Royal Rivalries: the duty and the shame


royal dutyLupus Vane stood at just over six feet, somewhat tall for a veteran of the Assassin’s Guild. But although it sometimes made him more conspicuous than he would have wished, today it was a blessing. He ran a hand through a bristle of dark hair and thrust out his square-like handsome jaw; his good looks too playing into his hands on this day.

It was a pity his borrowed guard uniform did not fit, but not one of his temporary comrades was under six feet and all were picked for their looks so he doubted anyone had noticed as he picked his way through the inner gate.

It was essential for this job that no one knew he was there; indeed his target must perish as if from natural causes. Not a glamorous assignment, he always preferred to face his prey with a sword, but it paid well enough and so it should considering the mark.

The moonless night also aided his work and keeping to the shadows he gained the inner courtyard challenged only by an owl who cried out, “Who, who?”

Lupus laughed as he relaxed his instinctive hold on the hilt of his sword. Bloody bird, he thought and smiled grimly. But he paused all the same and glanced around the darkened yard and listened to the breeze playing in the vines and under the eaves. Nothing else stirred.

The next part was the hardest. Without being seen or heard he had to climb a drain pipe under a canopy of ivy. He had scoped the route some days before and a posing as a guard in an unrestricted area had allowed him to lower a discreet rope just where it was needed.

Nevertheless, it took him almost 40 minutes to pick his way up the wall to the window and the challenge of opening it unheard.

Within, still sleeping, lay King Henrik, sovereign of the god-cursed land of Tragan and Head of the benighted House of Gordian. He hated Tragans, but as kings went Hendrik was one of the better ones. But what was that to him. The man’s own brother was paying good money for his shot at being king of the shit heap.


In the end it had been easy. The man hadn’t woken and dripping an odourless, tasteless oil into his mouth had been without incident. It would take a few hours to take effect of course, but by morning the king would be dead, apparently from a heart attack. For a man of over 60 no one would suspect.

All there was left to do was gain the woods just beyond the castle and collect the fee.

Lupus paused at the edge of the trees and listened. Something smelled wrong, literally. Beneath the mossy damp and rotten wood was another scent. It was a salty burnt smell Lupus knew well but couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t until he smelt the beer that he realised he could smell fried onions.

Lupus crouched down and scanned the shadows for the unwelcome tavern-goers. A clerical lackey would hardly a visited an inn or have indulged in such peasant food, not before such an important meeting.

Straining his eyes Lupus finally made out the men in shadows. Warriors of course and not a sign of anyone entrusted with gold. Damn, a double cross, he cursed. He was still pondering what to do when an angry voice snarled, “There he is; he’s spotted us.”

“Oh shit,” Lupus groaned and drew his blade.

There were eight he reckoned, a full squad. Not sharp cookies, but tough. They were mostly large, but a couple of them moved well, well enough to offer Lupus a challenge in single combat.

Years of training took over now and his mind raced. The job was compromised. Lord Varian would do anything to silence him now and if he ran he would be running still in a week and on a Tragan shit list for decades. This was not good.

On the other hand he had to deal with eight toughs and it wouldn’t end there. That would only buy him some time and the end result would be the same. The answer was oblivious. An axe flew past his head and Lupus realised he was surrounded; obvious, but far from easy. Three to one he would be dead in under two minutes.

A throwing knife found his fingers from his sleeve and the poisoned blade found its mark more than 20 feet away. It was short work to hurl another and three of his five such weapons hit flesh.

One of the men was already dead and two more were staggering towards him nearly so to get in the way. A fourth man was too eager and separated from his fellows Lupus cut him down easily.

That’s better odds, Lupus chuckled to himself and amended his chances to… he dodged two assailants and side stepping back unexpectedly he cut one man at the throat with the return stroke and chopped the other deep through the left shoulder so that he was doomed to bleed out.

The man looked confused as he dropped to his knees, but ever professional, Lupus had danced away without looking.

Then there were two.

“I would let you go boys, but I need a few hours to make a new deal, sorry,” Lupus sighed.

In any event, neither of the men looked inclined to run and they died valiantly.


King Henrik looked with some confusion at the large sinister man sitting at the end of his bed.

