Vintage Update


vin corner time2 vin corner time (3)

I published the top picture some time ago as part of a Vintage Sunday. The quality is appalling, but the subject slight unusual and has an authentic feel. Then I cam across this slightly better version and thought I would share.

The wide angle of the room with the ‘shamed’ woman almost secondary is a long way from the usual posed period erotica and has an almost documentary feel as if it is a genuine home candid.

It was probably part of a series in a photo play, although it has no series number.

3 Responses to “Vintage Update”

  1. 1 John Pretzel

    One can imagine the scene just a few moments earlier. A well dressed elderly gentleman sitting in the chair with unfortunate woman over his lap with her bottom exposed getting a good spanking.

  2. 2 Jimi

    It is indeed a very unusual photo and looks genuinely of the period.
    It certainly looks quite different to the usual turn of the century posed Parisian erotica.
    The room looks genuine and obviously belongs to a wealthy man.
    The young lady, who appears to be soothing a well punished bottom, could also be fearfully awaiting her forthcoming thrashing and having one last caress of an unmarked and pain free buttock.
    Thankyou for digging this one out, I have a copy of the book a lot of the other vintage erotica comes out of, believe it or not bought off the bargain shelf of Waterstones in a University City just before Christmas.

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