The Deal (part 2)


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Carolynn dropped into an easy chair by the door and offered John Dacia a rueful smile.

“As forewarned I came out short,” she said with a shrug. “Thanks for giving me options though, you really took the pressure off.”

Carolynn sat back with a calm resignation and cast a lazy eye around the office. She guessed she would be seeing a lot of this room from now on. The décor was early 1950s with a tasteful mix of 18th and early 19th century antiques.

Troubled by her unfamiliar calm he wondered if she was alright. It had been a crazy deal they had made and not one he would have recommended to anyone else. Mixing business with pleasure was a fool’s game.

“I could still swing you another 100k,” he said, matching her shrug.

“So close,” she croaked, her voice straining with regret, “But the point is I needed to make it work and anyway a deal is a deal.”

“I can’t say I am complaining, but seriously… my recreational arrangements aren’t your bag and… why don’t we forget the whole thing and just make a 50:50 deal?”

“No dice John. Besides, I bet my arse and I lost. Don’t treat me like a child,” she snapped, “Oh, but I guess that exactly what you intend,” she laughed uneasily.

“Not exactly, that’s a typical outsider view,” John told her.

“So teach me,” she said firmly as she leaned forward and fixed him with a steely gaze.

“Are you sure?” John countered sharply, meeting every bit of her steel with a few kilos of his own.

“I didn’t choose the path I am on, but after what I have achieved I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is probably exactly what I need,” she said seriously, but he noticed she had averted her eyes.

“What a good spanking?” he chuckled.

“To be taken out of my comfort zone,” she laughed too.

“I already did that,” he smirked, “How is your behind anyway?”

Carolynn blushed and shifted uneasily in her seat. Not that there was the least tenderness from a month before, not outside her mind anyway. “My behind is just fine Sir.”


John Dacia had found a tame lawyer from within his circle. There were two contracts, one formal and as tight as they come. Dacia now owned 25% of Carolynn’s company. The other while not exactly legally binding, went along way to outline their new relationship and would serve well enough between friends.

There was a list of new rules for Carolynn, mostly about business practice, but others related to her personal affairs; nothing to arduous except for one.

She had to report to his office once a week for a good sound spanking regardless of her behaviour or observance of the rules. And once a month she was to come to his home for a more serious lesson in humility and bottom torment.

“I am presuming there will be sex?” she said after she had read the papers and noted the absence of such provision.

“I am more than half again as old as you… I really don’t think…” John became uncomfortable; such provisions were taking it too far in his view.

“I put my bottom on the line for full usage, so you are totally within your rights. Besides…” she blushed before continuing, “I scarcely get any action as it is and now I am going to be working double time. Also what am I supposed to say when some guy sees my tail end and asks about the bruises?”

“Let’s just see what happens then,” John agreed.

Carolynn nodded and then to change the subject she said, “I have a couple of likely properties, but I guess you need to be consulted now, or do I have to consolidate still?”

“Consolidate first and last,” he sighed, “For now anyway. But it won’t hurt to for me take a look I suppose.”

“You are going to love it,” she grinned.


The butterflies in Carolynn’s tummy were wearing boots and as she approached John Dacia’s door she felt as if she were visiting the dentist, the doctors and taking an exam all at the same time. Nor did she like the look the secretary gave her as she came in. But then everyone she had passed in the street had looked as if they knew about her visit to John’s office. Remember, it isn’t paranoia if everyone is really out to get you, she told herself. The silent joke didn’t make her feel any better.

“Wh-what’s that?” she asked on entering the office; now trying and failing to sound casual.

Her eyes were looking at a large paddle-shaped brush on John’s desk, which looked totally out of place for a man’s office.

“Ah that,” John said proudly and picked up the object. “It is a Mason Pearson hairbrush,” he said.

“What’s it for?” she asked, as if she didn’t know.

“I bought it for your visits,” John said with a wink.

Feeling queasy now, Carolynn wanted to change the subject so she glanced at the clock. It was a chest high grandmother kind, but on her last visit it had stood in the corner to the right of the desk. Now it had been placed in the middle of the facing wall.

“The clock,” she tossed her head, “You’ve moved it.”

“I needed an empty corner,” John replied enigmatically.

Carolynn noticed he was still holding the brush. “Oh yes?” she replied in a vague voice, most of her attention on the Mason Pearson.

“Another gift for you,” he said.

Carolynn frowned and took a fresh look at the empty corner to regard it suspiciously. She was missing something.

“I did think about arranging for the left hand corner behind me to be empty, you know, the one facing the door…” he tailed off and watched her.

Carolynn shook her head now puzzled and quickly compared the corners.

“Why don’t you try it for size?” John said in a tone she hadn’t heard before.

Carolynn frowned and pointed lamely to where he was looking.

“You stand facing the seam with your nose just about touching,” he explained.

“You can’t be serious,” she said breathily. But one look at his face told her he wasn’t playing.

