Weekly Round-Up


!wr Bad Tushy1 !wr cd92bba1d1aaee34a83eb78bfab0f712 !wr SPANKED-HARD1 !wr votk-lexan-chelsea !wr real !wr spanked sec !wr tumblr_nyinnqtOZx1r3bw1bo1_500 !wr s-l1600aAdvent is fast looming and in its wake will come a lot of seasonal offerings; some of them no doubt on this blog. Its been a busy week, in the course of which my publisher informs me I have some 750,000 words pending publication.  We are still discussing the next viable project but I am still a little stunned by that figure.

On that note thank you for the favourable responses of the Primary Purpose and yes I am considering a follow up.

Meanwhile Kia Cera of Acknowledging Imperfection has story included in Pop, also published by LSF.

The pictures this week are from: Real Spanking, Scarlet, Ronnie Soul, Pinterest, CutiePie, All Things Spanking, Richard Windsor, Able and About Spanking.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Congratulations on the productivity of your fertile mind.

    As for the pictures/drawings, I am particularly drawn to the seventh.

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