The Deal (part 11)


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Carolynn stood in the corner facing the wall. It still embarrassed her that the space that had been especially reserved for her for this purpose, but she couldn’t deny that it served its purpose well. She never felt so calm and humble as when she was in residence. Adding to this sense of having been thoroughly punished was the fact that her bottom was still hot enough to keep her on the edge of tears. The tang in her behind was had really taken hold and when she thought John wasn’t looking she poked at it surreptitiously with her fingers and thumbs.

After this latest spanking had come a thorough scolding too. This time John had impressed upon her that he was serious about having a say over any business deals.

“I think you are under the impression that I am angry about your property projects as an excuse to tan your backside for you,” he had said in a calm hard voice while she tearfully hoped from one leg to the other in front of him. The effect was all the more effective with her trousers and knickers still around her ankles.

He had told her not to dance around or to rub, but it proved hard not to obey.

“I have a good mind to give you another sound spanking for this, but under the circumstances you have committed us now so we had better go over the details,” he sighed.

“Yeah… if you look at page…” Carolynn had cut in, glad to change the subject and pull up her things.

“Leave them, we are not done,” her growled. “First you can go and stand in the corner and think about it. If you ever, and I mean ever go behind my back again, I will punish you so severely that you won’t sit down for a month.”

The conversation had been half an hour before and John still no sign that she was to come out of the corner anytime soon.


It had been hard to keep her mind on business, even sitting in the soft chair reserved for clients. But eventually John had been convinced by Carolynn’s proposal and she had been briefly scolded for not trusting him and earning herself a spanking.

All of this deferring to someone else was hard to learn, but she was beginning to like it up to a point. For so long she had carried the load.

As she walked up the drive to the house she felt the effects of the spanking and daydreamed expansively about a long hot bath.

“Caz,” Lucy drawled as she passed the lounge door.

Carolynn stepped back and hung in the door way wearing an indulgent smile and saw Lucy was perched on the end of the sofa biting her lip and looking pensive.

“What’s up Luce?” Carolynn asked.

Lucy shifted in her seat and licked her lips in the way that she did when she was working up to ask if she could borrow money, go away for the weekend or ask about boys.

“It is about those line thingys,” she said at last.

Carolynn supressed a blush and leaned against the door post as if unconcerned.

“Don’t tell me, your curious too, you want to know if it is a sex thing,” she sighed.

Lucy made a face that suggested ‘yuk’ and shuddered. “No,” she said indignantly. “I would hardly…” she shook her head.

“Okay, so what do you want to know?” Carolynn said wearily, wondering where this was going.

“They are a punishment thing, right, something that you do with John Dacia?” Lucy didn’t meet her sister’s eyes and held her and held a neutral expression as she fixed her gaze on a spot on the floor.

“Something like that,” Carolynn matched her sister’s neutrality.

“Well…” Lucy said lightly, pausing for a breath, “Why has Imogen got some too? Is she, you know, with John Dacia as well?”

“What do you mean… some what?” Carolynn frowned.

“You know, like you have, some lines. The same line copied out over and over,” Lucy stared at her elder sister intently now.

Carolynn shook her head and tried to make sense of the question. “What like ‘Cheechi loves so and so?’” she offered.

“No, you know, like in an old time school,” Lucy said urgently.

“How do you know?” Carolynn asked, still not confident that Lucy hadn’t misunderstood something.

Lucy blushed and looked away. “You know,” she said evasively.

“No, no I don’t, tell me,” Carolynn groaned impatiently.

“You know,” she said again, a catchall preface to much of what she said, especially when she was nervous or excited, “After I saw your thing I noticed Imogen acting oddly and go to her room and take something off the top of her wardrobe. It looked like a picture frame… so I kind of, well you know, I kind of peeked.”

Carolynn sighed. “So, assuming it has anything to do with you, what was it?”

“You know, they were the same line over and over like yours. It said well… ‘Imogen will not be a bad girl…’ and something about being late…” Lucy blushed and her voice tailed off.

Carolynn nodded. “Are you sure it wasn’t some kind of joke, like maybe, oh I don’t know, that she was planning to tease me?”

Lucy slowly shook her head. “It was a bit dusty and it looked like it had been on top of the wardrobe for a few weeks at least. Anyway this was straight after we found yours.”

Carolynn frowned and remembered Imogen saying, ‘I know all about John Dacia,’ and she felt the blood rise. “I’ll kill him,” she muttered.

“Who, what do you mean?” Lucy spluttered, “I didn’t mean you to get cross, I just wanted… well if both you and Imogen are doing stuff… I just wanted to know about it, you know, understand it and stuff.”

“What stuff?” Carolynn snapped angrily.

“You know, the submissive stuff when you get spanked,” Lucy said in a tone of awe.

“And what do you know about that?” Carolynn was incredulous.

“I’m 19, I know stuff, I am not a kid. I mean read 50 Shades, which is a bit lame by the way. The stuff that you do is way cooler and… well I mean you know, there are real punishments and it makes you better behaved,” Lucy gushed, “You know, with real consequences. There is way too much getting your own way these days, too much instant gratification. Loads of girls I know are really interested in this stuff, you know, even the really go-ahead popular girls.”

“Where are you getting this stuff?”” Carolynn felt her world spinning out of control.

“Books,” Lucy said defensively. It was a while since she had read anything but the odd novel. Most of what she was saying had come off the Internet. But somehow is sounded better if she fudged that fact.

“Look, have you been talking to Imogen about this?” Carolynn said sharply.

“No,” Lucy frowned, “Only when I showed her the punishment lines she had. I don’t think she wanted to talk about it. I guess now we know why.” Lucy smirked.

Carolynn heaved a heavy sigh and rubbed her forehead.

“Look I need a bath. We can talk about this another time. Meanwhile, don’t say anything to Imogen and while we are on the subject young lady, stay out of our rooms,” Carolynn said at last.

“Yes ma’am,” Lucy grinned giving her big sis a mock salute.

To be continued..

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    “The stuff that you do is way cooler”


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