The Death of a Friend


wr hospital-gownLuckily no one has actually died, but my PC is kaput and I am having to update this blog and all else on a mobile device.

Worst still, nothing is queued up yet so the Corner could go quiet for a bit. I will attempt to post Indigo tomorrow and a short story soon, but please bear with us.

5 Responses to “The Death of a Friend”

  1. 1 George

    Useful dress when you need to be ready for some DD…

  2. Damn those pesky pc’s

  3. DJ, I’ve had the same thing happen, so I know what a pain it is. you have my sympathy.

    • 4 DJ

      Yes thanks one and all – hence my slow reply to comments (10 days wow)

  1. 1 A quick escape « Grumpy old fart!!!

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