Disciplinary Tales: Issue 2


tumblr_kzcb1ccEkx1qbrk01o1_500dt02_200LSF have published another story collection. There are some oldies here I had forgotten about so I hope you enjoy them.

This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:

The Queen’s Official Spanker: Entrusted by the king to be the young princess’s tutor, Gaius finds it necessary to spank her when she puts herself in danger. When she later becomes queen, she keeps her old ‘whipping girl’ and relieves her sexual frustrations by thrashing her with a martinet. However, some years later when Gaius comes back into her life, she requests that he chastise her.

Simple: 34-year-old Jenny Bauhaus has a simple proposition to put to experienced businessman, Baxter: if her performance isn’t satisfactory he must spank her. Wishing to be sure she is genuine, Baxter takes her across his knee and spanks her bare bottom with a clothes brush.

Emma’s Trials: When Emma dares to say no to her mistress, she is taken to her dungeon, stripped naked, and subjected to a severe whipping. Some time later she is made available to Charles, a ‘collector’ of submissives and a whole new life begins.

Strawberry Red: Schoolteacher Ella is furious when she is unable to get the recipe for a delicious strawberry jam from the mother of one of her pupils. Knowing she is the housekeeper for the handsome local curate, who she is strongly attracted to, she breaks into the vicarage to seek the recipe, but she is quickly caught and subjected to a bare bottom spanking.

Underworld: When club waitress, Karen, is caught skimming money ‘off the top’ she is sent to see the owner, Mr Winter. Initially fearing for her safety, she is made to remove her skirt, and bend over his desk. Then, one of his assistants removes his leather belt…

Deadly Sins: Jenny, unhappy since college with the direction her life has been taking, seeks the source of her friend Claire’s satisfaction. She trades cheap rent and nice surroundings for adherence to rules and the painful consequences for breaking them.

The Country Mouse Flappers: Bored young women, trying to get some ‘dare’ into their lives, make a game of sneaking out to the local pub to drink and flirt with boys. Even though they get spanked by their guardians when caught, the punishments seem tame, so the girls come up with a scheme to up the risks and the consequences. This time, when they are caught returning home after midnight, they are soundly spanked and then caned.

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