The Deal (part 7)


ct tumblr_lb9gdbAMbO1qcqc4mo1_500Part 1 here

This spanking was different. For one thing it had been going on for some time and Carolynn was beginning to think that John wasn’t ever going to stop. Her bottom felt hot, but more than that the unrelenting sting sizzled over a sea of ache so that she felt spanked to the core.

But that was just the rational analysis; a mental break down of events that represented an attempt by Carolynn to retain some control. The truth was she felt guilty and very, very sorry. It had been such a small thing; an order given her that she could have obeyed, but she hadn’t.

Sure it would have been embarrassing, but she could have laughed it off. After all it was her who had approached John with the scheme. Had she been mocking him or was it just curiosity about his strange life? Her disobedience was failure, she saw that now.

All these thoughts rolled through her mind as John spanked on and on as Carolynn bucked and kicked and yelled. Somewhere the housekeeper was still laughing and maybe the gardeners too. It was embarrassing and painful and… she deserved it… but most of all it hurt, it really hurt and…

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she wailed as a prelude to incoherent bawling.

“There we are,” John muttered, his arm not missing a beat, “Let it go.”

Carolynn nodded in submissive agreement, embarrassed to be crying like a kid, embarrassed that there were witnesses not only to her punishment, but to her guilt, but most of all she just wanted it to stop, but she had absolutely no say in that. She didn’t deserve any, she realised.

Five minutes later they were both panting like long distance runners and Carolynn had sagged in surrender.

“That will do you for now,” John sighed hauling her up into his arms for a hug.

Carolynn hugged back still sobbing and over and over saying she was ‘sorry.’

He let her calm down and then he helped her to her feet.

“You can go to the corner now and think about your main punishment,” he said sternly.

“My main…?” Carolynn gaped.

“Of course,” John looked bemused, “That was only a spanking. I have to put you very firmly in your place if this is going to work.”

She groaned and made of face of dismay, but then as if facing an executioner she turned to the corner to and trudged reluctantly towards it.

“This is so embarrassing,” she muttered as she sniffed and wiped her eyes with her hands.

Carolynn was still contending with an unrelenting burning throb in her bottom when the door opened.

“I know you said you would wait, but after all that exercise I thought you could do with some tea,” Magda said breezily as she entered carrying a tray. “Ooh someone has been a bad girl,” she added as she regarded Carolynn’s very red sore bottom.

“Thank you Magda,” John smiled.

Carolynn stamped her foot and made a withering groaning sound, but was ignored.


“How are you feeling?” John asked as he stirred his tea.

The pot was fresh, served an hour and a half after the first one. This time Carolynn was allowed to partake and had rather sheepishly emerged from the corner.

“Okay I guess,” she said shyly. “Did you have to let everyone see me like this?” She blushed.

John regarded her thoughtfully as he continued to drive the teaspoon in slow circles around the cup.

“You really put me in my place this time, I… I g-guess that was the point,” she said after a long silence.

“Do you think I was ever fooled by your offer of a deal?” he said finally setting aside the spoon.

Still naked below the waist and feeling decidedly tender Carolynn made a quick rub of her bottom and made an eager study of the tea cup set down on the mantle around the fire.

“How do you mean?” she said with a pout, she now taking a sip of tea.

“There were a dozen ways you could have extracted yourself from your financial difficulties. You could have even cut a better deal with me,” John said carefully. “You wanted in to my little world, or at least you wanted to flirt with a real risk of being immersed in it.”

Carolynn sucked in her cheeks and took another sip.

“You had it hard when your parents died… being a mother to two teens at such a young age… always in control. Every risk you took was calculated; every risk had to pay off…” John let the words hang.

Carolynn nodded. “The worse thing about winning is the ever present fear of losing,” she whispered. “And I didn’t dare lose.”

John nodded in agreement but let her continue.

“I get off on the adventure, the adrenaline, but I had no right to. I was out of control… I was addicted to the risk…”

“So you were looking for an adventure where you could risk losing?” John said with a nod and took another slug of tea.

Carolynn stared hard into the middle distance while absently sipping from her own cup. “Truly, I don’t know what I was looking for,” she said wistfully.

“Then perhaps we should let this play out.” John’s tone was a question.

“Of course,” Carolynn said urgently, “I… well…” she made a line with her mouth. “It is a new challenge, but also a deal is a deal and… well I want to see it through.”

“To the bitter end?” he asked.

“My bitter end,” she quipped.

“Then you have a punishment coming,” he said sharply.

Carolynn pulled a face and winced. “Yes Sir,” she said.


Carolynn had never felt anything but his hand or the brush. Now she was bent naked over the frame in the study with her bare bottom pointing tightly at the ceiling. Her flesh had been lightly oiled with a cloth from a small bowl that Magda had brought in after she had been put in place. Her face still burned from the shame of it and she had never felt so exposed.

She hadn’t exactly been tied down; most of the restraint was an effect of gravity, her posture being tipped forward. But there was a padded bar over her shins to prevent casual kicking and wrap-around leather straps holding down her wrists. Both could have been released by her without help, but not easily under any determined onslaught. It was rather like corner time, she thought, she was bound by consent. At least this shaming posture wasn’t claustrophobic.

Not that she had over analysed any of this. Once Magda had left the room she found herself increasingly anxious about the two objects laid out nearby for her punishment. One was a short broad leather strap affixed to the end of a wooden handle. The other was a cane; a ling thin one and mean looking.

“Look I know I have this coming but…” she blurted.

“Yes?” he growled as he reached for the strap. “You have something to say?”

From the side of the frame she eyed the mean leather and gulped. “No,” she squeaked.

The first blast was loud and shook the room. The blaze of fire was a beat later and Carolynn’s reaction a fraction of a moment after that.

“Yah,” she yelled, her eyes starting in her head.

She pumped her thighs in a futile attempt to shake off the sting. He waited. The moment she was still he struck again.

“Nyyaah,” she grunted surprised that tears were already pooling at her eyes.

By the third swat she was already panting hard and riding the new tang with the previous ache of the spanking.

“A little more oil I think,” he muttered absently, “It stings more I know, but it makes the skin more resilient; a win, win in my book.”

The oil unguent was almost soothing and the distraction made her relax so that a free tear rolled down her left cheek. I’m crying on one side, she thought idly. Then another searing thwack drove away the whimsy and she shrieked.

“Are you going to do as you’re told from now on?” he asked as he spanked her again.

“Mmmmm,” she gritted her teeth. “Yes Sir,” she gasped.

“Good,” and he brought the paddle strap down twice and enjoyed her violent bucking. “Soon we will have you tender enough for the cane… well not that soon, we can take our time. The oil will help us there.”

“Please, please… I,” she mauled her lower lip with her teeth. There was nothing to be said. She would have begged, but only by way of surrender, she knew her wants were secondary to what he was going to do. She was helpless. The thought trilled through her and rattled around her mind like a lose penny in a tumble drier.

The strap landed again and she was free to scream.

To be continued.

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