The Deal (part 5)


ct tumblr_mo52qtcaMB1qjdnyzo1_1280 Part 1 here

Imogen frowned and dropped the leaf of her magazine as she craned her neck. A curtain of black hair slipped from her shoulder to contrive to obscure her view for a second and she tossed her head in annoyance.

Her elder sister Carolynn was walking with an awkwardness Imogen hadn’t seen since her last skiing trip. She was about to ask when she saw the strange red pen that Carolynn had taken to writing with over the last few weeks. What were her and John Dacia cooking up together? And why did Carolynn insist in working in her room, usually face down on her bed?

“Are you alright Caz?” Imogen said at last.

Carolynn usually moved with the assurance and grace of a panther, but this time she whirled around like a tabby caught stalking sparrows.

“Oh… Imogen,” she clasped her throat, still holding some lined A4 and that pen. “I didn’t see you there.”

“What’s that?” Imogen did a double take. The notes in Carolynn’s hand were dense and too regular to be plans. It was almost as if big sister had taken to writing the same line over and over much like Imogen had at school when she had a crush on a guy or… the other thought was an odd one but suddenly fit and she took an extra look, but Carolynn hastily shuffled the stack of papers to cover it.

“Oh nothing,” Carolynn blushed and became evasive.

“You are walking very oddly,” Imogen pressed her.

“Oh I… I just slipped at the Bath Road property, you know those old steps they’re shiny like glass.” Carolynn was still colouring up and looked too eager to leave.

“Is everything alright?” Imogen asked seriously.

Carolynn opened her mouth as if she was about to spill a confidence and then she closed it again. It was with returned confidence that she smiled and said, “Everything is really good at the moment.”


It was almost two weeks later and Carolynn’s relationship with John Dacia was beginning to find a level. She had done a deal giving him full reign over her bottom for ‘any purpose.’ She had expected a sexual adventure in the form of another challenge. Not to mention a clear way out of her financial difficulties. However, John had interpreted their arrangement quite differently. Instead of a story book BDSM affair, as she had assumed, he not only hadn’t touched her sexually, but he had used the authority to take her more fully in hand.

He had always been a kind of mentor to her but now he had made her really think about her life and her business arrangements and she found that she liked it. Not that the ever independent Carolynn Blake would ever admit that.

The only down side was that most weeks she got a spanking. Nor was this a giggled tumble with a few swats on her bare bottom. These spankings were hard bottom burning, tear-jerking workouts that left her drained and humbled. After half an hour or more facing the corner like an errant teen all of her notions of control were torn away so that she was left confront herself in a way that she never had before.

These confrontations took her out of her comfort zone; she smiled ruefully as she rubbed her bottom, yes in more ways than one. She blushed again, another new sensation that left her feeling warm and fuzzy.

“What are you smiling about?” John asked as she drifted into his office.

She was about to answer him conversationally when she saw his face and had to take stock of his manner.

His heavy eyebrows framed a restrained glare as he regarded her firmly from across his desk.

“What’s wrong?” she gulped and allowed her hands to stray to smooth the material covering her bottom.

“Didn’t Lucy tell you I called round the other day?” he said with a tone like iron.

“N-no she didn’t,” Carolynn’s main annoyance landed on her sister for the moment but there was something about John’s demeanour that was ringing alarm bells. “What did you want?”

“It doesn’t matter about that just now. Have you got something to tell me?” John pressed her; his eyes were like danger flares on the approach to storm-driven rocks.

Carolynn coloured and felt a little sick. He wouldn’t have gone up to her room would he?

“No,” she answered him absently, deciding to face him down.

“Where did you say that you hung up my present?” he growled.

She winced. “I… I was going to but…. I hadn’t…”

“That is a lie isn’t it?” John rasped and sat back in his chair.

“Oh come on, it is so embarrassing,” she whined.

“You think? Just wait. You are in so much trouble girl,” John told her.

To be continued.ct 4a2055bb97bda54e68357c650ba3c727

3 Responses to “The Deal (part 5)”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Great turn!

  2. 2 Danielle♡

    Reading this made me feel like I was the one in trouble. It kept me on my toes 🙂

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