“Please don’t call out,” Lupus said with polite menace. “I just saved your life with an antidote; it would be a pity to have to kill you now.”

Henrik sat up and frowned. He felt woozy and the act of moving brought on some nausea. His hair was a boiling mess of thick white hair and it was hard to tell beard from mane. But amid the hirsute mask were two piercing eyes that seemed to hold the balance of the world.

“An assassin I presume,” he sighed.

Lupus inclined his head.

“Given that I am not dead I am guessing… what? You want more money?” Henrik growled.

“I am honour bound to see a job through, no money can buy me off, but your brother… he doesn’t keep his bargains, so I am released. I thought you might want me to kill him instead.” Lupus tilted his head sardonically.

This man might be outraged; he might have a concealed weapon. But instead the king nodded thoughtfully and pulled at his beard.

“It is beginning to make sense,” Henrik sighed. “My brother has kidnapped my daughter, or so I suspect. Killing me with her out of the way would leave the way open to the crown. Talia is next in line, but a woman monarch is a hard sell and if he already has her…”

“Your brother sounds like a bad lot. So, for a small fee…” Lupus winked.

“Yes, but not for that,” Henrik rubbed his eyes. “I am no murderer. But I have another proposition for you.”

Lupus made a gesture that he was listening and after pausing to check that the king wasn’t stalling he nodded.

“Rescue my daughter and I will be free to act against that bastard. I will give you double his offer and a pardon for any crimes committed in my lands.”

Lupus pursed his lips. This was not what he had hoped for. He didn’t rate this man’s chances of besting his brother, but he knew at once that he wasn’t going to get a better offer. Damn honour and all that, damn tricky thing, he thought as he knew too well.

“I am sure we can work something out your majesty, you had better tell me all that you know,” Lupus said breezily.


It wasn’t hard to trace where Varian was holding Princess Talia. After watching his castle for three days he observed the errant lord leaving by a secondary exit and taking an unusual route through the forest.

It was a simple matter to follow him and after a three hour ride with a small escort, the party arrived at a modest fortified house well away from the main road. Lupus waited all day, but finally just before nightfall Lord Varian left.

The house was a far less risky prospect than Henrik’s castle had been and it didn’t take long to gain access. This was made easy by the almost total absence of any servants or even guards. Indeed the house looked as if it were an old hunting lodge that had been vacated many years before. The furniture was Spartan and most of it was covered in dust sheets anyway.

In the end he located one guarded wing and a small kitchen where just two servants were preparing meals of some kind.

“Her highness is being tiresome again,” Lupus heard as he crept nearer.

“It’s nothing,” a woman replied. “She is always difficult when he comes. She will soon settle down. There is little chance she will try to escape in any case.”

“You believe our lord would kill the king if she opposes his plans?” There was awe in the male servant’s voice.

The idea of killing a king was heresy.

“Who knows,” the woman replied, “All I know is that she believes it.”

Lupus noted that there were rafters bridging the roof of the high corridor; an easy way to transverse the house without being seen. It took a moment to climb and eventually he saw the woman emerge from what he took to be the kitchen with a tray.

A previously unseen guard emerged to open a door, but otherwise Lupus saw no one.

“Here we go,” he muttered.

No great detective work was required. Had this been a saga the princess would have been secured in a maze or guarded by giants. However as it turned out the corridor led to a locked door at its very end and the servant only dallied under the supervision of a single guard long enough to open it and deposit the tray inside.

“Nice to be a hero for once,” Lupus said under his breath, certain now his work was done.


“Who by the shit damned saints of Valdor are you?” The imperious woman who spoke had the longest blonde tresses Lupus had ever seen. She was also shorter than he was expecting, a stature that served to emphasise her excess of curves. Now she was glaring at him with impossibly blue eyes and indolently full lips.

Lupus didn’t think her particularly pretty, she was too wide in the face for such delicate sentiments, but she was built like a tavern wench and some men went for the look.

“Lupus Vane at your service your highness,” Lupus said with a slightly mocking bow.

“Vane, that’s a Thorian name isn’t it?” she snarled, “I might have known such a cur would be working for my uncle.”

“I am Thorian it is true, but by the souls of my ancestors I am not working for Lord Varian,” Lupus said earnestly.