She blushed and then licked her lips. No biggie, she thought, but it was somehow embarrassing in a way she hadn’t thought of before.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” John asked pointedly when she finally moved forward. “Your jacket and skirt, do take them off.”

John waited until she was correctly positioned and half stripped before he continued with his instructions.

“After you take your knickers down step out of them and clasp your hands into the small of your back,” he said sternly.

“My… yeah, makes sense,” she coloured hard and had to work her mouth to slow the dryness.

His property and anyway, he has seen it before, she reminded herself as she haltingly stepped out of her underwear and pressed herself close to the wall.

John sat back and admired her long straight legs tapering up to the curves of her tight round bottom as peeked from under the hem of her blouse. She wore expensive hold-up stockings that were darker at the top and served to emphasise her curves where it mattered.

“This spanking, is it going to be worse than that first one? Or… I mean, this is the deal every week now… I just…” she babbled.

“Carolynn, be quiet,” he snapped.

She swallowed hard and wondered if anyone would come in. It was then that it dawned on her that anyone in the middle office could see the far corner through the glass. Was that why she was tucked away out of sight here, or was he saving that added humiliation for later? It was entirely his call, but she was grateful for the small mercy while it lasted.


John swung his chair around and contemplated the trim naked bottom presented to him from the corner. Carolynn had been standing quietly for almost 40 mins now, a long time for a novice, and he was pleased to note that the fidgeting had been kept to a minimum.

“We didn’t put any limits on the use and abuse of your tail end did we?” John intoned.

“No,” Carolynn whispered, “But I trust you.”

“Good, but I wasn’t thinking of that?” he chuckled. “I was thinking that I could either turn up the heat or go easy, depending on how cooperative you are?”

“You can do what you like and I’ll do what I’m told, isn’t that how this works?” Her voice was light in tone and heavy in humility.

“I was thinking that my guiding hand doesn’t always have to be directed at your bottom,” he continued. “So long as you…”

“Yes,” she said quickly. She took her head from the wall as she spoke and half looked back over her shoulder, as far as she was able while her body still faced the wall.

“Keep your nose pressed into the wall,” he chided.

She blushed and did as she was told. “Sorry.”

“Yes what?” he asked, now curious.

“Yes Sir,” she replied hastily.

“No I mean… yeah okay, that’s good, but you said ‘yes’ before, but what were you agreeing to?” She was running before she could walk and wrong footing him. Was this a bid for control?

“Yes, I’ll accept your guiding hand in a wider arena and the consequences that go with it. Isn’t that what you were going to say?” She sounded almost insolent now.

“Yes it was, but next time don’t interrupt and let me finish,” he sighed.

“Sorry,” she said, not sounding it.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry… Sir,” she said at last using a more conciliatory tone. “I am not very good at this am I?” she added in a giggle.

“Not yet,” he agreed.

“Look, I have never had a boss,” she said thoughtfully, her nose coming off the wall as she did a half turn to look at him. “For the next three years I have got one with bells on. I-I think… I… well it might do me some good.”

“Nose, wall,” he barked, “If I have to tell you again there will be some of those consequences you spoke of.”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” she said obeying him instantly. He could have sworn there was still a hint of a giggle in her voice.

“I don’t think you are quite getting this are you?” he sighed, “I think we will need to work on that and put you in your place a little.”

“Yes Sir,” she said making an unseen wincey face into the wall.


It was another 20 minutes before he let her come out of the corner and he was gratified to see her demeanour was rather less cheeky now. She was almost cringing as she shielded her exposed from with cupped hands and she shot a glance out into the middle office for any signs of a witness.

“We won’t be disturbed,” he told her, “Not today anyway.”

“Just you, me and…” she gulped, “Henry there.”


She nodded at the Mason Pearson still lying on the desk.

“Henry, I like that,” he laughed as he picked up the newly named object, “Yes, just the three of us.”

Then crooking his finger he took hold of an ornate Victorian dining room chair that Carolynn had previously dismissed as a decoration and sat down.

“I don’t suppose we can talk about this?” she said by way of stalling.

But after a quick glance through the glass she reluctantly tottered forward and allowed herself to be tumbled across his knees. With her head down towards the floor and her bottom pointing at the ceiling she felt a little shy.

“Now Miss Blake, meet Henry,” John said brightly and patted her bottom with their new friend’s flat surface.

“Hello Mr Henry,” she answered breathlessly.

The first spank was beyond sharp. The circle of pain around the impact zone burned and blossomed and she remembered the slap of his hand the month before with fondness.

“Oh God,” she gasped, adding at a shriek “G-goddd,” as the second spank landed.

Dacia’s arm rose and fell like a pendulum counting out the seconds: a steady unrelenting blasting of spanks that left Carolynn Blake no refuge from the growing sting.

“Please Sir,” she wailed, “I don’t like Henreee,” she squealed as Henry made his point.

“I do,” John chuckled, “And in time you will come to see him as an old friend. You might even ask nicely for a meeting with him when you know some of the alternatives.”

