The Deal (part 10)


corner timePart 1 here

Carolynn was still stiff from John Dacia’s ministrations over the weekend. Her backside still held a deep ache with a layer of too-tight prickly sore skin stretched over it as if her bottom might burst. So much so that for the last few days she had forsaken the car and opted to stand up on the bus and tube for the week to work.

With careful precision she lowered herself to sitting on her bed openly wincing as she did. Another long day… she sighed.

“You don’t seem to be sitting down too easily.” The voice startled her and Carolynn leapt to her feet.

Imogen sat in the room’s one chair set back in the shadows of the corner. In her hand was a framed picture and Carolynn immediately shot a glance at the space where her commemoration punishment lines had been hung.

“Sorry, but Lucy found this and couldn’t wait to bring it to my attention,” Imogen said sympathetically. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

Carolynn made a wince of her face and blushed. She took a moment to ease herself to sitting again and then she shrugged.

“It is nothing to worry about,” she said at last, “John and I have an arrangement.”

“What kind of arrangement?” Imogen said sharply, “Look if he is…”

“He’s not, honestly. I went to him. We have a kind of deal,” Carolynn replied.

“I know about his kind of deals, he has a reputation. I used to think it was fun, but if he is…” Imogen pressed her sister.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but… look it’s none of your business. I am having… an adventure if you like. My pragmatic self has pretended it was a deal to get me past some financial issues but… it is more than that and it was my own idea. I am not going to lie but it is a bit embarrassing…” her eldest sister shot back angrily.

“I’ll say it is embarrassing, what if it gets out,” Imogen snapped. “What does he do anyway? From the look of things he is spanking you and… what else, making you do lines and…?”

“Corner time,” Carolynn snorted and hid a smile as she dipped her head in a semblance of shame. “It gets worse; my bottom feels like I was dragged a couple of miles behind a tractor on gravel. All on account of that thing,” she nodded at the framed lines.

“But… how can you…” Imogen shook her head angrily as if she was working on a maths problem, not her strong suit, “How can you let him?” She wafted a hand from the lines in her hand to where Carolynn was sitting.

“It is not as hard as you’d think. I mean it hurts and… yes it is embarrassing, but I feel better, I… I feel focussed and less stressed. I have someone to watch over me and… I am not the one calling all the shots anymore.” Carolynn sighed and shifted her seat as she massaged her hips and rear end.

“But… but you’re my sister, you… you can’t be…” Imogen closed her eyes as if making a wish.

“What did Lucy say?” Carolynn felt the heat rise in her face. Did everybody have to know about it?

“She thinks it is funny I think. I think she is a little intrigued too. But she is just a kid, she doesn’t know…” Imogen was just feeling the embarrassment of it and was confused. This wasn’t who her elder sister was supposed to be.

“Like I said, it is really none of your business,” Carolynn said assertively.

“Then why hang this up?” Imogen shot back.

“Because I was told to, because it puts me in my place,” she growled, “But my bedroom wall is hardly a public arena, what were you doing in here anyway?”

Imogen knew she had a point and her rueful pout kissed the air. “Lucy showed me,” she said softly feeling like a snitch.

“Little sneak,” Carolynn snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Tell me about it,” Imogen said quietly.

“What everything?” Carolynn said indignantly.

Imogen nodded.

Carolynn blushed and squirmed a little bit, but the idea of sharing her humiliation thrilled in her and she regarded her sister with a studied seriousness and she considered.

“Alright,” she said at last and sighed, “Close the door.”


John Dacia sat in his swivel chair gently swinging it back and forth as Carolynn came in. he was thinking.

“My sisters know about us,” she blurted, interrupting his pondering.

“What about us?” he frowned.

“You know, about our deal,” Carolynn said breathlessly.

In her hurry to arrive on time she had half forgotten to breath and rather than wait for the lift she had dashed up two flights of steps.

“You told them?” John sounded unconcerned.

“I told Imogen after Lucy found my lines.” It was an accusation; after all he had made her hang her punishment exercise up.

“You feel better now that it is out in the open,” he said with a shrug.

It was true and the wind fell from her sails and she blushed.

“But it is sooo embarrassing,” she whined.

“I don’t particularly care,” he chuckled.

“No, I don’t suppose you do,” she said, no completely deflated.

“How is your bottom?” he asked brightly, changing the subject.

She glared at him. “Better thanks,” she muttered with a blush.

“Good, so you can take off your things and go and stand in the corner can’t you,” he said in a deadpan voice.

Carolynn rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. What had she done now? It did not pass her attention that John had in his hand the trusty Mason Pearson hairbrush that she had christened Henry.


Folded across his lap her head draped to the floor so that her bare bottom was elevated within easy reach of Henry’s flat surface. Carolynn has learned to respect this bottom-burning friend and a substantial stint in the corner had forewarned her that she was in for a serious workout.

“What have I done?” she wailed.

“Do you have to have done anything?” John asked as he pressed the cool wood to her bare flesh.

“No, I suppose not, but I have done something haven’t I?” she asked tentatively.

The dossier landed an inch from her nose with clack upon the floor; her latest addition to their shared portfolio.

“Ah, I meant to speak to you about that,” she groaned.

“Getting back to your old ways eh?” he sighed.

“Guilty as charged Sir,” she said ruefully, “Okay you got me, I deserve this,” she agreed.

“Yes you do,” he said sharply as he brought Henry down hard.

“Ahhh,” the impact took her by surprise, so did the next.

“I am going to spank you silly and then put you in the corner for 40 minutes or so, then I am going to spank you again,” he said with a note of real anger.

“Yes Sir,” she hissed, still riding the sting.

“And then do you know what happens?” he said as he spanked twice more with gusto.

“Eeeh-ah,” she yelled, “More corner?”

“More corner and then more spanking,” he told her reprising another volley of spanks. “Are you getting the picture?”

“Yes Sir, I am beginning to,” she gasped.

“No more little deals behind my back,” he snarled, punctuating each word with a spank. “No more big deals,” he added with another snap of the brush.

“Eiee, shhhit,” she squealed, “No Sir I get it.”

“Do you? Do you indeed?” he barked and spanked her again. I very much doubt that. “You young lady need to be put in your place.”

“Yes Sir,” Carolynn agreed, her voice now somewhat shrill.

“Yes Sir,” he chuckled and spanked her again.

Her upturned bottom was hot, so hot that in an emotional delirium she fancied the fire alarms might sound and secretaries might come running to see her spanking. “Ow,” she yelped, know it would be fair.

To be continued.

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