Weekly Round-Up


!wr about !wr ai !wr bare-bottomed-spankings !wr nn9vladzfy1u25ct8o1_1280 !wr rw KGrHqNiUE1N4J3HCCBN8phYEw_3 !wr scar !wr shoesWell that was a trip away that went wrong. Both Mrs Black and I were laid low with the Swine Flu, a particularly nasty strain that I cannot recommend. I would like to say things are back to normal, but all recovery is slow this time. It has played havoc with everything, not least some extra posts I was planning.

The coming weeks look better in most regards and before the end of the week I hop to be back to business as usual.

Meanwhile here are some pictures taken from: Abel, Dallas, Scarlet’s Real Magic, All Things Spanking, Acknowledging Imperfection, About Spanking and interesting find from Richard Windsor.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I hope that you’re both back to full health as soon as possible

  2. 2 Pixiebelle

    That sounds terrible – hope you get well soon.

  3. I had swine flu several years ago and felt dreadful, so I know just what you mean. Please take it easy while you finish recovering.

  4. 5 cindyrichards1991

    May both of you recover as quickly as possible.

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