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Vintage Sunday


The Outlaw


The stage wound its way over the ridge, braking some as its wheels churned in the dry dust. The steepness of the trail necessitated the driver having to apply the brake lever and sooth the jittery team least the whole rig tumble down the slope the short way. There were two men up front, both […]

Finding Him


She is pretty sure she has him all beaten in- out topping the Top has always been easy for her. He could have punished her earlier when she was submissive and pliable after a luscious morning spent in bed. Her back was arched then, her eyes were wide and she followed his wishes in the […]

The Waiting


The clock was pounding insistently, the tic after toc dominating the room. Occasionally, outside a car would go by; a light roar suddenly near and then quickly receding leaving all hope of rescue dashed. Not that Felicity expected any; that was just a game played by her nervous mind as she lay forlornly upon the […]

Weekly Round-Up


A quiet week in Spankville, which is just as well as I am in transit and might have missed something. Sorry for the late post, but here some pictures taken from: Dallas, Spanking Blogg, Richard Windsor, CutiePie, Chross, All Things Spanking and Acknowledging Imperfection.

Vintage Sunday


I’ll explain that one day, meanwhile here is a picture.

The Harlequin


Some say she is cursed and others that she defies definition. Few beyond that magical other world have ever even seen her, but those that have can scarce agree on her appearance. On this day she seems as a girl not much above 20 and sits draped on the window sill in startling attire. Her […]

Half an hour ago she had abandoned her lap top for paper and ink. The paper was cream, rich as buttermilk, slightly imperfect so that her pen rose and fell as she made marks across the page. They were just marks though, swirls and curls in her purple ink, not a single word was formed […]