Weekly Round-Up


! wr brand ! wr cornertime !wr _nzaev12xim1r3bw1bo1_1280 !wr 13267_039 !wr bc913364f1d07917a2a070f84 !wr heels_stockings18 !wr juke joint17616 !wr naked-spanking1 !wr spanked !wr spanked-ice-skaterChristmas is advancing at a pace, although the weather in the UK is rather challenging. Where it is mild it is strangely warm, yet snow and flooding have hit much of the country at the same time, so travelling is going to be interesting.

I blame the weather for my Internet outage at the weekend, which is why a planned Saturday post was lost and Vintage Sunday was late. Sorry to those who were looking.

I suspect that I won’t have time to queue up as much as I would like over the holiday and I am going to be away, but I will do my best.

Richard Windsor has some movie posters this week, a snatched an example above, also Hermione had a great picture caption.

The other pictures are from: Real Spanking, Dallas, Pinterest, Heart and Soul, CutiePie, Au Fils Des Jours, Able and All Things Spanking.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 richard

    HEART&SOUL was one of the first blogs i read happy see her still posting after seven years Her blog led me to yours and many others Sorry about the UK weather it is near winter after all in the missouri ozarks as well HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

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