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They are reading, together and calmly. Him a book on the Russian Revolution, and her a novel by a new author,  novel of maps, seas and secrets. The clock ticks. She turns a page. He rubs the bridge of his nose. “Bed,” he says. He does not look up. He turns another page. “Where?” she […]

He is waiting


The sun is shockingly white and all the new grass and flowers are vivid. Amid it all, bright stars of fluff drift in the air like snow, propelled along by the lightest of breezes. Even her fire-red hair glows in the morning light, hanging in a cascade of curls onto cotton-white lace that falls to […]

Weekly Round-Up


Christmas is advancing at a pace, although the weather in the UK is rather challenging. Where it is mild it is strangely warm, yet snow and flooding have hit much of the country at the same time, so travelling is going to be interesting. I blame the weather for my Internet outage at the weekend, […]

Vintage Sunday


Jenifer Jackson looked out on the street with despair. At 30 she was of passable looks with chestnut brown hair that hung straight to her shoulders and was finished off with a fringe. She lived in a small apartment with a few acquaintances and an endless shifting of their friends. It was all so predictable […]

Maxwell Abaconti eyed the monitor with an old-fashioned sinking feeling. Even in black and white Emma Wakefield was a striking woman. Her boyish hair did nothing to detract from her feminine charms and she had the larger-than-life kind of looks that worked well on TV.  Even her eyes, a little too large for her head, […]

 “You did what?” His voice froze her with its tone. “I just thought you’d find it …” There did not seem to be a good end to the sentence. Marie ran a manicured hand down her new dress and thought what a terrible waste. It should have been such fun. “She’s not an ‘it.’” He […]

Strictly Women


For those naughty girls who like the firm hand of a woman, LSF have published a collection of young ladies getting their spankings from their young and not so young mentors. This collection of domestic F/F femdom tales featuring strict women who spank other women, contains the following stories: 1948: Aunt Jane’s Rules: If you […]

Weekly Round-Up


Our Christmas tree went up over the weekend while Indigo did the wifely thing of shopping for gifts. I drove miles through a deep dark forest to a mystical castle to face an army of elves… who had already cut down the tree and loaded it into the car for me. Hmmm… I really earned […]

Vintage Sunday