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Some fun and not so fun games. Julie sent me the top two pictures ages ago and I am sorry I forgot about them so thanks Julie. She didn’t reply to my question for details but in her one and only mail she said ‘one of these is a real spanking and the other is a birthday spanking, but I forget which.’

I added the others from pictures stored in my ‘real’ folder, but I don’t know too much about them.

7 Responses to “Candid Corner”

  1. 1 Joseph

    Pretty blurred. Can’t really see the people in the top photo.

  2. 2 George

    The last one (imho) is the prettiest 😉
    I bet that more than one female reader has lived such position…

  3. The top one has been established as being from a video.
    The second one looks pretty real and judging from the womans glasses, pretty recent. I’d really like to know the story. Perhaps Julie would like to share some details on Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking?

  4. 4 cindyrichards1991

    My preference is for the second picture because I think it’s the most realistic. The bottoms of the other three are too “perfect” which makes them lovely to look at. Most bottoms are either a bit too heavy or a bit not heavy enough. The second picture falls in the second category and makes it believable to me. Also, the marks appear to be real. And the second picture is certainly lovely to look at in its own way–I can’t see her front but from the back she looks like a girl I roomed with when I was in college. And for those who may be wondering–the answer is yes we did–not spanking but the other thing.

  5. Yeah the top one is with the girl who was one of, if not the first model on Girls Boarding School. She went on to have a short lived site called Spanking Sophie or something in that vain, I forget exactly what it was called as it was so long ago.

  6. 7 DJ

    Thanks everyone

    glad this post sparked so much interest. 🙂

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