Weekly Round-Up


! wr _tumblr_lzyc1zbuhj1qj441jo1_500 ! wr 030-630x350 ! wr 413 ! wr 9521952need_0122-768x536 ! wr behind ! wr spanking-otk1 ! wr spanking-round-buttsA quiet week in Spankville, which is just as well as I am in transit and might have missed something. Sorry for the late post, but here some pictures taken from: Dallas, Spanking Blogg, Richard Windsor, CutiePie, Chross, All Things Spanking and Acknowledging Imperfection.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I liked all the pictures especially the the one on the bed naked reading a book. Another job well done, can,t wait to see the next set of pictures.

  2. 2 George

    The last pic shows a well one job, or maybe just its beginning…

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