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This cover of an old Janus publication represents a pivotal moment in my life. I have never actually read the book and I have no idea what is in it. But I saw it one summer at a caravan site shop when I was 16. I didn’t work up the nerve to buy it and probably wouldn’t have been sold it anyway.

However, beyond the joy or several surreptitious passes of the shelf while I looked at comics what it represented was that somewhere out there in the world someone was writing books about spanking. To those that were born in a post-Internet world it is hard to convey what that means.

14 Responses to “Nostalgia moments”

  1. 1 George

    Me too grown up before Internet…

  2. 3 gb

    Also, visited the Janus store in Soho many times when ever I was In London, what a trip for enthusiast.

  3. 4 Tony

    I remember my first purchase. It was a Will Henry book called Modern Spanking. I got it also at about 16 years old. Back then Times Square in NYC was full of porno book stores. As long as you had money you didn’t have to worry about your age

  4. Before getting my Kindle and discovering all the spanking everything on line, I’d buy ANY book that had even a mention of potential reference to spanking in it. It’s kind of pathetic… 😉 Shame you didn’t buy the book. I’d love to see it too!

  5. For me it was a book called “Sex Toy” written by Andrew Offutt under a pseudonym. (He’s the subject of a new book by his son). Fittingly, I had found it in my father’s stash.

  6. 7 Roger

    Purchased this in 1976 (age 23) at the wonderful Janus shop in London

  7. I never saw any books in my youth that I recall, my first publication experience was a magazine. I spent most weekends in my childhood with my grandmother. On Friday or Saturday night my mother and grandmother did their grocery shopping while me and one or two brothers read comic books.
    I was about 10 when my eyes were drawn to one of those ‘true stories’ magazines. On the cover was a man with his young wife over his knees spanking her with a shoe. The heading was something like “My Husband Spanks Me”. Dare I touch that magazine? Dare I read the article?

  8. 9 Svetlana

    We’re already post-internet? 🙂 Just kidding.

    The internet happened when I was a teenager and I feel probably as nostalgic about the first spanking websites I visited as pre-internet people feel about the first printed spanking literature they encountered.

    That cover is rather tasteful, and “anthology” sounds very respectable. “Profusely” is perhaps a bit much.

  9. 10 cindyrichards1991

    When I was about 12, I saw my first spanking book on the shelf of a friend’s house. I can even remember the picture on the cover. It was a color drawing, not a picture, of a man and a woman, face down, side by side and nude and secured to something flat (I forget what) with a woman dressed in black with a whip to one side. I’m assuming the book was her dad’s but I certainly wasn’t going to ask. Besides, she may have been totally unaware of its existence. She asked me to look for something on the shelf and I had to rummage through a pile and it was buried in that pile. My heart was beating so hard. A few years later I wondered if she was in fact aware of the book and wanted me to discover it. I still ask myself if I should bring the subject up to her. If she was unaware her dad was “into” our kink and didn’t plan for me to discover the book, I don’t want to “out” him; on the other hand, if it was her plan for me to find it, I’d like to explore it with her. We still are friends but not as close as we were as kids.

  10. 11 gustofur

    I totally relate.

  11. 12 BYPardon

    In my Canadian home town in the early 1960s, the seedier ‘cigar’ stores sold a (15 cent) scandal sheet called Justice Weekly. JW covered sexually titillating court cases, the salacious testimony of brothel madams, the tearful confessions of prostitutes and so on. One day (I was probably about 15) I discovered that JW had a letters section filled with graphic accounts of family spankings. I was transfixed. I knew they probably weren’t true, but they did demonstrate that I was not alone. Others evidently found spanking erotically riveting. I bought JW and cut out my favourite letters, keeping them in a hiding place in my bedroom. (Was Will Henry their ghost-writer? They were very much in his style.)

    As a young man with an irrepressible M/F urge, I could not believe there were women out there — potential girlfriends — who would actually want their boyfriends to spank them! It took me decades, and the internet, to realize that a surprising number secretly harboured that desire. At first, they probably felt just as ashamed of it as I did. What a comfort it has been to find the online spanking community.

  12. 13 Jimi

    My first adult purchase was a Spick or Span from a coach station. We chose our barbers because he had Parade on the mags, that used to have oblique references to spanking or whipping. I remember reading my sister’s Peyton Place which had a spanking scene in it.
    Prior to this of course the school stories like Jennings and those in Hotspur and Wizard used to have plenty of caning in them. Even Enid Blyton referenced spanking regularly. Penthouse used to have articles about spanking and printed occasional letters that were really short spanking stories.
    my first ever pure spanking magazine was lent to me by a friend, to my horror my fiancee found it but found it much more interesting than other porn. Shortly after I discovered the Janus shop and regularly bought one on my Sunday afternoon amble around London while my wife chatted to her Mum and her Dad took the kids to the park. A couple of years later I discovered I could buy it near the docks in the city we lived in.
    I too can completely agree with your thoughts about being relieved that I was not alone.

  13. 14 Michael Cane

    I can totally identify with this, I’m from the same era.

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