Weekly Round-Up


!WR _nyt45tjSzj1uy60keo1_500 !WR 1_1280-491x640 !WR 13239_040 !WR nywfsk7vIX1sk87juo1_500 !WR someone-been-spanked !wr spankings !wr Xmas75!WR 9083da615bde97405a4Our Christmas tree went up over the weekend while Indigo did the wifely thing of shopping for gifts. I drove miles through a deep dark forest to a mystical castle to face an army of elves… who had already cut down the tree and loaded it into the car for me. Hmmm… I really earned that mulled wine. Indigo certainly did.

The point is (always assuming there is a point) we are going to see a lot a Christmas posts and obligatory pictures of girls in short Santa suits getting spanked. Well that’s alright then.

On that note Vanilla Spanking has a feature on Krampus and other goodies.

Also the Spanking Blogg is filling the gap left by the Spanking Spot by offering awards to the industry. I am not entirely sure that the nominations entirely match the categories, I suspect with these things that they are often short on nominations. But people like these things so pop along and vote if you have a mind to.

LSF have published another book of mine. This time on the F/F theme called Strictly Women. Apparently after romantic M/F, women like to read about intimate relationships of the mentoring kind.

The pictures this week are from: Real Spanking, Able, Scarlet, Devlin, and old Firmhand Spanking image found on All Things Spanking, CutiePie, About Spanking and Pinterest.

11 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Would LOVE to know what the story is behind this one.

  2. I am curious and wonder if the average guy (if it is possible to identify such a guy) who is into punishing girls’ bottoms has a preference for girls who have fuller bottoms/bottoms with wider hips/bottoms with deeper crevices between the cheeks than do guys who are not into punishing girls’ bottoms. Short of a controlled experiment which might provide the answer, I wonder if those here have insight into this issue. And if the answer is in the affirmative, the follow-up question is why. Could it be that a fuller bottom is simply more attractive? Can a fuller bottom absorb more punishment? The reason I ask this question in the first place is that the pictures/drawings displayed in spanking-related literature oftentimes display bottoms that appear more developed and more voluptuous than a normal girl’s bottom and the few guys I know who have this predisposition certainly share an interest in women with well developed bottoms (and an interest in punishing the bottoms of women who are willing). This inquiring mind would love to hear your thoughts.

  3. 3 cindyrichards1991

    Cindy2 again. I neglected one or two things. The few guys I know who have this predisposition also appear to have–when compared to “vanilla” guys I have dated–much more of an interest in sex in an alternative passage and also appear to fawn more over my bottom than over my breasts than their more conventional brethren.

  4. 4 MrJ

    I fiind the first picture most interesting – probably it is most rare a phenomenon, at least in my world. 😉

  5. 5 Svetlana

    Can anyone read what it says on that Telegram in picture #4?

  6. 6 DJ

    I guess people are talking about the first picture – yes its intriguing no?

    Svetlana – no sorry – can you?

    • 7 Svetlana

      I can’t either, sorry. I can easily imagine stories for most of the pictures (#1 looks like a dare), but #4 is a mystery.

  7. The first picture within this post, the young lady at the restaurant, is not a dare in my opinion. It is an accident.
    The young lady’s skirt got caught under her large bag at some point and she hasn’t noticed the draft apparently. It is a rare phenomenon indeed, but I have been fortunate enough to see it a few times in my world/city (and actually have written about it a few times on my blog). To clarify I have seen it with pantie-covered bottoms, not with this almost full exposure, thanks to a thong no doubt.

    Best always,

  8. Perhaps the lady in the first picture heard a rumor that McDonalds was out of hot buns.

  9. 11 cindyrichards1991

    O.H.M., I too wonder what the bad girl’s infraction was. The size of the copier suggests that this is not a small office. My initial impression is that the girl had already received corporal punishment and is now required to do corner time in full view of anyone else who happens to enter the copy room, one of whom has no problem snapping a picture of the girl, her bare bottom on display. What her infraction was begs for an answer as does the manner in which she was spanked, the person who spanked her (woman or man), whether the spanking was administered in private or public, and a multitude of other questions. An entire story (in fact competing stories) can be developed around this single picture.

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