Mile High Antics


air PilotFrom my own experience I know that airline cabin crew can be a playful lot. In an earlier age sex and the jet set were somewhat inseparable. Spanking and other such things have played a part.

Back in the 1960s the celebrated marital antics of one pilot who spanked his wife, a serving air hostess (as they were called) with another airline made the pages of The Pilot Magazine.

In 1953 an earlier trade magazine reported on the case of Miss R vs McCoy in 1953 where a manager caned a stewardess for a breach of the regulations. The stewardess, who was referred to as ‘young woman’ to preserve her anonymity, was working on an aircraft flying to Salisbury in Rhodesia. She failed to adjust and secure her seatbelt, which was a breach of regulations and as a result her supervisor, Mr McCoy, the defendant, threatened to dismiss her but told her that if she agreed to accept a caning he would overlook her failure.

He then dictated a letter for her to sign. This read: “I deeply regret not having complied with the regulations… and shall report to your office at six o’clock today to take my punishment of the cane where it will remind me most to sit down and strap myself in.”

The stewardess went to this man’s office as agreed and was asked to remove her girdle, pull up her skirt and bend over a chair. Mr McCoy then gave her six strokes with a light cane administered across her bottom while she was still wearing a slip and knickers. A trained nurse examined the effects of the caning later that same evening and said that she saw clear reddish stripes across the stewardess’s bottom, one of which was worse than the others. A government doctor examined the stewardess the next day and confirmed that she had been caned.

In court, the stewardess said each stroke of the cane “hurt much more than you’d think.” Mr McCoy was convicted of assault and fined. He appealed to the Supreme Court of Southern Rhodesia but was not successful in getting the conviction quashed.

Nor was this an isolated case.

Following the much reported ‘flogging’ of a drunken female member of cabin crew in the Middle East, the Pilot again did a whole series of articles on the dangers for air staff of not obeying the rules while abroad. It found that many girl had had similar experiences and had either not made a fuss or had accepted informal alternatives in return for the airline covering for them.

But a lighter magazine feature wondered what all the fuss was about. ‘After all air hostesses have had their bottoms spanked for misdemeanours for years.’

One senior air stewardess speaking anonymously told of at least one pilot who spanked female crew instead of reporting them for breaches of the rules. “Most of the girls accepted this as a bit of fun,” the magazine was told.

Another girl, a 19-year-old trainee stewardess, told the reporter that getting the cane “across the bare bum” was pretty much a regular thing during her training. Nothing to do with “dirty old men,” she said, as they were caned by a senior woman in her 30s.

“It hurt, but it was no big deal and it got the job done with no downgrading or loss of pay. Some of the girls had never been away from home and tended to get carried away,” she explained.

Was she caned?

“Once or twice,” she had laughed.

Another girl said she had heard of girls getting spanked and sometimes caned for serious regulation breaches. The industry was awash with such rumours. But denied she had any direct experience.

10 Responses to “Mile High Antics”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Interesting article! I’m intrigued that she could sign permission and still win in court.

  2. 4 MrJ

    Extraordinary story. And indeed, some consent is less consensual than otjher.

    • 5 DJ

      Mr J, yes, but consent was not the point of the story I feel. Clearly all consent is relative, coercion into consent is no consent.

      I place these articles to contrast and explain the real from the unreal or else spanking fiction has no context. But challenging consent here is highly valid. I am always puzzled when people do it for fiction too.

      It is this dichotomy where our fascination dwells.

      Many thanks.

  3. 6 BYPardon

    A small dose of reality here: the Canadian airline WestJet has recently been embarrassed because several WestJet stewardesses complained that a pilot had sexually assaulted them. They went public after the airline took no action against him and tried to convince them to stay silent about their experience. A small reminder that the basis of our kink is consensual; the non-consensual accounts are either fantasy or illegal.

    • 7 DJ

      I agree – these stories date from over 50 years ago – nothing like this would happen today and nor should it then or now.

      I publish such articles for general interest (even prurient interests) that is only honest. Personally I am not a fan of murder drama – but more people are into such things than spanking. I doubt if these fans condone or execute murders.

      Confronting our interests like this is to control them. It is the suppressed kidology that is dangerous. But I do take your point and accept that some people might be offended by the casual publishing of such an article on an entertainment blog. I hope you weren’t one of them.

      • 8 BYPardon

        The 50 year contrast is indeed illuminating. My comments arose because I had just read media accounts of the blow WestJet suffered to its reputation when the stewardesses went public with their accusations. We both agree that women’s rights — including the insistence on consent — have advanced in 5 decades and that’s a good thing.

        One facet of the advance of a sex-positive ‘women’s lib’ version of feminism is that ‘incorrect’ erotic desires, such as M/F spanking desires, are now easier for both men and women to embrace in ourselves, and, in some cases, to find partners with matching desires to play with in safe sane and consensual ways. That’s progress we can all celebrate.

        Spanking stories posted online, including yours, have made a major contribution to that advance because they reveal to all of us just how commonplace our desires are. I must say that my own tastes in spanking fiction run to the more realistic, less severe, end of the spectrum. That’s because I want to imagine being in, and enjoying, the action playing out in the story. If it is too severe, I can’t do that. But that’s a matter of personal taste, not a moral issue.

  4. 10 Kim

    Now that is a real no safe word belt spanking

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