Now why had I said that, such words of honour should have been left at the assassins’ guild’s gates? The blurted words troubled him.

“Lies, and I couldn’t give a fart for the souls of your god-shitting ancestors,” she spat.

Lupus bristled. He was still off guard from his personal slip, but now his honour was being thrown back in his face.

“I have been called worse than a liar in my time, indeed I confess it is true. That is the bane of an assassin I am afraid. But I will trouble you not to insult my ancestors,” Lupus said with an iron pride.

“Oh that’s right; you Thorian’s have a big thing about your ancestors. Funny really, when you consider that they are all shit eating pig loving…” she was just getting into her stride when Lupus produced a ring.

It had been given to him by Henrik as a sign of his bona fides.

“An assassin you say?” Talia sniffed defensively, “Maybe I was hasty.”

“You were insulting and if you had been a man I would have been duty bound to hand you a sword for honour’s sake,” Lupus said in a steely voice.

“Don’t let that stop you, I’ll have you know… oh forget it, what does my father say cur?” Talia sighed.

Lupus pondered two dozen ways to kill her as he slowly counted to 10 in her head. “I am to rescue you,” he said at last.

“Fool, what good would that do?” Talia snarled, “Varian will kill him and then me. He has to die. Why are you wasting your time here?”

“It was the deal I made with your father. I agree it is not a good plan, but it is the one I have agreed to.” The assassin leant back against the wall and shrugged.

“Then I will make another arrangement with you. Kill my uncle and then you can set me free and collect on both contracts. I’ll pay you double,” Talia urged.

“An attractive offer and one that best meets my thoughts on this matter, however, you have insulted me and moreover you have insulted my ancestors,” Lupus said with a note of regret. “I cannot in honour do business with you.”

“I’m sorry, alright, I’m sorry, just take the money and…” Talia rolled her eyes and sighed. Bloody peasants were always so touchy.

“Honour must be served and honour demands a life,” Lupus said sharply.

“You’re going to kill me? Talia gasped.

Lupus shrugged. “I suppose that is one answer, can you think of another?” Honour was tricky and he hated that he was now in a bind that served no one.

Talia’s eyes darted back and forth in her head and she bit down on her lip as if solving a puzzle.

“The kingdom is at stake, my father’s life… what will satisfy you? Me? My life? I give myself to… to kill, to marry, as a…” she shook her head impatiently, “a supplicant to any revenge or… whatever the code demands. Only kill my god damned uncle and save the bloody kingdom.”

“Then I accept,” Lupus said with no little relief. He would collect later, a token of retribution that wouldn’t complicate things too much, well he hoped.

He moved to the door. “Are you coming?”

Talia looked at him incredulously. “Well duh, if I go with you then my uncle will know something is up and anyway, how do you think I can help you? My father won’t see past my safety. Honour my contract first and then… oh…”

“I promised to rescue you, I didn’t say what happened then, I can honour both contracts,” Lupus was beginning to like this insulting and haughty brat.

He winked and then he was gone.


The blond in Varian’s hair was touched with grey, but he was a good decade younger than the king. He regarded the man before him with disdain.

“Why are you here? I thought you were going to handle a small matter for me?” he said smoothly.

“Oh I did, but you had other ideas as I recall,” Lupus said smarmily. He was grinning in his most charming manner acting for all the world as if he didn’t know that Varian would kill him.

“Well I could hardly have you around to tell a story could I?” Lord Varian made a gesture with his eyes to the guard by the door.

Lupus dropped to a crouch and before the man had even moved Lupus executed a wide circle as he drew his sword. It was ballet of motion and even Varian was in awe. Then the guard’s head rolled onto the floor.

“G-g…” Varian gasped, unable to speak, and then he yelled, “Guards.”

Lupus sighed and wiped his sword. “Don’t bother, those within earshot are already dead: mostly from the poison in the soup.”

“Mostly, what w-what about the others?” Varian said with a voice one imagined a dead wooden tree might speak with.

“They wouldn’t eat the soup,” Lupus grinned.

Varian came alive and made a desperate grab for his sword. In a blink he had taken up an impressive battle stance ready to take on all comers.

“I am so disappointed,” Lupus said wearily, “I would have so loved to have tested your steel.”

As he spoke bells were clanging and angry shouts ranged through the castle.

