The Deal (part 3)


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Carolynn wasn’t quite ready to face a hard dining room chair yet and made her way over to a padded one by the window. Her steps were careful and somewhat slow, but to an untrained eye they were almost completely natural. The previous evening she written out the first 200 lines of John Dacia’s assignment and now her wrist ached almost as much as her bottom.

Worse than that, when she had come to actually write out what he had demanded she had been overwhelmed by a surge of embarrassment. ‘Self-important brats are not too old to have their bare bottoms spanked,’ went the line and when it came to it, it was hard to put down on paper. She had stood at the dining room table for several minutes before she could start. Even then she had blushed until her ears had melted.

It was beginning to dawn on her that this was going to be no easy task.

“You okay? Only you are moving strangely,” Imogen asked as Carolynn eased herself tenderly into the dining room’s one armchair.

Imogen was her middle sister who at 23 was making her way in the world of law as an articles clerk and well on her way to becoming a lawyer. She was half a head taller than Carolynn, but had the same straight raven hair and calculating eyes.

Carolynn jumped and grasped at her chest, “I didn’t see you there?” she gasped; now unaccountably blushing. “Oh it’s nothing, just a spot of… backache.”

“I am not surprised, you were standing up at the table all evening writing whatever that is? What are you working on anyway? There’s a lot of handwriting,” Imogen said absently, most of her attention on a book she had taken from a shelf at the far end of the room.

“Yes… I… I’m working on something with John Dacia,” Carolynn replied, trying to sound casual.

“In red ink? What are they, floor plans, I don’t know… you’re always buying houses and pulling them down? Surely you would make more money if you left them alone, rebuilding must cost a fortune,” Imogen said.

“Just leave the property development to me, I have done alright so far,” Carolynn snapped.

There was more irritation than usual, but her elder sister had been a mother to her since was almost 12 and Imogen was used to being  scolded.

“O-kay then,” Imogen rolled her eyes.

She put the book down and crossed the room with a glance directed at Carolynn’s paper.

“Look I’m busy, alright,” Carolynn muttered as she turned the A4 pad face down.

“That’s not a plan, what are you writing?” Imogen asked, now curious that the laptop queen would be writing anything by hand.

“I told you it’s just some… ideas for John Dacia,” Carolynn shrugged and shifted her weight from one buttock to the other.

“Don’t be such a grouch,” Imogen pouted and turned away.

Once she was gone Carolynn turned the pad over with a rueful gritting of her teeth.

‘Self-important brats are not too old to have their bare bottoms spanked,’ she read silently as she found a fresh blush.

“This is so embarrassing,” she sighed aloud.

“Legible and devoid of spelling mistakes,” John had said, where was a spell checker when you needed one? The thought of the spanking she would get if there were any mistakes…

“Oooh,” she groaned and suddenly felt compelled to reread what she had so far done. This was going to be much harder than she thought. With that thought she absently sat back and yelped. It was suddenly much more comfortable standing up


“The courier made it here with your assignment,” John Dacia told Carolynn.

“Good,” she blushed and turned over a page of the property report. “Now I was thinking…”

“No substantive mistakes,” he continued, “A bit sloppy in places, almost like you rushed it.”

“…If you look here…” Carolynn proffered a copy of the report folded back at the relevant page.

“I have read it and we will go over new development ideas next week after I get word back from the lawyers,” John said impatiently, “But right now we have other unfinished business.” He tapped the page of A4 with his finger and scowled at her.

Carolynn coloured and sat back with a heavy sigh.

“My wrist still hurts,” she complained.

“And your bottom?” he chuckled.

She shrugged. It still ached a little and on inspection that morning she could still make out some faint bruising.

He could see she was embarrassed, but that had been the plan. So much so that she had yet to look him in the eye. This stage was all about challenging her and taking her out of the comfort zone.

“Do you regret making our little deal?” he asked her.

She shrugged again and an unbidden surge of red painted her face.

“A simple yes or no will suffice,” he said sternly.

“I guess not,” she said with a pout. “It’s just harder than I thought and twice as embarrassing.”

“Not exactly a ‘no,’” he laughed, “But I’ll accept that this time.”

“I know you are going to s-spank me and I know I have it coming,” she sighed, “I guess I am just stalling,” and then she laughed. “But what really worried me is coming to your house, you know, for a monthly… session, do we call it that?”

“Let’s cross that bridge when we arrive at it,” he said reassuringly. “That won’t be for another three weeks.”

She nodded and then after quickly working her mouth as if steeling it for the carriage of words she asked, “How did I do? At my lines I mean?”

“I want better next time, but you just about passed muster,” he told her. “That reminds me, I have a present for you.”

She frowned and leaned in to where he was reaching to crane her neck. She half expected another gift like Henry, but instead he brought out what looked like a picture frame.

“Here,” he grinned.

Carolynn took the wooden glass-fronted frame and held it up.

“I want you to hang it in your room at home,” he told her.

She gasped. The frame was a page of her lines, labelled at the bottom ‘Carolynn Blake’s first successful written sanction, with love and respect, John Dacia.’

“You’re kidding,” she wailed.

“No, no I am not, this is a landmark on your adventure,” he grinned.

“But its… it is too embarrassing,” she winced.

