The Deal (part 13)


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For the second time in little over a week Carolynn was completely unable to sit down. Although it had to be said that it was entirely her own fault, she thought ruefully. Well not entirely, she definitely had a bone to pick with her sister Imogen.

First things first, taking slow painful steps she ascended the stairs to Imogen’s room and sought out these punishment lines that Lucy had found.

Ouch, I need to put some ice on this, she thought with a wince as she felt her bottom stretching as she reached for the frame on top of the wardrobe. Carolynn felt strangely nervous as she dusted off the frame and the air tingled with expectation.

“I must not be a bad girl, I must not be late,” ran the legend.

The first line was neat and masculine, but not John Dacia’s. The rest of the lines copied out below were in various shades of blue as if written at different times with a different pen. But the handwriting was definitely Imogen’s.

Carolynn felt a hot flush and not just from embarrassment on Imogen’s behalf. So my little sister is all grown up, she allowed in her head, but what to do? The best thing would be to ignore it. It was way too embarrassing to consider anything else. But Imogen knew about her and more to the point Lucy knew about both of them.

Suddenly she felt like an intruder and put the frame back on the wardrobe. I’ll stay calm and have a gentle chat with Imogen, we’re both grown-ups. I’ll just make sure she knows what she is doing, establish some ground rules and discuss how we handle Lucy; It sounded neat and easy in her head.


Carolynn had opted for a nap face down on her bed. An ice pack wrapped in a tea towel was placed strategically on her tender exposed bottom as she lay in a warm daze into her pillow. The afterglow and clarity of a good punishment was strangely addictive and pondered over her growing submissive needs next to this new found masochism. It was hard to know where one began and the other ended and she found that she liked that.

She replayed her punishment in her head and began to squirm a little. Even her breathing had begun to become elevated.

The knock at the door was not a welcome one.

“Caz,” Imogen said as she lightly pushed her way into the bedroom.

“Wait up,” Carolynn blurted in panic.

“Sorry,” Imogen called from the other side of the door, not having entered.

“Just a minute,” Carolynn said again as she grabbed for a towel and used it to cover her lower half. “Okay, come in.”

“You okay?” Imogen asked, now sounding concerned.

“Sure, I have a bit of a… head ache,” she smiled sheepishly.

Imogen eyed the towel covering her sister’s legs and frowned.

“I went to see John Dacia, we had words. I am afraid I wasn’t very well behaved,” Carolynn said casually and waited to see if Imogen had any glimmer of suspicion.

Imogen frowned and took a fresh look at the towel. “Oh,” and then the penny really dropped and she gasped, “Oh,” again more emphatically and clapped a hand to her mouth.

Carolynn pulled the towel and ice pack away and showed her sister her abused derriere. Why not, she thought and sighed?

“Oh my God,” Imogen gaped. “Why?”

“It was about you actually,” Carolynn said calmly.

“Me,” Imogen snapped and beat her chest in indignation.

“Ruth found your lines,” Carolynn put the emphasis on the word ‘your.’ “I jumped to conclusions. I thought you were playing games with John Dacia behind my back. You know I think now I was jealous.” She blushed.

It was Imogen’s turn to blush and the younger woman had to shyly look away.

“Who… how long… I mean…” Carolynn took a deep breath and tried again. “Look, I know it is none of my business. But it is alright, I was just shocked as no doubt you shocked about me. So long as this is nothing to do with me then… but, well I just thought…”

Imogen nodded and finally met her sister’s face.

“About a year ago I was seconded to work with another office on a case,” Imogen’s voice was a sigh and she dropped to sit at the end of the bed, then immediately stood up and crossed the room to close door. “I met a man, an older man, I mean not ancient, but in his late 30s,” she said sitting back down. “I was taken with him at once. He was bossy and kind of stern. I stood up to him of course, I mean feminist’s honour and all that… but one day he said if I didn’t watch my attitude he would have to spank me. I thought I had dreamed it… we were in a lift with no witnesses at the time.”

“So… well, isn’t it a bit unwise to mix these things with work? I know I do kind of, but I am not a lawyer and I am not John’s junior businesswise.” Carolynn wished she hadn’t interrupted and shut up.

“I don’t work with him, it was just this case. The thing is, I couldn’t get his spanking threat out of my mind. It drove me crazy, you know… I was fantasising and stuff.” Imogen blushed again.

“I don’t need to know about the stuff,” Carolynn coughed.

“A few weeks later, after the case I mean, well it might have been a week… well he calls me and asks… well we go on a date. Then another…” Imogen was starry eyed now. “You get the picture. On the third date I asked him about the spanking comment. He said ‘that’s the way I roll,’ and I giggled.”

“And…” Carolynn asked when her sister didn’t speak.

“We talked and flirted and I provoked him. You know, I found the masterful bossy guy I had met. He obliged with another threat. I of course said ‘you wouldn’t dare’ and he invited me back to his place.” Imogen was grinning through the world’s most splendid blush.

Carolynn gaped in exasperation and urged her sister to carry on with wild arm movements.

Imogen shrugged. “He dared,” she said.

“So how does this work?” Carolynn asked, no gripped.

Imogen looked uncomfortable and squirmed at the end of the bed. “He is pretty serious about it all. I mean it is a lifestyle thing for him… for us I guess. I get out of line and he punishes me. There is the sex stuff too, but the really intense bit is the… accountability, the submission and the punishments. It is sort of about being forgiven. I find it quite cathartic.”

“How bad does it get?” Carolynn asked, or did she mean good?

Imogen licked her lips nervously and nodded at Carolynn’s now recovered bottom, “It’s like that sometimes.”

“Can we talk about this, you know sometimes? I am new to this and I am beginning to think that this is the same for me.” Carolynn spoke gently, but with confidence.

“Are you and John an item then, like Luke and I?” Imogen said, adding, “But he is so old.”

Carolynn shook her head and said, “Not yet.” The yet screamed at her both in frustration and promise, “I mean we do the discipline stuff too but…” she broke off to become defensive, “And anyway he is not that old.” Then to change the subject she said, “Luke is that his name?”

“Yes,” Imogen replied, but then asked, “Do you love him? John I mean.”

The sixty million dollar question was like a spank on the behind. Oh shit, the thought struck her and Carolynn said, “Yes, yes I think I am.”

“Oh, well that’s… good I think,” Imogen’s tone was uncertain.

There was another silences while Carolynn considered her knew realisation. There was nothing to do be done, she decided, not yet anyway. “I am a bit worried about Lucy, we seem to have dragged her into this and she thinks it is all a game. She actually talked to me about 50 Shades,” she groaned, rapidly changing the subject.

Imogen laughed. “She is a big girl now and you should be glad that she is taking it all in her stride.”

“Yes but what if she copies us?” Carolynn wailed.

“What if she does?” Imogen grinned and offered her sister a squeeze on the shoulder. “I have some lines to do,” she said shyly and shrugged as she stood up to leave.

“Good luck,” Carolynn laughed. “Are you going to have them framed and put in the wall?”

“Don’t joke,” Imogen flushed peony. Then as she reached the door she stopped and asked, “Do you think this genetic or something?”

To be continued


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