“And so you shall,” Varian sneered.

Lupus shook his head and nodded at a small throwing knife protruding from Varian’s ribs. He winced apologetically and said, “Poison I am afraid. I didn’t have time for a fight.”

Varian followed Lupus’s gaze, his sword sagging to dip to the floor with the motion. By the time the lord folded over to hit the floor face down he was dead.


“My uncle is dead?” Princess Talia said.

Lupus nodded once and emphatically. “I have sent word to your father that you have been rescued and where you are. Varian’s servants and guards are… indisposed.”

Talia sighed with relief and even did an excited little dance. Then remembering something, her smile tightened and she composed herself.

“So what’s my fate?” she said wistfully.

“I am going to take your life, do you give it freely?” Lupus said with an honest formality.

Talia nodded, but she felt sick. Honour was all.

“You needn’t look quite so grim, not quite so,” Lupus winked. “In a few hours, a day or two at most, I’ll give it back to you. But first… well I am an assassin, I am not really considered a very nice man… honour demands… and anyway, I am going to enjoy this.”

Talia swallowed nervously and felt a little dizzy. She was falling, her life more out of control than it ever had been. Curiously it wasn’t all together an unpleasant feeling.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” she whispered.

“Everything, I should think, come this way, they have a rather interesting dungeon,” Lupus said with a malicious smile.

“I really am sorry for what I said, and I am so very grateful for all that you have done,” she offered nervously.

“Let’s see how grateful you can be and as for sorry… I have a lesson in sorry prepared just for you, your highness” Lupus said gently and bowed as he ushered her towards the door.


Talia was naked, body and soul. Her head and arms were locked into a kind of pillory that secured her face down over a semi-circular wooden ‘pillow’ that elevated her hips and pressed with an inappropriate allure at her sex.

Her bare legs had been left free save for some lose leather straps that prevented her from kicking but allowed full access for anything Lupus may desire.

Her position was terrifyingly shameful and yet her prison of honour thrilled her with its lustful freedom. She had made an honourable bargain and none of this now was her responsibility. She was at the assassin’s mercy and completely liberated from any guilt.

“You talked of setting me free,” Talia said carefully, “But I am a virgin, if you use me as honour dictates, as is your right, then I will be yours forever; as wife, as slave as… as anything you desire. That is the law in my land, so long as my virginity is freely given that is. Oh, and it is by the way… if you didn’t know.” Talia said hopefully. If the assassin didn’t set her free through this loophole then it was hardly her fault.

“What about here, or here?” Lupus chuckled touching her most intimate spot hidden between her bottom cheeks and then lightly brushing her lips with his fingers.

“They are yours to use without consequence,” she said breathily, her heart was pounding now as a thousand dreams threatened to become reality. No more duty, she prayed.

Lupus moved around the room to regard her face and the he showed her a long-handled leather leaf-headed paddle. “First you must atone to my ancestors, a spanking for each venerable one of them. And I have a lot of ancestors. We might have to restrict ourselves to the ones I can name,” he laughed.

Talia felt her sex tighten and she licked her lips. The hard wood under hips pressed all the firmer now and she was put in mind of some intimate episodes riding astride while hunting.

“That is your right and duty, I see that now,” she whispered.

“You won’t enjoy this,” he threatened as he moved behind her.

“Nor should I,” she said defiantly and tensing her knees she lifted and rounded her ample bare bottom to present it.

The paddle fell sharply with a heavy crack and she gasped. Lupus had ways to make the sting worthy of gods and never bruise; well not for some hours anyway. He struck again and enjoyed the colouring as flesh rippled.

“Ah,” Talia grunted and rolled with it.

The spanking came in short volleys setting the princess to strain and moan as she suffered. Between bouts of punishment Lupus inspected the dark red stain that so perfectly formed across both buttocks as it grew ever larger and darker. He would take his time, a half an hour should serve his father’s honour.

For Talia the sting was insistent and peeled her away in layers. Little by little she surrendered, all the while knowing it would be shameful to cry and certain that she would. By the time she broke she was gasping out sobs with her back arched and her sore bottom pointing upwards top receive its due; all without prompting.