“Would you rather I have you put it up on the fridge door or take out an ad in the newspaper?” There was no amusement in his eyes.

“No thank you,” she said hastily, “I’ll put it up… somewhere.”

He cocked an eyebrow.

“In my bedroom,” she told him.

“I just gave you a gift, what do you say?” he asked sharply.

“Oh,” she blushed, “Thank you Sir.”

“Better,” he smiled.

Carolynn sighed. She knew just the place for it… under the bed with the spare linen. No chance her sisters would see since they never did any general laundry and how would John find out anyway?

“Now I want you to go and stand in the corner, correctly attired of course,” he beamed and folded his arms with a certain finality.

“You mean like last week?” she blushed.

He nodded and she winced.


This time standing the corner had an added dimension. Just as before she was naked from the waist down, but after 10 minutes it became apparent that someone was moving around in the outer office beyond the glass.

Carolynn felt the heat rising and tried in vain to swallow it down. There was no way anyone outside could see to where she was standing behind the door, but the proximity of a witness was a strain on the nerves.

Then the worst happened. A quick knock on the door was followed by it opening.

“Mr Dacia, you haven’t seen the Monkton file have you?” a frustrated female voice asked.

At this point the door was open away from and between the woman and the half-naked Carolynn, but for a geological time the cornered woman held her breath.

“If it is not in the files out there, then it is with the lawyers. I’ll get a copy for you later,” John said casually. “And Janice…”

“Mr Dacia?” the secretary replied.

“Don’t come in here without knocking?” John said with a casual sternness.

“Oh sorry…” then she paused and frowned, “Didn’t you have a visitor…?” she asked, puzzled.

“She is indisposed,” he smiled.

Janice said a silent “O” and took him to mean that Carolynn was in cloakroom.

“That was close,” Carolynn sighed once the woman was gone.

“It is of no matter,” John said, “Now be quiet.”

What did that mean? Carolynn’s mind raced.


The spanking, when it came was long and hard. This time mercifully it was delivered by hand, but all the same Carolynn bucked and gasped as her bottom slowly turned hot and very red. Five two minute vigorous bursts left her panting for breath, but it wasn’t until the last set that she felt any moisture prickle at her eyes.

“Eventually you will suffer twice this with our old friend Henry,” John told her, “But we will work up to that. That is if you continue to behave yourself and do as you’re told. If you don’t… well things could get very interesting”

Carolynn danced up and down a bit as she clawed at the tang in her bottom. There seemed no point in covering up her front, not even with four hot cheeks.

“No rubbing,” John warned.

“Sorry Sir,” she hissed.

“Now go and stand back in the corner,” he told her.

Carolynn groaned and rolled her eyes, but a moment later she had obeyed.

“You have done well,” John said, “We will leave it there until next week.”

For some reason Carolynn felt a rush of pride, almost as if she had accomplished something. But in a sense she had. This is like starting over, she thought, and remembered her first house sale.

To be continued.

9 Responses to “The Deal (part 3)”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Just a question — I’m guessing that some of your stories are less doable in real life than others. This spanking seems manageable. But what are the effects, if you know, of “getting twice that with Henry”? Is that doable in real life, or is that likely to leave one incapacitated in an unhealthy way? (Assuming a decent baseline of physical health.)

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Anon,

      You might be surprised what is doable physically – the biggest barrier is usually the emotional and psychological strength of a submissive. This varies considerably from person to person.

      The military / judiciary have handed out 36 strokes of a cane – serious than any amount of Henry – but I know of recreational scenes that involve a 100 strokes.

      Maybe some of the girls will comment.

  2. I liked the story and the picture and was wondering if there would be a part four to this seeing it said continued.

  3. 5 vlad

    This is turning into a very good series. I like the exploration of embarrassment and exposure. My only concern is that it delays another episode of Abraham Heights, Donna is still trying to execute a plan, and I want to see some more internal discipline.
    Since you are almost on schedule I guess your computer is sorted. Too bad a recalcitrant hard drive can’t be sorted with six of the best. I have some kit in Asia right now that needs a good thrashing.

    • 6 DJ

      nothing rarely gets in the way of anything else – time and equipment are the enemy.

  4. DJ
    This is an excellent series! The pictures are spot on. The slow submission is intoxicating.
    I disagree with others that it is unbelievable that a strong women is submitting. She doesn’t want to end her business and cash out nor does she want to lose control, hence only relinquishing 25%. But being all consumed with business for years, she wants to explore something exciting in her private life.
    Any I have a modest business that I have built from nothing and have to gamble all the time. I understand her motivations.

    Super and Thanks

  5. 9 RedBumGirl

    I love, love, love this series. It’s so close to my real life situation. I, too, have mentor much older than me, though I’m now three years in, and it was for my uni life. I don’t want to go into the details of how I met him, but we also have a bit of a deal. Although, I have more of the lines and corners than I do spanking. I’m thankful for my “Henry” now — it’s actually George II (My bum broke poor George I) but more thankful that it’s more a once a month occasion rather than weekly now! I thought our deal would end with my undergrad life but now I’m in my first year of my Masters degree… I’m excited to see how the series will progress. I don’t think I’ll share it with my mentor, though, just in case it gives ideas!

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