That was what she was afraid of, even though right now she surprised at how readily she was coming to tears. Not that she was bawling, not quite. Eyes merely leaked as she gasped and groaned amid increasingly laboured breaths.

“This is hard work,” he said in all seriousness, feeling a damp patch under his right armpit and noting his own breath was coming with an effort. “Two minutes on and one minute off for your first serious outing,” he told her.

“No-no-noo, please,” she spluttered, “I’ll be good, pleeeese…” but the spanking was getting the better of her.

“Oh I think so. Two minutes is nothing, especially in say… eight sets over 20 or 30 minutes. You’ll have plenty of time to recover between.”

Carolynn hoped he was joking.


As it was the first two minutes was just about within her limits and despite some dampness at the eyes she was fine. She was, her bottom sang like fried tomatoes in a pan. The second two minutes’ worth was not much worse and she wondered if she was getting used to it.

The third and fourth sets learned her different and when it came to earnest tears there was definitely no holding back.

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good,” she wailed, now crying freely, “I won’t move my nose, I won’t be cheeky, I won’t… I won’t…” she was desperate now for a promise that would please him.

After the fifth set John winced at the shock of swollen red that was her bottom. Maybe he was being too harsh for only her second spanking.

“You know you are my first civilian,” he said with a hint of regret, “This is nothing to some of my friends.”

“I’m… sorry… I’m… such… a… wimp…” she gasped between wet heaving sobs.

“Not at all,” John said encouragingly. “I’ll give you and extra couple of minutes and then I’ll cut it short after one more little round. We’ll call this a learning experience. At least we found the base line.”

“Thank you,” Carolynn sniffed and reached back to rub.

“No, no, I am not that soft,” he chuckled and swatted her hand away. “And you won’t think so after another 30 minutes in the corner. Not when I tell you what comes next.”


“How did I do?” Carolynn said ruefully as she turned away from the corner and finally got to rub her throbbing behind. A little dance accompanied her indulgence and she did a little bounce on the spot.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he said approvingly.

“Are we done?” she asked hopefully.

“Not quite,” he said.

She looked anxious and clawed at her bottom as if the ache could be banished.

“I know it is up to you, but please no more tonight,” she begged, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“No I agree, your backside is cooked, for now anyway. No, I told you early we need to take you down a peg or two…”

Carolynn blushed and looked nervously through the glass to the outer office. She dreaded any potential public humiliation, and sooner or later she was sure he was going to teach her some. I signed on for this, I accepted this, I… oh God she wasn’t ready.

“I want you to write out 1,000 times in big red ink… ‘Self-important brats are not too old to have their bare bottoms spanked,’” He said.

Carolynn almost laughed. This was a kind of joke punishment.

“You will make sure it gets to me by next Wednesday, which will give me two days to check that it is complete, legible and devoid of spelling mistakes,” he continued. “Success, will earn you a base-line spanking… I’ll be generous and use my hand. Fail in any regard, and I don’t care if you post it and it gets lost… and you will do the exercise again, right after a full session with Henry as you should have got tonight.”

Carolynn was relived, but somewhat puzzled. Maybe there was a catch? But she shrugged, “Fair enough.”

He glared.

“I mean, yes Sir, thank you Sir.” See she was learning and an odd unfamiliar tingle assailed her.

To be continued.

9 Responses to “The Deal (part 2)”

  1. 1 cindyrichards1991

    There are certain good ways of saying things and you certainly know how. Examples are “I put my bottom on the line for full usage.” This manner of wording evokes a sexual response whether you want it to or not.

  2. 2 tony

    The door is wide open for just about anything he pleases. I will stay tuned for additional chapters.

  3. 4 Raffe

    Why would a competent business women make a deal like that; unless she wants something else.

    I don’t think it’s the money, or losses in the business. She could cash out for 4 to 5 million, and that’s not bad. Single women with no kids. I don’t know about the stories she told about her sisters. They could survive.

    So why would a women who has managed very well for herself, submit as such. Is it him? Is it because she is alone? Is it because she hasn’t found the right (civilian) guy?

    Moreover, she was quick to note “sex”, he was surprised, and the fact that she wanted him to have all of her with NO restriction, and for five years. He said three, good for him.

    There is something about this story that is different than the usual writing. A capable and confident women submitting to an experience Dom. This could have a lot of potential if he is less mentor/parent and more partner/Dominant.

    One last thing I like the homework he assigned her. That is very hard, it requires great deal of focus, and only way she will get pleasure is by doing it right and knowing/learning how much it would make him happy and proud when he examines her assignment.

    • 5 DJ

      Her motivations are complex – business is not about money it is about building something of one’s own.

      Does she know what she wants? On some level she does and John gave her so many ways out.

  4. 6 MrJ

    “Her voice was light in tone and heavy in humility. ”
    I loved that one.
    And the rest, of course. It catches a lot of what may occur when an autonomous, strong woman submits. Recognizable

  5. 8 Ripley

    Yikes. This was a bit harsher than the first part. Now I’m scared to read the next part. But that probably won’t stop me. 😉

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