might cry.

Reaching over he cradled her chin and lifted her face. “Okay, the fact that you here with me the day after the night before tells me something is different, but let’s not rush it okay.”

She brightened and nodded eagerly. “So are you going to punish me properly or not?”

“Let’s look at the deal now, like grown-ups. We will work out what to do about your defiance later,” he chided her. Then when she looked glum again he added, “See what I mean, a slaphappy drunk topping from the bottom… you are going to be punished for not running this past me first, don’t worry your tender tail about that. But like I said, let us not rush it.”

She offered him a shy smile and nodded again. She loved it when he spoke so sternly to her.


It had been a long day and even now she was home Carolynn was still tender from the night before. She was vaguely disappointed that John had kept their office encounter to strictly business, but when she remembered last night she grinned wildly; perhaps all was not lost.

The TV was blaring out the Eastender’s theme and she didn’t have to look round the lounge door to know that Lucy was home. She shook her head and with a still mildly flaring behind, he walked stiffly to the kitchen.

“Hey Caz,” Imogen said from the dining room. She was making sandwiches with an artisan’s enthusiasm. The fact that she was standing up at the table only served to reinforce the industrial theme.

“You couldn’t make me a couple of those could you?” Carolynn asked with a hopeful weariness.

“Sure but I have to dash, Luke is picking me up in half-an-hour,” Imogen replied. “I have already made Lucy’s. Why don’t you sit down and tell me how your day has been?”

Carolynn nodded and pulled out a chair before dropping into it. Not her best decision, she immediately realised as she shot upright again with a wince.

“You okay?” Imogen asked, but she was still focussed on the sandwich-making.

“Yeah,” her elder sister said dismissively, “I’d just rather stand at the moment.”

Imogen paused to smirk. “Seen John Dacia recently?” she asked innocently.

Carolynn coloured and made a face. “Don’t tease,” she said.

“Oh I’m not,” Imogen said with a hint of rue, “I kind of know how you feel.” Her hand stole to her bum and it was her turn to blush.

Carolynn gaped at her middle sister and their eyes met conspiratorially. The laughter was infectious and it was a full minute before Imogen could resume her artistry with the bread and cheese.

“Plays rough does he?” Carolynn asked.

Imogen shrugged. “OTK mostly, just his hand. That is if he is just playing. I gave him full spanking rights for his birthday.”

Carolynn looked incredulous. “You’re joking?”

“Just hand-spanking, you know, fun stuff. Well for him anyway,” she added with a giggle.

“So what about…?”

“Oh I get some pretty sound spankings too, when I deserve them. Hairbrush for moderate sins and we go up from there,” Imogen was as red as a bus and had fixed her gaze on the sandwich in front of her.

“Yeah, and who gets to decide about that?” Carolynn said cynically.

“It’s a joint effort. I mean he has the last word, that’s how it has to work,” she shrugged, “But I fess up quite a lot.”

Carolynn knew how she might feel and nodded. “Yeah, I know that one too,” she murmured.

“Seems odd talking to you about this,” Imogen sighed.

“I know, good though, I think,” Carolynn agreed.

Imogen nodded.

“So what’s the worst you get?” The older woman said after a long awkward silence.

“He has this strap thing that gets me crying like a baby in a minute flat. But it has a good burn to it. I kind of… well not like it exactly but… anyway it’s that or the cane. I absolutely loathe the cane.” Imogen gushed as if talking about cake-making. “You?”

“I am still finding that out,” Carolynn winced.

“That’s the fun part yeah,” Imogen laughed.

“What’s up?” Lucy asked as she entered.

“Oh nothing,” Carolynn said enigmatically and gave Imogen a wink.

Lucy frowned and made a motion as if stamping her foot. As a child she actually had when she felt like a baby around them. “Keep your secrets then,” she spat and stormed out.

Carolynn and Imogen compared notes for a minute or two, oblivious that Lucy hadn’t gone far.

To be continued.

3 Responses to “The Deal (part 15)”

  1. 1 dougnic

    Oh Gawd ! Will it never end !

    • 2 DJ

      This is not for you I feel – which if any stories by me do you like?

  2. 3 jimc

    I love this part of the story. I enjoy women talking about their spankings esp. otk and fun spankings. I enjoy this picture you have used very much. I am a big fan of long haired brunettes otk with a red backside. Thaks for the great stories and pictures. Have a great day.

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