Weekly Round-Up


ct tumblr_nuqhcz9lds1uvy445o1_500 ct tumblr_nvtbleu24W1s5vfv7o1_500 d2sgs tumblr_m7t7wsqsGu1r4pod6o1_500 tumblr_m7vz0o3JUF1r4pod6o1_500ct tumblr_nuopnsmSas1swv0f4o1_400Hi all, no proper Round-up this week as I am away on business. I am still struggling with this mobile mularky and as a consequence haven’t been able to queue up as many posts in advance.

I hope to have at least one story and a feature or two in the coming week but otherwise there will a few light posts.

Meanwhile here are some old favourites and a few new ones from various sources.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Hope the technological difficulties are resolved soon! And also hope your business travels leave you at least a little time for more enjoyable pursuits 🙂

  2. I image of a real fire is lovely but my favourite has to be the final picture, lovely eyes and the bottom isn’t bad either, shame about the tatts :-/

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