Having a Laugh


corner-time-hands-on-headDays pile upon days as work and then business of life fill our time. Sometimes it is possible to sit together and still be apart while the TV communicates for us. It has been so long it seems since I just heard Indigo laugh.

“You’re a poo-poo head,” she giggles and runs from the room.

We have run like children around the house until one or other remembers to turn back and catch the other running the other way. For Indigo it can end in a giggled spanking, but these yesterday’s seem so long ago.

I once cut birch roads from a railway siding while an elder couple looked on.

“Is that for a bouquet?” I was asked.

The Victorians called birch rods bouquets back in the day, so I said yes. I have some big red blooms in mind, I might have said. In reality I don’t think we talked much, but I am sure they did not suspect my true intent.

Hours later Indigo arrived at my then home. These were days before we lived together and she was still travelling. She made no comment about the birch rod hanging from the handle of my wardrobe in the bedroom.

Later I birched her while she bent over the back of an old Victorian upright chair. I can’t remember why and she certainly didn’t laugh during the operation. But later she giggled and laughed at the idea that I would think she wouldn’t guess what the birch rods were for.

Later still she played corner time roulette. I would work or write for the blog while a well-spanked Indigo would stand in the corner her nose to the seam. When she thought I was not looking she would test the limits of her captivity or turn around and poke out her tongue.

There were consequences for being caught, but she would giggle too. I miss those days.

Memo to self: remember to have some fun.

8 Responses to “Having a Laugh”

  1. I giggled at this post 🙂 Time flies…

  2. 2 jimisim

    Have as much fun as you can while you’re still fit and able.
    You never know what fate has in store for you around the corner.
    Carpe diem.
    Never forget you should work to live, not live to work.

  3. 3 jimisim

    PS I really liked the very curvy and womanly model.

  4. Thanks for the reminder not to take life too seriously. I think we all fall into the trap of being deadly intent on the business of living, and forget that it supposed to be fun.

  5. 5 deltawood

    It is all to easy to get caught in a ‘busy trap’ and not take time to enjoy life.
    Maybe it is time to arrange a break and get away from all the electronic tethers for at least a few days, together of course.

  6. 6 pcasper59

    Yes I too got a good chuckle out of this post. Yes sometimes we take too many things for granite and do need a sore bottom reminder1

  7. It is so easy to forget to have fun – life gets in the way.

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