Spanking in the temples of the gods


tumblr_le402nWeVb1qzdn69 tumblr_lei84fr1zz1qzayzko1_500 tumblr_lek3bn5vt91qap4cc tumblr_les5pypj5r1qdyubao1_1280 tumblr_let4yzPijK1qap4cc I’ll explain that one day, meanwhile here is a picture.

2 Responses to “Spanking in the temples of the gods”

  1. 1 John Pretzel

    What a tasteful yet erotic collection of photos!

  2. DJ–you choose only pictures of girls with bottoms which can benefit the most from corporal punishment. Perhaps those of us who are naughty are endowed by nature with a full swell of the hips and a rounded rather than a flat bottom–a bottom that can more effectively be used to teach us, when an instrument of correction is applied, to be good.

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