The Deal (part 6)


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Carolynn had never felt so awkward; John Dacia certainly knew his business. Here she was in a strange house dressed in in nothing but in a silk blouse over her bra and a pair of hold-up stockings worn with her own shoes. The juxtaposition of her lower nudity and such mundane surroundings left her feeling highly vulnerable.

It was a large enough detached house set back from an unadopted lane in North London. Somewhere nearby was the Heath and it was a good bet that the neighbours were billionaires and film stars. But the house itself was routine Victorian made from clean yellow London brick with high Gothic faux towers at each corner to suggest grandeur it did not quite merit.

She had arrived at 9.30 sharp to be met by a 30-something Polish woman in jeans and a floral smock top. There was not the least hint from the woman’s demeanour that she knew anything.

“I am here to see John,” Carolynn offered.

The woman shrugged. “He is around,” she said casually, “He left you this note, but I have to go now or else I would offer you tea.”

“Oh, yes thanks,” Carolynn replied with a smile. She was relieved the woman was not staying and took the note eagerly.

“The kitchen is through there,” the woman said pointing, “I would just help yourself.”

Carolynn smiled politely and nodded, but she was already tearing open the missive. By the time she had smoothed out the single page the woman had already donned a green coat and woollen hat and was letting herself out.

“Goodbye,” she called in an accent that drew the single word into two harsh ones.

“Bye,” Carolynn said absently.

The note had instructed her to adopt the eccentric ‘bottomless’ mode of dress and then to familiarise herself ‘thoroughly’ with the layout and arrangement of the house.

The chill around her legs was somehow liberating but the exposure made her colour nonetheless. She found herself wandering along a bright airy corridor that segued into an ornate conservatory at the back. In other circumstances such a London house would have been overlooked, but Carolynn was impressed that there was enough seclusion here to guard her nakedness.

The corridor led into the kitchen, this with a dark room off containing white goods and an old-fashioned Belfast sink. Backing up she found a book-lined dining room and a small lounge with leather seats and a TV.

The study was a shock. Apart from the desk and yet more books was a wooden frame. It looked temporary, but it was sturdy enough, with a padded leather upper surface and thick leather straps. Carolynn thought about the Polish housekeeper and blushed again. She must have known something.

Carolynn didn’t look too closely at the straps, paddles and canes on the desk nearby. She had written about all of them in an exercise a few weeks before. Now she felt tummy pangs that she was to get more closely acquainted.

Instead she hurried on back into the entrance hall where she had entered and went to see if other side of the house had a more kindly aspect.


“I trust you have had a good look around?” John’s voice cut through her reverie.

Startled Carolynn whirled around, her hands fluttering nervously to cover the dark triangle exposed at her front.

“I didn’t see you there,” she said sullenly. “I haven’t been upstairs yet.”

Standing on the stairs glaring her invoked the image of a 1950s screen idol. Carolynn was put in mind of George Saunders or that other one who was always so bossy and paternalistic.

“Nevertheless, I am here,” John said enigmatically.

“It’s a bit embarrassing standing here like this,” she said with a blush.

“You found the conservatory?” he said as he strolled down to the hall.

She nodded. “Off the kitchen,” she added unnecessarily.

“Go there, find a corner, one that has no glass and stand facing it with your hands on your head,” he ordered.

Carolynn opened her mouth and then grimaced. “I saw that frame thing… are we…?”

“Miss Blake, go and stand in the corner,” he said sharply to cut her off.

“Yes Sir,” she sighed.


Carolynn felt slightly foolish standing to face the wall like a naughty girl. It was one thing to do it in John’s office, but quite another in his house with the expanse of the garden directly behind her. She felt like a million eyes were on her, although so far she had seen no one but John.

Then there was the clack of a heel on a tile from the other room and the distinct rustle of bags being put down.

“Do you want some tea Mr Dacia,” a woman said address her unseen mentor. She had a polish accent and Carolynn went into panic mode as she realised the housekeeper was back.

“Not at the moment Magda, my guest is still here. We shall take some together after we have concluded our business,” she heard John answer.

“What about your other visitors?” Magda asked.

Carolynn gaped into the wall.

“Oh they are just here to look at the grounds,” John answered. “Once they have looked at the front I’ll show them around back here.”

As he spoke his voice got louder and he entered the conservatory.

“What is she doing here?” Carolynn hissed, “And who are…

“Be quiet and I suggest you don’t move,” John snapped.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” she answered breathlessly her face glued to the wall as if that would hide her shame.

Unseen the French windows opened behind her and John stepped out onto the patio to address some unseen gardeners.

“Are you alright there?” Magda asked making Carolynn jump.

“Just perfect,” she answered in a tight voice, feeling the heat rise in her face.

“Is this a routine visit or did you piss him off?” Magda asked casually.

“Please, go away,” Carolynn groaned.

“Sure, but you’re not the first bottom I have seen displayed in the corner,” she chuckled, “At least yours in still pale white: for the moment anyway.”

“The people outside…” Carolynn blurted before Magda could go, “Can they see me?”

“I don’t see how they could miss you,” the housekeeper laughed and then she was gone.


“Did you have to do that?” Carolynn asked sheepishly still looking over her shoulder to see if Magda was spying on them.

“You know that I did,” John replied and regarded her coolly, “I’ll remit a part of your punishment if you can tell me why.”

Carolynn sucked in her cheeks and looked at the floor. “To put me in my place a little,” she blushed, “Because I didn’t put those damn framed lines up on my wall.”

John inclined his head and smiled. “You are learning.”

“You’re pretty pissed off about that aren’t you?” she made a pout, but still didn’t meet his eyes.

“You have rather a heavy work out today, but first we will get reacquainted with Henry,” John answered as if he had explained everything.

Carolynn drew a line with her lips and blanched a little on seeing her old friend. John merely patted his lap.

“This is so… owuchhh,” she gasped as John pulled her down and gave her a swat. “Hey that… oww.”

There was no more chat and instead John let his rapid arm do his talking as Carolynn’s bare bottom went from pale to pink in seconds. It didn’t linger at pink for long however and amid gasping groans it darkened to a shiny shade of heavy pink on its way to full blown red.

“J-John, John… ow…please,” she wailed.

Somewhere she was certain she heard Magda laughing.

To be continued

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