Reality Bites


candid bday get rough candid gf1 candid roomie candid totally sucks

I got sent some candid’s from two different people, some of which I can’t use for one reason or another. But it got me thinking about what else might be out there and I did a quick sweep of the usual candidates and found some others.

The ‘red neck’ gun girls I found on Twitter. Apparently the girl getting spanked had been ‘messing with my GF,’ a girl called Betstie is apparently taking the shots. No idea if this is for real, but it doesn’t look like a professional shoot in any respect.

I have no idea either what is going on in the group photo. I think a the women’s team might have lost a game at some event or other and are paying a forfeit.

The cornertime picture is apparently ‘a roomie put in her place.’

The others were sent in separately by Tricia and Michael.

Tricia, who may or may not be in the picture, said ‘totally sucks, my boyfriend spanked me and made me hang in the apartment with my butt hanging out.’

Michael said, ‘My cousin flipped off my uncle and wouldn’t take her birthday spanking. So a panties down escalation was called for.’ He assured me it was all in fun and asked me not to use her face shot. The unnamed cousin is a college sophomore.

No doubt someone will mail me and say this is from such and such or can’t be genuine because… such enlightenment is welcome, I offer the images for what they are, don’t shoot the messenger.

10 Responses to “Reality Bites”

  1. Would LOVE to know the story behind the roomie put in her place.

  2. 2 cindyrichards1991

    I’m not African-American but the picture(s) including the Confederate flag are problematic. And the symbolism is exacerbated by the firearms. I’m not turned off by firearms, but am when they are juxtaposed next to such a symbol of hate. DJ, I’m sure you had no intention of disparaging anyone. I just wanted to offer my opinion.

    • 3 DJ

      Hi Cindy,

      This is a complex issue that is hard to translate out of American. Given the quite startling and horrific political issues plaguing America at the moment I have cut the two with the guns and the flag. I might have or have not done that if I could give the issue enough brain space but I will err on the side of caution here.

      Many thanks for pointing this out.

      Thank you for pointing this out

      • 4 cindyrichards1991

        DJ, I may not be all that aware of a particular symbol of hate that is specific to a country other than mine unless it had become a symbol that was associated with/precipitated a world war. Also, who focuses that much on wall hangings when the action involving bare bottoms being thrashed is occurring right there in the foreground? So I can certainly understand. But thank you so much for your understanding. cindy

        • It’s also a symbol of Southern pride not necessarily associated with hate, just like a Yankees cap is a symbol of New York pride.
          The guns and the flag are a bit of a put off, but I prefer to focus on one woman spanking another.

  3. 6 Taylor

    Where do you go to find candids? What are the usuals? I’d love to comb through them. Thanks!

    • 7 DJ

      There is no special place – some of these have been sent in. Others just where I find them and shove them in a hard drive. Quite a few are on tumblr if you avoid the usual studio based blogs.

      • 8 Taylor

        Hi again. Can you recommend any good Tumblr blogs for this sort of thing? Thanks, I appreciate it!

        • 9 DJ

          Not Tumblr so much – Voy, FemFirst (for vanilla stuff but its rare-ish) Life Forum (defunct but sometimes gets re cached – no I don’t get it either) Experience Project (very mixed bag and often fantasy) Sometimes a girl II is good for real stuff. I sometimes do random searches and also pull things out of my hard drive hat I have forgotten.

          I hope that helps.


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