Her sex was screaming for unmet release and she was on the verge of begging when she came back to herself and opened her eyes. The spanking had stopped and now Lupus stood naked before her.

His manhood was larger than she imagined and stood to angry attention an inch from her nose.

“Suckle this for a while, it will ease the passage at the other end,” he said huskily.

She blushed as she thrilled, but what was she to do, she was helpless in his power. It wasn’t her fault.

Her lips parted as she took the engorged head in her mouth like a hot plum. The bitterness tingled and she explored under a ridge she found with her tongue. She wanted more and worked upon it with her greedy mouth.

“Not yet,” he groaned and took away her toy.

The air was electric as he moved away to address her tail end. Moving atop of her she felt his rod brush her sore bottom cheeks and furrow in between. The press at her narrow bud was curious and shortly after it burned pleasantly as it parted and then her eyes bugged. She hadn’t counted on… oh and on, how much was there?

His extra limb was as a fist in her innards and she groaned and squirmed upon the hard wood that pressed at her sex. ‘Saddle pommel, saddle pommel, saddle pommel,’ she thought over and over as she bucked.

Then with measured cruelty he withdrew. She was bereft.

“Would you like to taste again?” he said as he moved to her face end and stroked her hair.

“Beast,” she said as she shuddered in faux horror. It was clean enough, but now with added bitterness.

He repeated the act back and forth for a while, each time taking her to the edge of completion. Then taking no pleasure even for himself he again took up the paddle.

“I have many, many ancestors and you have insulted them all,” he said and brought the paddle down hard.

The second spanking was a long one, a very long one.


His manhood burrowed deeply between her throbbing hot bottom cheeks and she moaned. This followed her third or fourth spanking; her nether end ached.

“Let me, let me, let me…” she begged.

He came in an explosion; the throbbing deep within her was intense. If it hadn’t been for the pressure of the wood beneath her she would have been bereft again but this time she reached climax and the world burned.

He was still hard when he pulled it out and she gobbled it eagerly when he presented it to her mouth, lovingly cleaning it of his seed.

“If I had a spoon I would serve you the rest of the sauce from the other end,” he quipped.

That was filthy, she thought but with a sly smirk she whispered, “There might be one in the kitchen up above.”


“Your highness, are you alright?” The voice was girlish and came from far away.

Talia roused herself. “Where is Lupus?”

“That man is washing, he says you and he are not done?” The maid was one Talia recognised from the palace. It seemed that the advanced guard had arrived to escort her home.

“If he says, then it is so,” Talia said proudly. She was naked and secure before a servant and had never felt so humble. “He can do with me as he wishes.”

Lupus was now wearing his breeches and he entered the room aglow. His eyes fell on Talia kindly and he winked.

“I can free you now if you wish,” he said gently.

“Not yet,” Talia said in panic.

“Well I do have a lot of ancestors,” he said, “But I am bored with just that paddle.”

“Hey you girl,” Talia barked imperiously, “Go and fetch… a quirt, and cut some birch rods, you know what for and be quick about it or you will feel them yourself.”

Once she was gone Talia looked up at her master and sighed, “Don’t free me.”

“We both have other lives, and in a day or two we must return to them,” he said, his voice tinged with real regret.

“A day or two,” she said ruefully, “You beast, when that girl gets back I am not going to sit down for a year.”

“That’s the spirit,” he said.

“Is your friend up to the game?” she smiled, nodding at his trousers.

“Is yours?” he chuckled thumbing her narrow bud, which was now as sore as the surrounding flesh.

“Hardly, but that is entirely beside the point you evil man,” she laughed.


The world turns and years pass unnoticed. Kings rise and fall and even the youngest queens must grow up and do their duties. So it was with Queen Talia in a time and land so very far away.

The man watched from the shadows unseen. He had no particular need to hide, but a life time as an assassin tended to form habits. This time however his visit was purely personal, although if he had been asked he could not have said exactly why he was here. For a man like Lupus Vane that was unusual.

Queen Talia had scarcely changed in the last two decades and he watched her slow stately progress around the court with pride. She had grown into a fine queen and perhaps her pursuit of duty and his releasing her had been the right thing to do.

Her son was 21 now and had already proved himself an able diplomat and general, contributing as much as his mother to Tragan’s golden age. It was sad though that he had been propelled so young to the role after his father’s death, but he had certainly proved able.

