Happy New Year



9 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. I like the naked person on the bed waiting for the spanking to begin. Another one well done again.

    • 2 George

      Pay attention. It could be you…

      • George do you really think it could me waiting for a spanking naked on the bed, well you are right because I haven,t had one in months so I agree with you.

  2. 4 MrJ

    Happy new year to you and Indigo!

  3. Well–and I’m speaking just hypothetically because I’ve been an angel and totally undeserving of a spanking–it appears that the girl in the picture is striking this pose because she knows she has been totally naughty over the last year and needs a good spanking to release her from her guilt. I know that’s what I would need if I was naughty, which of course I was not.

    • 6 Jobs

      Cindy, how would you like a “Good Girl Spanking” to encourage a continuation of your angelic behavior. When I give a “Good Girl ” Spanking” it is always OTK, bare bottom and hand only. I start out very gently, and gradually increase the intensity until.the good girl reaches her ideal pleasure threshold. Then, at the very end I.give her one VERY HARD SMACK on each cheek, to remind her.that a “Naughty Girl Spanking” would be much.more painful. Then, if she wishes, she may give me either a “Good Boy” or a “Naughty Boy” Spanking, whichever she thinks I deserve.

      • Jobs, I think sometimes that a “Good Girl Spanking” would encourage a continuation of my angelic behavior and the method you describe of administering it would be optimal in insuring that I continue to follow the straight and narrow. And I would indeed be willing to give you either a Good Boy or a Naughty Boy Spanking, the choice of which would depend on what I learn after I discuss with you your misdeeds or lack of misdeeds in the past. If by chance you are interested in discussing this further, please contact me at cindy_richards1991@yahoo.com. If DJ and you are agreeable, I would be more than happy to discuss the details here but I’m not sure which path is the correct one.

        • 8 DJ

          You can discuss things here where they pertain to 18+ activity and observe a reasonable level of taste 😉

  4. 9 DJ

    Happy New year 😉

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