A Quiet little corner somewhere


ct tumblr_nk19z7KOZo1uno3mbo1_500 ct tumblr_nk1gjwIvdP1tk6crdo1_500 ct tumblr_nk2lvpFbYg1sduu6to1_500 ct tumblr_nk6aegh8Ft1tjjideo1_500 ct tumblr_nk8m1qjZkh1u7cp7so1_1280Sorry for the absence of Vintage Sunday and the lack of a Weekly Round-Up. I had thought I had queued one up but the weekend got way from me. It has been is and is going to be a busy couple days so posts will be hit and miss this week.

Meanwhile, here are some previously unused cornertime pictures.

9 Responses to “A Quiet little corner somewhere”

  1. Is there such a thing as a quiet corner especially if your standing with your nose to the wall waiting for a spanking or corporal punishment or standing there with a sore paining marked bottom after receiving same. I never was in a quiet corner even though I was in many through the years I was afraid to turn my head like the two girls for fear I would get a telling off and extra spanks

  2. 2 George

    #2 looks quite a serious punishment! Still serious parents in 2015’s RL?

  3. 3 Aila Stimpson

    Unfortunately, I spent much of the week pulling a stunt that I know should not of done!! I now look like #2 and am certain I won’t be travelling down that road again anytime soon!!!!

  4. 5 Becky

    I spent Sunday afternoon in the corner considering my bad language and poor behaviour at Church before receiving a caning in front of my Mother-in-Law. As always I then had another hour nose firmly pinned to the wall, knickers round my ankles, hands on my head with my school dress which I will be wearing for the next week pinned up and my stripped behind on display. I would never turn around as I know that the minimum I would receive is a repeat of my corporal punishment. Unfortunately HoH is away until next Monday so I am serving my punishment week under the supervision of his Mother for the first time. She is so strict and I have already received several extra strokes for the most minor of non-compliances with her standards as I serve the other elements of my punishment. It is going to be a tough week.

  5. 7 DJ

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  6. 8 Becky

    It certainly is a very hard week with endless detailed uniform inspections, long soapings, a minimum of an hour in the corner and the hardest and longest of daily spankings. I will certainly not making the same mistakes at Church again and certainly not this weekend as Jack’s mother as made it very clear I will be under close supervision.

  7. 9 Ray H

    That was a fabulous read. Thankyou.

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