Weekly Round-Up


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That was the longest brake without a post since I started blogging in 2009. Even while on business trips abroad and foreign holidays I was either able to make shorty posts or queue some up, sadly not this time. Since I only got back yesterday, I haven’t really much to round-up with, so this is round-up light just to show I am back on line.

Abigail Armani did ask me to plug her new book. I once co-wrote a story with her so it might be worth a look, although I haven’t read this one myself, but you can find Claimed by the Master here.

The pictures this week are from: AAA, Acknowledging Imperfection, Able, All Things Spanking, Stan and Chross.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 George

    Thanks, a very cute collection of wise discipline. Needed more than ever!

  2. 3 deltawood

    Glad you are back, you have been missed.

  3. Thanks for picking up the nurse applying a lexan paddle, and for the mention. It is greatly appreciated.

    All Things Spanking

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