The Deal (part 14)


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Damn, Carolynn thought as she pulled up the drive, I love him. She had known John Dacia for an age, ever since she had got into the property development game. Up to now she had always assumed it was a daddy thing, given that her own father was completely out of the picture. The spanking had come easily on top of that. Now she had to contend with this new reality. Mind on the game, she chided herself as she refocussed on the house she was thinking of buying.

It was a late gothic affair with red brick adorning the mainly yellow brick construction. She loved the spired towers topping the two columns of bay windows either side of the door, but the stoop was crumbling and here and there weeds burst through the decaying stone.

The roof looked sound enough, a steep dark slate arrangement with decorated iron curlicues at the apex to deter pigeons. The twist of rusting TV aerials was a quaint anachronism and she smiled. It spoke of an old person or a legacy up for a quick sale.

Looking at the plans she had already determined that another bathroom and at least one bedroom could be added, it was promising very promising. As she reached the step a slight pang assailed her bottom as she extended a leg and she blushed, a girlish thrill of excited embarrassment sent her right back to John’s office.

He had told to run any new projects by him, but this was too good an opportunity to miss. Besides if he punished her for it, would it be so bad? It was time she upped the ante.


Imogen was kneeling on the floor thumbing through her sister’s battered copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Well she couldn’t very well sit on the bed, not yet anyway; Luke had made sure of that. She smirked as she found another preposterous line. Luke had told it was crap and the idea that any woman would submit to a mentally damaged man, as the story suggested, was leading Imogen to that view too. These people just don’t get it do they, she sighed.

“Hey,” Lucy said from the open door. She blushed a little at the thought that Imogen had found her guilty pleasure, but she had seen girls reading the same novel on the bus so it was hardly a big deal.

“Hey,” Imogen shrugged and tossed the book onto Lucy’s bed. “Sorry I was just…”

“It’s cool,” Lucy shrugged.

“It isn’t really,” Imogen said carefully, “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You know, snooping in Carolynn’s room…”

“Yeah?” Lucy said doubtfully, “Or are you wondering if I am a little too freaked by Carolynn’s spanky games with Mr Dacia?”

Imogen grinned and made two pistols with her fingers. “She shoots and she scores,” the older woman said in a faux movie accent, then more naturally adding, “Can we talk? Or does it squick you too much?”

“It doesn’t squick me at all and I would rather have the birds and bees from you than Caz, big sis is way too much like my mum.” Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Well it’s not really a case of birds or bees… but…” Imogen paused, “Although I suppose it does have a sting in the tail,” she winked. Then seeing no response from her sister she let out a long slow breath and said, “Okaaay, where to start.”


John Dacia had had a long, long day and his final turn into his street was a relief. He eyed the pile of prospectuses sitting on the passenger seat with a weary eye and groaned. There was nothing that wouldn’t keep and he was half minded to leave them in the car. After a pause he decided on the compromise of taking them in and scanning them once before bed. Before that a whiskey beckoned.

He was still fumbling for his door key when he saw Carolynn sitting on his front step passively watching him.

“Did we have an appointment?” he asked now somewhat puzzled.

“Nope,” she answered simply, a hint of a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Then…?” he shook his head and shrugged.

“I am afraid I have been a very naughty girl,” she said cheekily, “And I was rather hoping for the opportunity to be even naughtier.”

John gaped and looked around as if he was expecting someone to spring a joke.

“You know if you are trying to test me then you are going to be sorry,” he growled.

“Oh I am quite sure I will be sorry,” she whispered enigmatically, “I think as soon as my head is straight I need to explore a whole world of sorry. But before that… or after, well it is your call isn’t it… well I thought…?” She let her mouth hang open suggestively and made to stand up.

“Do you want a spanking?” he said sharply.

“You know, I really think I do, but that is entirely beside the point isn’t it? What do you want?” she said huskily. As she spoke she gained her feet and with a catlike motion crossed the space between them to kiss him full on the lips.

He held her close for a long few seconds and then held her off a little. “I have a fair few women in my circle, most of them older than you… I am not one for letting people get close,” he told her as he gauged her response.

“The great unobtainable you,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. “We have already had that conversation. I am not asking for any great commitment, not yet at any rate.” She tried to kiss him again.

“Look when fun meets discipline I think we both benefit. You certainly have. But sometimes emotions get… confused, and I wouldn’t want to…” he began.

She kissed him and this time he let her in.

“Okay, if you’re sure, but be warned…” he said fixing her with a serious smile, “You’re going to get that spanking.”

To be continued

4 Responses to “The Deal (part 14)”

  1. 1 cindyrichards1991

    Great story and great picture. And yes…when emotions become entangled as they often do…

  2. 2 Pixiebelle

    Love it! – cant wait for the next chapter 🙂

  3. 3 DJ

    Hi girls – thanks – more soon I hope 🙂

  4. 4 MrJ

    LOve the picture – and the story keeps taking interesting turns.

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