No doubt his twin sisters too were a great support and at a year younger they were virtually identical to their mother at that age.

Lupus’s gaze returned to Talia and he smiled. Oh well I saw what I came to see, he thought. It was a small matter to pick his way unseen through the crowd, after all invisible is as invisible does.

But he hadn’t counted on his elevated height and something about the way he moved caught Talia’s eye. Now there was a man she would never forget.

“Mr Vane,” she said expansively stopping the progress in its tracks.

There was a sudden burble of chatter, but once everyone saw the ordinary looking lesser gentleman to which the Queen referred, they lost interest. Their monarch was often given to such social largesse.

Lupus stopped and made a slow half turn on his heel to face his ‘old friend.’ As their eyes met he bowed. Perhaps she wanted some measure of revenge, or perhaps like him, she was curious.

“Your majesty,” Lupus said warmly as if they had seen each other only yesterday.

“There is a man I cannot help but think of every time I have to sit upon my throne,” she said turning to a puzzled courtier and tapping him on the shoulder with her fan.

The man shook his head in reluctant agreement and nodded a pleasant smile at Lupus.

The double-entendre was not lost on Lupus and he nodded in acceptance of the observation.

“Do you know that without this man I would have had no throne to sit upon and yet there was a time when thanks to him I could not sit upon it anyway,” she said cryptically. “Indeed I have much to thank him for.”

Several courtiers nodded like fools as if they understood.

“It has been a long time your majesty,” Lupus said in a neutral voice and dipped his head for another bow.

“Tell me, are you here on business Mr Vane?” Talia asked pleasantly, but there was some steel in both her voice and eyes.

“Indeed not,” Lupus said, “On that you have my word.”

“And your word is as good as your honour allows. I know that from… personal experience,” the Queen said imperiously. “Then what brings you to my court?”

“I had thought to visit an old friend to see how she fares,” Lupus said dismissively as he scanned the room for an exit.

“How nice, and what of me? Am I not an old friend?” Talia said more girlishly, her eyes crinkling at the corners, which was both charming and hinted a little at her age.

“The very one,” Lupus admitted.

Talia looked struck and tears pooled at her eyes. “Walk with me in the garden,” she said, but her tone was not a command.


“I have missed you,” Talia gushed once they were alone amid the garden maze.

“It was but two days and a night,” Lupus chuckled, “And that 20 years ago.”

“If I had been anyone but my father’s heir I would have been with you still,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken. “If you had but taken me as was your right I would have been yours anyway.”

“And what of the kingdom? I doubt you would have fared well as an assassin’s wife,” he laughed.

“For the kingdom I thank you, we both had our duty and in the end justice was served,” she pursed her lips and stood back chastened, “But I speak of dreams not duty and as I said then, you need not have married me.”

“There have been other women… used and discarded, what makes you think you would not have been one of them?” he asked her seriously.

She frowned. Part of her wanted to say that was of no account, that danger was part of her girlish thrill, but she knew that she was more than that and that wasn’t it. So instead she spoke the truth, “You are here now.”

“You have me,” he smiled boyishly and made a face like one whose hand had been slapped for cake stealing.

“No, you have me,” she said huskily.

He frowned quizzically.

“I mean it, steal me away, make me… do… you know… anything,” she babbled.

“Nothing would suit me better, but you have responsibilities,” he sighed.

“Yes,” she said forlornly, but her face looked like a woman working out the answer to a casual riddle. Then she smirked and let a smile dance on her lips. “And yet… my son needs some space to learn how to rule and my daughters need to be put to the test… if I were to…” she shrugged mischievously, “leave on a national and international progress for a year…”

“You would need an experience bodyguard and guide,” he said meeting her casual tone, “And a small escort of course.”

“Of course, very small…” she licked her lips. “Then after that… well who knows, many of the great and the good have ever hated being ruled by a woman… my son is ready… well even kings have abdicated into retirement… or disappeared entirely.”

“But aren’t you afraid?” Lupus asked now very serious.

“For my kingdom?” Talia said.

“For your bottom,” Lupus growled.

“Quite frankly, I am terrified, although perhaps you won’t be so gentle this time,” she said innocently and then winked.

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