Weekly Round-Up


wr 13321_069 wr hard-spanking3 wr red-bottom-otk-800 WR sorority paddling 1936 RW wr tied-ready wr v14-630x350wr nu-westI suppose this counts as Round-Up light. My main PC is still dead; well I mean dead as opposed to the faint hope that it was merely sleeping that I was holding out for. Do PCs get tired and have holidays?

Anyway, excuses I know, this means that not only is writing on a mobile device a chore, but surfing and the like is so much slower.

It is not a good time as other events are rather crowding in and I know that is reflected in the blog output here.

Not withstanding, part two of the deal is coming up this week and more Indigo. I also have a couple of reality bites that I may get edited. One of these has do-dabs and random brackets all over the shop and right amid the text; sometimes these forum downloads get out of wack.

Also Abraham Heights continues to sell. Thanks to everyone who bought it.

There has been a lot of downtime this week. Voy and Spanking Writers have been down. I also noticed that this blog wouldn’t refresh for an hour or two after I updated, not even on a different browser, which is hard to check out on a mobile device. Maybe it is all my end, did anyone else have a problem I wonder?

Richard Windsor has a very good 1936 Sorority spanking picture, with a frat boy joining in the fun back in the days when all of this was out in the open. I included it above.

Other pictures are from: Cutiepie, Au Fil des jours, All Things Spanking, Real Spankings, the Spanking Blogg and the Spanking Blog.


7 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 George

    The last one is imho the most lovable. A serious father and his grownup daughter finding a suitable agreement…

  2. 2 Svetlana

    That’s some agreement.

    The Spanking Writers’ tumblr is working, but the blog itself and the great story archive are still down for me.

    Sorry about your PC. I’m tempted to quip about it having enjoyed an exciting life, but I know setting up a new one is a chore.

  3. I like both reponses and all of the pictures of the girls waiting for their spankings.

  4. 4 Ripley

    Hi DJ,
    I haven’t had any problems with your site. I’ve noticed that Voy is back up but the Spanking Writers is still not showing up. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Thanks for continuing to keep us entertained in spite of your troubles. I hope you get them sorted out soon. (Maybe you should get a mac. ;))

    • 5 DJ

      Thanks Ripley,

      yeah – at least it isn’t raining 😦 Wait… yep its raining….

  5. 6 Elizabeth

    I like the naked girl harnessed outside.

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